1 Tom Brady
Jerry Lee Rice is a former American football large receiver that played 20 seasons in the nationwide Football League, mainly with the mountain Francisco 49ers.

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By far the greatest wide receiver of every time. Ns judge athletes not by team achievements, yet by an individual achievements and also the eyeball test. He has the hardest records to break in the nationwide Football organization (NFL). The finest defenders in the world could not lay a finger ~ above them. Vast receivers do not last two decades like this guy did. It"s almost hard to name a document he did no break.

He own every significant receiving record once he retired, and don"t forget the wasn"t too long ago. He might be the reason for Joe Montana, invoice Walsh, Steve Young and the 49ers success. You can put Rice up versus any cornerback in the history of the NFL and he"d still capture 2 touchdowns in that game.

At the finish of the day, Jerry Rice is the best because of what problem most: having a an excellent work ethic. Jerry Rice always wanted to be great, and he always worked supervisor hard. Best player ever. (I"m a Pats fan, okay? )

He"s the best. Anyone knows that. I mean, who doesn"t LOVE watching Jerry Rice and the 49ers kick other teams butts. He broke so numerous records, the ideal football player ever!

3 Joe Montana
Joseph Clifford "Joe" Montana, Jr., nicknamed Joe Cool and also The Comeback Kid, is a retirement American football quarterback.

"The Comeback Kid" -- JOE COOL is the coolest quarterback ever! simply take a look at every one of his SUPER key rings; plus every one of "em MVP awards! Yep. Every one of "em ring don"t lie... Agreed? Indeed, Joe was so awesome the throughout his career, he was the most LETHAL quarterback ever, within of the 4th quarter; specifically when his team to be down, with just minutes or seconds on the clock... And that"s once he would create his "magic"... And also score all of "em legendary video game winning touchdown passes, once he to be under extreme pressure -- and also that"s what provides him LEGENDARY... Indeed, sometimes it appeared that TIME would certainly stop, simply for him... And while everybody to be frozen in time, he would certainly take his time and also then -- BOOM! Touchdown Baby! "And the Niners win an additional SuperBowl"... To be the common comment for four of "em huge Games... Simply take a look at the highlights of among his best games ever before -- Super key 23... It to be so memorable... That today, his critical play is simply known as... "THE ...more

I think that Joe Montana was perfect in the superbowl 4-0 success loss document 11 touchdown overcome thrown v no interceptions. Additionally Joe had an insane passer rating that 127.8 in 4 superbowl wins and also he ran for 105 yards ~ above 17 carries for an mean of end 5 yards a carry. He also ran for 2 touchdowns in superbowl games. The ideal superbowl qb by far over brady. In Bradys very first four superbowl games he was 3-1 fumbled once against the giants and also threw 1 interception. Joe never also fumbled as soon as in his 4 superbowl games

He is that guy you constantly saw in movie or in books who would make a comeback in the final seconds of the championship, well they were every fake, other than Joe Cool. He to be so calm, when anyone rather was about to operation away. Walk you ever think he could do what that did versus the Bengals in the supervisor Bowl?

Joe Montana to be amazing. Him plus Jerry Rice made something awesome and also unstoppable. I think ray Lewis need to be 2 and Montana should 3 though.

4 Lawrence Taylor

He just dominated, he provided huge, fierce hits. He to be a defender, and also was named NFL MVP in 1986. Nobody has done that since, tell me that isn"t something! He to be a bag machine. The NFL has actually never watched a defender prefer him, and also probably never will again.

Without a doubt the best Defensive player ever. He to be insane! 4 minutes 1 backs fear him, literally people would gain interviewed prior to the video game they to be playing versus taylor the players would say "he is the scariest player I"ve play against"

I"m picking Taylor first if I"m beginning my every Time Team. This male was the premier defensive player in the league"s history. That defended against some that the all time greats and came away from those battles together a champion.

