Sometimes us can get so wrapped up in the latest track from chris Tomlin or Lauren Daigle that Christian music fans lose track of several of the old Christian songs the were staples of classic Christian prayer services. No matter what sort of church or company you attend, yes sir a decent chance that an ext recent Christian songs have end up being a welcome enhancement to the old hymns.

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When it involves music, everyone has actually their preferences. The agree to specific old Christian songs might depend on whereby you were once you an initial heard castle or what definition the native have had actually on your own life. Noted below space some that the finest hymns to ever come the end of the church. Whether you understand them or not, the never harms to go earlier for a listen.

Jesus payment It All

It’s safe to say that plenty of believers have a radical change occur in their lives as soon as they commit to Jesus Christ. “Jesus payment It All” is a hymn that solidifies the atoning power of Christ’s sacrifice, leaving no room because that doubt or discussion.

This song has been extended a multitude the times end the years, therefore there’s often a details version the sticks the end to every generation. For today’s listeners, this rendition indigenous Kristian Stanfill is one of the an ext popular ones. The heat “Oh praise the One who paid mine debt and raised this life increase from the dead” is the exclamation allude for Stanfill’s take on this beautiful hymn.

Amazing Grace

Another one of the old Christian songs the speaks that the an effective change that takes location at counter is “Amazing Grace.” This song has been played all too frequently in just about every film or TV show, but it’s simply one the the ideal hymns ever before written.

Written by a guy who had actually previously taken part in the Atlantic slave trade, the tune illustrates the God’s grace is so powerful that it deserve to turn any type of life around. God has the strength to lug sight to the blind and the dead ago to life, so what hope have the right to your sin have of holding on to you?

There are around a million version of this track out there, but here’s one from nation singer Alan Jackson that’ll relocate you.



How an excellent Thou Art

The old hymns usually emphasis on particular aspects that God. The an initial two song on this list focused on the strength of redemption. With “How good Thou Art,” we just behold God together the can be fried being. Simply as you could stand top top the sheet of the grand Canyon and take it every in, this song is a response to the magnitude of who God is.

If you ever before visited an old country church, you will certainly most likely be brushed up up the minute the congregation access time the heat “Then sings mine soul…”



It Is Well through My Soul

We can likewise use old Christian songs to deal with with tough circumstances and tell God “Thy will certainly be done.” This song was initially composed by a man in the late 1800’s who was dealing with financial ruin and the ns of his daughters at sea.

Musically, the song is beautiful moving, but the message is what is many important. No issue what comes our method in life, great or bad, God is in control. The cares for us and HIs hands space at work. “It Is Well with My Soul” is a an effective song no issue who is to sing it, yet it’s hard to talk about classic hymns and also not invoke the Gaithers. This is a great version that the song from a few years ago.



Turn your Eyes upon Jesus

Known mainly for that refrain, this hymn is great because that its simplicity. Once the human being is relocating so quick that it’s difficult to store up, we only have to fix our eye on Christ to be in ~ peace. When we hunger for reality or need to remember our calling, feather heavenward is a certain fix.

This song can be sung in a big arena prefer the video below or in a small church ~ above Sunday night and also still have the same effect. Let us never forget whereby we should always be looking.




I’ll Fly far - Old Christian Songs

Sometimes you simply need a an excellent country classic. “I’ll paris Away” is among the most famous gospel songs of all time. It’s additionally one the the couple of Christian hymns the excellently pairs up with a fiddle and also banjo.

Whether you go the traditional choir path or throw in a small bluegrass, this is a tune that is funny to sing. “Fun” may not constantly be words you want to select for old Christian songs, however the whole point of “I’ll paris Away” is that death is not a morbid topic for believers. While there is an aspect of sadness to a love one’s passing, we must remember that Christians aren’t just living because that the here and also now.

Here’s a an excellent pairing Crowder go of the track with “I witnessed the Light” in the Georgia Dome a pair of years ago.



Holy, Holy, Holy

It’s hard to complete with a song that lays the end the many attributes of God in such a melodious manner. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is favor the triumphal entrance music because that a great king. The indigenous lay the end the perfect nature the God in a way few songs efficiently can.

While the track is beautiful together a solo, it takes ~ above a unique life when being blasted through a full choir. Still, over there is one intimacy come the way Audrey Assad performs the in this video.



Great Is thy Faithfulness

One that the biggest sources the hope because that believers is that God is faithful. Though we may not watch it for a time, God is constantly at occupational throughout the world. The delivers on our requests and also dreams in His own time.

“Great is thy Faithfulness” is a tune of gratitude that has a breakable honesty come it. Once we consider the blessing of God that surround united state in the world today, it can be important overwhelming. This hymn made some large waves v pop society when Jordan smith sang it so fine on the truth singing vain The Voice.

Blessed Assurance

Written through a remote woman in the 1870’s, “Blessed Assurance” is a speak to for believers come remember your inheritance with Christ. This sweet melody reminds united state that we have actually a benefactor city hall over united state who cares for us deeply.

This is one more one the the old Christian songs that has actually been resurrected throughout the years. The video below is a rendition from key Worship



Oh What a Savior!

A little more recent 보다 these other old Christian songs, “Oh What a Savior” to be still written nearly 60 years ago. The song marvels in ~ the visibility of a Savior that would leave heaven, live a perfect life, and also pay for our sins.

This is among those songs the really permits a vocalist and/or choir to display off. That a powerful song in its own right, however with part talent behind the microphone it can end up being a very special experience. Examine out the singing talents that the males in the video below and also you’ll recognize what we’re talking about.



Crown that with many Crowns

Similar come “Holy, Holy, Holy,” this chant is one that gives every one of his due glory. Come really gain this classic, you’ll need a huge choir or a very vocal congregation. The full version of the track is a chuck 12 verses, yet there space several much shorter iterations out there.

Again, this is the type of music the you would mean to hear at the coronation that king. What better place to hear that sung than at Westminster Abbey? inspect out the video clip below from the at an early stage 2000’s and also you’ll know the magnitude of this hymn.

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As any kind of hymn lover knows, there room hundreds (if no thousands) an ext out there. While this isn"t one exhaustive list, we perform hope that it lugged to psychic a couple of of the old Christian songs the you love hearing in church. In ~ the K-LOVE pan Awards, we know that music is a huge part of worship. Christian music is a component of daily life that we all love and also enjoy. That"s why us honor the entertainers and authors every year who room making a difference in the Christian community. To discover out just how you and your family members can attend the greatest weekend in Christian music, click the connect below.