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Greater Than sports Drink Wins The Mom"s selection Award

Longtime favourite of Breastfeeding Moms Now available in new Size and Flavors

CHICAGO, Sept. 9, 2020 / -- Greater Than, the 100% herbal hydration solution relied top top by breastfeeding moms to overcome dehydration, increase breastmilk, and also alleviate fatigue, headaches, and also more, has been honored through The Mom"s selection Award and is now available in four new flavors and a convenient, environmentally friendly, one-liter size. 


With 2-3x the electrolytes the a usual sports drink and a fraction of the calories and also sugar, 100% natural and organic better Than is make from 10 straightforward ingredients, including 38% fruit juice and also organic coconut water without any type of sugars, dyes, chemicals, stimulants, and also other perhaps hazardous man-made ingredients. In enhancement to giving athletes with remarkable hydration and performance, greater Than replaces the water, minerals, and also nutrients lost throughout breastfeeding v the electrolytes necessary to improve milk supply, reduce the frequency of headaches, and carry out relief native Braxton Hicks.

Pregnant and breastfeeding moms can"t obtain enough! states one greater Than customer, "I"m a nursing mom with a 6-month-old, and also I additionally have a 2.5-year-old who keeps me on mine toes, therefore I need all the hydration I deserve to get. The only unfortunate part is that my husband drinks them faster than me! LOL! occasionally we want an ext than simply water, but so many hydration drink out over there contain so much sugar and also ingredients us don"t desire to put right into our bodies. Your drinks room the perfect blend and also taste amazing. Save up the an excellent work!" 

Named the "Healthiest sporting activities drink ~ above the market" through The Washington Post, greater Than take it the sports drink industry by storm, launching in 2009 v 11-ounce containers and a selection of flavors consisting of best-selling chocolate. By June that 2020, greater Than reported a 781% increase in year-over-year sales, spurring a line expansion including two brand-new flavors and a convenient new one-liter size.

Strawberry Lemonade and also Peach Clementine flavors have actually been included to the already delicious flavor lineup. All flavors are now available in a convenient, environmentally friendly, one-liter size, reducing packaging waste and also the number of deliveries, and also the original, handy, portable 11-ounce containers.

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The higher Than drink is accessible at in separation, personal, instance flavor and selection packs in both 11-ounce and also 1-liter sizes. For more information on higher Than, visit For an ext information top top The Mom"s choice Awards, visit

About better Than: 

Brothers Mark and also Jon Sider want a cleaner sporting activities drink, prefer the one their mom made from scratch in your childhood kitchen. Yet they knew first-hand just how time-intensive and also messy it to be to use healthy ingredients like fresh coconut water, watermelon, apologize juice, and also pomegranates in ~ home, for this reason they made decision to make and also market this delicious and refreshing drink so client – consisting of soon-to-be-moms – everywhere the people could to like electrolyte loss, dehydration, and also fatigue once and also for all and also be higher than they to be before. 

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