Revolutionized the video game of Football. Was the most feared player on a weekly basis for practically a decade. Last protective player to win MVP better at his place than Rice, Brown, Sanders, Brady, Montana, etc. Come me that renders him the greatest Player of all Time

5 Barry Sanders
Barry Sanders is a former American soccer running earlier who spent his entire professional career v the Detroit Lions of the national Football League.

BARRY SANDERS to be unbelievable... He to be amazing... He was incredible... And also his perfect plays were BREATHTAKING... Prefer a musical piece... Every single play was a work-related of art -- a MASTERPIECE! Indeed, i was not a Lions fan... I was never ever a Lions fan (I"m a lifelong 49ers fan)... However nonetheless, me and my friends would always get together, revolve on the T.V. And also "em speakers, fire up the grill, and also enjoy a couple of beers with the BBQ... Every one of this, if watching the good ONE perform his thing! Yep. We would certainly only gain together to watch Barry Sanders play! not the Lions -- Barry Sanders! That"s it! and we would NEVER miss a game! the was prefer watching a Michael Jordan not on the basketball courts, yet instead ~ above the green NFL fields... Indeed, Barry Sanders to be untouchable, unstoppable... Similar to Michael Jordan... LEGENDARY... And he would develop moves that just do no exist, due to the fact that they space NOT humanly possible! He would still make these i can not forget plays... He to be so cursed fast and also so cursed ...more

He needs to make the list. He"s been on 2 Madden Covers, and also ran favor a maniac. Why Sanders retirement is beyond me, the hit 2,000 yards in a solitary season he"s done more than respectable things and also I simply can"t let the guy miss this list.

I"m speak this level out the was negative ass he to be he played for a premier NFL team he was one of the more quickly players ever before pair the up v a an excellent quarter back Detroit got them a super key ring Barry was excellent catcher that was remarkable for his athletic ability on the field.

To me he is number 6 however 3 is cool v me. If he didn"t pensioner so early on he might record number 2. He had actually magnificent runs an footwork. Only an unfavorable part is that he never ever did a touchdown dance.

6 Walter Payton
Walter Jerry Payton was an American football running back who played because that the Chicago bears of the nationwide Football organization for thirteen seasons.

Payton gets overlooked because of the Bears good defense. But for those of united state that had actually the privilege of the town hall Walter Payton in the mid 70"s & early 80"s -- to trust me - the bear did not have actually a an excellent defense until the finish of his career. In 1982 the NFL went on strike -- Payton would have rushed for over 1,000 yards 10 consecutive seasons if the strike go not occur -- (Barry Sanders rushed because that 1,000 yards 10 continually seasons) -- another fact numerous do not acquire is Walter Payton played 3 the his NFL seasons as soon as the NFL only played 14 games -- he rushed because that 1,852 yards in 1977 - a 14 video game season - imagine if he had 2 much more games favor today"s players have? at the pace he had in 1977 (132 yds every game) he would certainly have had 2,117 yds in a 16 game season -- Yes, Emmitt Smith broke his all time rushing record -- Only since Smith played 15 seasons (Payton play 13 Seasons) and Smith lugged the sphere 4,409 time - Payton 3,838 times -- Payton is the best football player/running earlier I have actually ...more

He was everything you can want in a runningback, he was fast, he might break a tackle, he might catch, he might block. One video game when they were facing the Packers the Bear to be behind 9-10 through only little time left, they provided the sphere to Payton, and Payton go what that did, the hit Brian Noble(which Noble later on said to be the hardest fight he"d ever felt)got knocked earlier a couple of yards and ran the in because that the TD.

Walter was the most finish player the video game has ever before seen. He might run, catch, block, pass and even punt. Sanders and also Sayers were both much better pure runners and also Jim Brown to be an absolute beast yet none that them might catch and also block like Walter. The is the GOAT.

Sweetness was by much the ideal of the best. That was little in stature however trained harder than anyone. He can run, jump, block, etc. Many of all, he had actually heart. I have 3 young sons that talk about him. He"s a hero for every generations.

7 Jim Brown
James Nathaniel Brown is a former experienced American soccer player and actor. He to be a running ago for the Cleveland Browns the the national Football organization from 1957 through 1965.

There"s a few you have the right to argue room the GOATs - Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Peyton Manning, Barry Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith but I went v Jim Brown. So far ahead that his time and also like Barry Sanders (who i really think it"s a tie with Brown and Sanders) he retired in his prime, he could"ve continued to add to his legacy. Jim Brown is the man

If the Browns called their team after someone called Brown, the shouldn"t"ve been Paul Brown, it should"ve to be Jim Brown. Tackling him would be an ext like tackling a freight train, not like tackling a human being being. The guy played earlier when their were just about no rules, and he tho did better than just around any runningback can today.

Jim Brown is arguably the finest running ago of every time and I speak he is, certainly is the ideal Browns player of all time and constantly will yet on an unrelated note Tom Brady is great but no that good.

I can"t believe anyone other than casual, uneducated fans could vote because that anyone else. I"ve to be a fan of the game, a major fan, since 1968, i didn"t obtain to watch him live yet its not even close.

8 Peyton Manning
Peyton Williams Manning is a former American football quarterback who played 18 seasons in the nationwide Football league for the Indianapolis Colts and also Denver Broncos.

I simply don"t get how civilization don"t understand basic things, the pats go 11-5 there is no Brady "after walking 16-0 with one of the highest point differentials that all-time" if they do the playoffs they"d of lost to any kind of team in there without Brady. Following off superbowls room a team record however there has never been a player "other 보다 Montana which as soon as again he"s recognized as the second greatest so her point?" to be able to win superbowls continuous with various teams, and constantly it is in a competitor for 20 years. That isn"t just a team thing anymore, that leaves and they aren"t contenders, prior to he it s okay there castle aren"t contenders, does that really sound choose those people on the field deserved the exact same amount of credit transaction as him "no cause the qb in general currently gets the many credit reason he is the leading element in winning, and 2nd they"ve already proven they simply aren"t that good without him".

Why is Peyton Manning only number 9 on this list. A much better leader than Randy Moss, Brett Favre, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders. Peyton is a far better leader than Brady, but if that"s not sufficient to pass up the on this perform then here are some more. Manning has a better passer rating than Brady. Manning has 65.2% Brady has 63.7%; Manning 1 Brady 0.has 2nd most completions through 450 and also the most Brady had in a season to be 401; Manning 2 Brady 0.Has second most completions in a single-season playoff through 97 behind his brother 106. Brady go have much more completions in a playoff career through 553, yet Manning is the third highest v 481. Manning 3 Brady 1. Manning has more completions in a single game v 33 Brady 32; Manning 4 Brady 1. Brady has just one more touchdowns with 50; Manning 4 Brady 2.Manning has more passing touchdown in a career v 436 Brady has actually 334; Manning 5 Brady 3.Manning more single-season playoff season through 9 Brady has actually 8.Manning 6 Brady 2. Brady has much more career ...more

So, Peyton walk only have actually 1 "ring". However that is a team accomplishment, if we room talking around individual, then i have one more R word... RECORDS. Peyton has an ext records than any type of other player, much more MVP"s, take it two different teams come the at sight Bowl. Tom Brady is good, no doubt, but he is also the recipient of an excellent play indigenous teammates and also unbelievable coaching. New England has a device that"s 2nd to none. Indianapolis went 2-14 there is no Manning, brand-new England walk 11-5 there is no Brady. Nothing versus Brady, but Manning has actually done method more from an individual stand point. Also, v the ring talk, the is a dumb argument. Peyton only has actually one, therefore does Bernie Kosar. The was troy Aikman"s backup in Dallas as soon as they won it. If rings room all that identify a player"s greatness, climate Peyton is no far better than Bernie Kosar, right? i m really sorry Bernie, and I"m a Browns fan (WOOF WOOF), yet I would certainly take Peyton any type of day over Kosar. Rings room great, however it identify the greatness the a team, no players.

He is much better than Tom Brady and here is why. Tom Brady may have actually 3 super key rings however that"s only due to the fact that he has actually played for a good team. Peyton Manning has actually played for a decent team his whole carrier. It"s actually impressive that Peyton even has 1 super key ring.

9 Brett Favre
Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former American football quarterback who invested the bulk of his career with the eco-friendly Bay Packers of the nationwide Football League.

Let"s see his records... Longest happen in supervisor bowl history (99 yards) Super key MVP. Oldest quarterback ever before in his 40s and also was running till 2014

Favre is the number 1 gun in a "town" complete of gunslingers. Nobody can deny his greatness or talent. 4 forever!

I don"t think Favre is the GOAT, yet he is surely one of the best.

Brett should be number one. Too poor he could retire.

10 Randy Moss
Randy Gene Moss is a former American football wide receiver that played 14 periods in the nationwide Football League.

Randy Moss is not even top 50. My peak 10: 10. Darrell Greene. 9. Deacon Jones. 8. Ronnie Lott. 7. Reggie White. 6. Barry Sanders. 5. Tony Gonzalez. 4. Walter Payton. 3 Joe Montana. 2 beam Lewis. 1 Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice is a no brainier. Ns barely chose Ray Lewis in former of Montana.

Only shadowing Jerry Rice in the receiver category, Rice himself claimed that Moss had the many talent the end of any kind of receiver to ever before play the game.

Moss lugged the Vikings, and they should have won lot of championships.

Randy moss is a an excellent WR and he is among the ideal he need to be ranked greater then 11? girlfriend KRA KRA and why you acquired Tim tebow number 26! What? he sucks?

11 Reggie White

He to be a machine, he was just unstoppable, he might probably get around anybody, Anthony Munoz, john Hannah anybody. It would certainly be mortifying to check out Reggie White looking in ~ you across the heat of scrimmage. There would be no usage in trying to block the destructive, Reggie White.

Reggie White have to be number 7. He must at least make the peak Ten. Also, where room Ray Lewis and Tony Gonzalez? because that me Lewis is 2 and also Gonzalez is 5.

Reggie White was the ideal on the Eagles!

He need to be optimal 5

12 Adrian Peterson
Adrian Lewis Peterson is an American soccer running back who originally played for the Minnesota Vikings and currently plays for the Washington Redskins that the nationwide Football League.

Child abuse has actually nothing to perform with his stats, the is the finest RB ever, possibly.

Guys, he supplied child abuse. It"s just stupid.

The best players ever

He should be #6 at least

13 Johnny Unitas
John Constantine Unitas, nicknamed "Johnny U", or "The gold Arm", to be an American skilled football player native the 1950s with the 1970s.

Johnny U. To be amazing. If friend look in ~ his stats you"d never guess he to be though. Pass-interference wasn"t invented(my proof, it"s dubbed the Mel Blount rule)and very few penalties against the defense was. There to be no doubters that Unitas would make the hall of Fame.

14 Deion Sanders
Deion Luywnn Sanders, Sr. Is a previous American football and former American baseball player, that works together an analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network.

He"s a very an excellent corner back no doubt however I think Richard Sherman should be over him not only did that play the NFC championship with excruciating ache in his hand he actually played well. That made an unbelievable clutch interception against san fran he has actually that yes, really cool swag and athleticism that just can"t it is in taught. Richard Sherman is far better look in ~ the numbers also he said that

Dion was the more quickly NFL player ever! He needs to be in the height ten! Actually, ns think joe Haden can be prefer that some day

The other teams quarterbacks must have actually thought he was their large receivers

15 Drew Brees
Drew Christopher Brees is one American soccer quarterback for the new Orleans Saints that the nationwide Football League.He is the just player to have ago to earlier to back 5,000 yards in three seasons straight. Brees additionally has the all time ideal completion percent with 66.95%.

Think around this for a sec, Drew damaged Tom Brady"s record for the most consecutive touchdown overcome by 52. Plus, that has and also 5000+ season average, and also was considered the many accurate quarterback of every time. This one is a no-brainer and should clear be greater on the list.

One of the many accurate of all time! He"s not my favorite, however is one of the best at his position.

It"s funny the he"s been playing much less than Tom Brady however yet he is way, way better in my mind.

Seriously, that isn"t on here? He need to be AT least in the peak 15. He damaged to records collection by some of the finest hofers ever!

16 Ray Lewis
Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. Is a previous American soccer linebacker who played his whole 17-year career because that the Baltimore Ravens that the nationwide Football League.

Not just do ns think the he is the ideal LB of all time but I think the is the second best player ever before behind Jerry Rice. He to be awesome. Substantial impact top top the game.

Best love of every time. Best leader the all-time. Finest defensive player of every time. Ray Lewis. 2 time champion.

Should be the star that "How to obtain away v murder" Wouldn"t even need to study the role. One autobiography.

Greatest protective end of all time, an pure monster every around.

17 Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Charles Rodgers is one American football quarterback because that the eco-friendly Bay Packers that the national Football League.

He is quickly the most dangerous QB of all time.Brady, Montana, and Rice all have rings due to the fact that it"s a team game, he has likewise been virtually carrying the packers, consisting of a super bowl victory. A person I have the right to compare him to is Dan Marino but with much more mobility.

No one can throw the deep ball like my boy Aaron Rodgers! the is certainly gonna go down as among the best! Number 26? room you kidding me?! an ext like optimal 10 material we room working with here. At least much better than Brett Favre. Us don"t view Rodgers leading the organization in INTs. Go pack Go!

To me the is the best since he can throw the sphere really far and he is yes, really cool.

Arron Rodgers pfff this man is a baby. And also cries to his mommy every time he it s okay sacked by Harrison and also timmons

18 Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Jr. Is a retired American football vast receiver who played his whole career because that the Detroit Lions that the national Football League. He is often dubbed the nickname ""Megatron"" for his rare mix of size, speed, and leaping ability on the field.

Calvin Johnson Jr. Is a retirement American football broad receiver that played his entire career because that the Detroit Lions the the nationwide Football League. The is often referred to as the nickname ""Megatron"" for his rare combination of size, speed, and leaping capacity on the field. He should be #1

Speed, size, strength, catching, and also jumping. Not just is this recipient good, that is amazing! Not only is he the finest player at large receiver today, but he is likewise one of the ideal players today and also ever.

The only or one of the just reasons the the Lions space winning gamings any an ext is because they have Calvin Johnson and also without him i think lock would always be the end of the playoff piture.

He is unguardable with his hands, strength, and also speed, he was breaking documents left and also right through Matthew Stafford! So, it every balances out prefer this: GOAT.

19 J. J. Watt
Justin James "J. J." Watt is an American football protective end because that the Houston Texans the the nationwide Football League. He was drafted by the Texans with the 11th pick in the an initial round of the 2011 NFL Draft, and also played college football in ~ Wisconsin. ...read more.

How is JJ Watt 84? He"s literally among the best players I"ve ever before seen.

He should be number 1

He have to be 10 ten

20 Dick Butkus

Roses space red, violets space blue, you much better keep Butkus away from you. If you"ve viewed him, you"ve checked out players laying on the soil dead. He was the hardest hitter in the background of the game, period. More players would be in the clinical facility after encountering the Bears through Butkus on your team than almost everywhere else.

The ideal defender the his time, memorable personality, if you witnessed him live or top top T.V. In the day, no question.

He is awesome, he have to be greater in the ranks and also he schooled everyone on defense.

For me he is around number 36.

21 Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr. Is one American football broad receiver because that the Arizona Cardinals the the nationwide Football League.Fitzgerald to be drafted third overall to the Arizona Cardinals in 2004, the is considered to be among the ideal players that his place to never ever win a at sight Bowl.

Most constant hands ever, tall, extremely athletic, to be blazing quick in his prime, and played the game like no other. When Larry Fitzgerald readjusted positions into more of an within receiver instead of a wing player because of his age and the to decrease of speed, he still continued to be as on of the finest receivers in the league. The only thing the he lacks (as well as the Cardinals) is a super bowl ring.

Higher he is my favourite player and 19! that"s all at lest in the top ten come on! the is amazing on the field and also will never stop until he it s okay a super key ring. His hand can capture anything whatever this is more than likely my longest complaint right here make Larry 2 behind Jerry Rice that course.

Best wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, and also was very an excellent in their Super bowl match against PittsBurgh. The is absolutely one of the biggest players that today, deserves a point out in the height 10.

He is perhaps the ideal player of all time knowing what he"s put up through what supporting cast he"s had for his job in Arizona! psychic it"s a team video game & however he"s made every short article season count

22 Steve Young
Jon Steven Young is a former expert American football quarterback who played 15 periods in the national Football League and is ideal known for his 13 periods with the san Francisco 49ers.

Steve Young began his NFL career as well late otherwise he can have to be the greatest player of every time. His 7 year expectations from 1992-1998 to be incredible. Such a funny player to watch. That was usually as exact as any quarterback over there had even been and then you include in the he was among the best running quarterbacks together well. Amazing!

When joe montana left, steve young replaced him and dominated among the ideal 49ers

23 Michael Irvin

Just since he to be on your favorite team doesn"t median that team is the best team of all time and also the player is likewise the greatest. Jim Brown to be arguably the best running back of every time and he play on a crappy team.

Totally overrated. Method to high. Have to not be optimal 50.

24 Terrell Owens
Terrell Eldorado Owens is an American football vast receiver who played because that the Seattle Seahawks, mountain Francisco 49ers, and also Philadelphia Eagles of the nationwide Football League.

Saying a player isn"t great because the *Huurs your feelwings* (the typos space meant to suggest your whinyness) isn"t a logical argument. Its like saying Hitler or Atilla The Hun were poor at leading due to the fact that they to be evil. I wouldn"t put Id say he is an excellent in peak 20, that couldn"t be peak ten since he sabotaged every connection he ever before had through team mates which kinda eliminated his job (he it s long a long time however he was always changing teams)

He should be in the top five. Don"t be mad at a human for speak his mind. Once he discovered out he"s dorn he have actually came oout and said it, prevent HATE people. Terrell Owens

T.O can"t it is in stoped also by Reggie white

I agree he was an a hole

25 Michael Vick
Michael Dwayne Vick (born June 26, 1980) is a previous American football quarterback that played 13 seasons in the national Football League, generally with the Atlanta Falcons and also the Philadelphia Eagles. He played college football at Virginia Tech and also was selected through the Falcons together the very first overall pick ...read more.

My favourite QB of all time (From a Packers fan). World hate top top him for his history with dog-fighting however everyone renders mistakes, and he lived approximately his and also spent his time. There are world in the NFL who consistently abuse drugs or their girlfriends, and Vick quiet gets more hate. Anyways, playing-wise, that is the finest rushing QB of all time and had one of the greatest arms. Additionally the best player in the background of Madden due to the fact that of his stats in Madden 2004.

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He could have a had some great years v atlanta, some great games v eagles, and also then because that the jets and steelers the hasnt done anything. Additionally he might too say goodbye come his opportunity at making the hall of fame. Due to the fact that with his prison record I highly doubt he will make the hall of fame

Vick is a has-been, that was an excellent for a pair years through the Eagles, climate he played for the jets and the steelers and hasnt done anything, he is not good anymore.

Best scrambler ever plus i love just how you can beat your boy senseless, to win your wife unconcious, and also potentially murder someone and also get off through a suspension yet he fights dogs and bam federal prison and also his polarizing career to be ruined