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Football is the best sport in American and also makes our list of 10 many watched sporting activities in the world. The NFL attracts a many money with TV rights and sponsorship. All linked this helps to produce some actual greats.

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Without additional ado, here’s our countdown the the 10 greatest NFL football player of all-time.

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10. Reggie White – defensive End


The Minister that Defence is among the most decorated football player in NFL history. Reggie White terrorized every enemy he faced. He has actually won plenty of awards including two defensive player the the year awards. That has appeared in 13 agree Bowls and also 12 All-Pro nods. He likewise earned self a Super key championship v the green Bay Packers. White was a to be a monster the a male on the field, he showed great strength to melted blockers and he likewise showed outstanding speed to follow down ball carriers.

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9. Deion Sanders – Cornerback


Deion “Primetime” Sanders is 9 ~ above our list of the 10 biggest NFL players of All-Time. Sanders to be a huge man on and off the field. At any time he touched the round he appeared to create a moment of magic for his team. Sanders is the only guy to appear in a at sight Bowl and a human being Series, come hit a MLB house run and NFL touchdown in the very same week. One more impressive stat is he has 2 Super key title’s to his name and also he is the one of two football player to score a NFL touchdown six various ways.

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8. Cock Butkus – Linebacker


Butkus is consistently ranked amongst the best NFL football player of all-time, the was named 9th best in 1999, however we rank him a little higher. As a professional, he was drafted in the very first round by both the Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears. After number of days, his decision to be to authorize for the Bears. He has 8 agree Bowl appearances and also 2 NFL defensive Player the the Year awards. Butkus is deservedly pertained to as one of the greatest and also most intimating linebackers in NFL history.

7. Johnny Unitas – Quarterback


John “The golden Arm” Unitas was a true legend of the game. That spent bulk of his career play for the Baltimore Colts. He was a record setting quarterback and also the NFL’s MVP in 1957, 59, 64 and also 64. Unitas was gone into into the pro Football hall of call in 1979. His heritage lives on and since 1987, the Johnny Unitas gold Arm Award has been awarded to the top an elderly quarterback the the existing year in university football.

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6. Walter Payton – running Back


Walter Payton makes the height 5 in the list of the greatest NFL players of All-time. He to be a true work horse and at 5 foot 10 inches tall and also 200 pounds the was not exactly constructed for speed. His nickname to be “Sweetness” and played because that the Chicago bear from 1975 to 87. Payton is remembered together a prolific rusher and he held plenty of records because that carries, yards indigenous scrimmage and also many others. Sadly, Payton died of a rare liver an illness in 1999 at the young age of 45. The was constantly be psychic as among the biggest NFL football player of All-time.

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5. Lawrence Taylor – Linebacker


Taylor or the original “L.T.” played for the brand-new York Giants from 1981-93. The is considered to it is in of the best players in the history of the NFL. Taylor was numerous awards in his rookie seasons and has gathered a an extremely impressive resume over his play career. That has showed up in 10 agree Bowl’s and also won the Super key an outstanding two times. He adjusted the means defence to be played, the way linebackers played and also the means pass-rushing to be played.

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4. Joe Montana – Quarterback


Montana played for the 49ers native 1979-92 and also then the Chiefs from 93-94. He was nicknamed “Joe Cool” and also he deserve to lay insurance claim to 4 Super key titles and 3 Super key MVP’s. He to be a cool and confident character thus his name. The was provided for his ability to keep calm under pressure and also he assisted his team’s to 32 fourth-quarter comebacks which is a really impressive tally. That was gotten in into “Football’s 100 biggest Players” in 1999 and he ranks 3rd on our best NFL players of All-time list.

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3. Jim Brown – full Back


Brown to be a true legend of the sport, he to be a fullback because that the Cleveland Brown’s native 1957 come 69. Brown to be a pro Bowl invitee every season he was in the league and was recognised as the AP NFL most Value Player three times. He to be a true champion, that led the organization in rushing yards in eight out of his nine seasons. His number 32 jersey is retirement by the Browns and also following on indigenous his football job he required to acting and also landing many leading functions throughout the 1970’s.

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2. Jerry Rice – vast Receiver


Jerry Rice play 20 seasons in the NFL and also he is our best NFL Player of All-time. He is there is no a doubt the greatest broad receiver the all-time. He had actually the best hands and most an exact routes the video game has ever seen. That amassed 13 pro Bowl appearances, 10 first team All-Pro honours and not to mention 3 -time Super key champion. That is the all-time leader is all major statistical categories in the NFL. Rice is remembered additionally as one of the ideal clutch players in football history and regularly made game winning catches throughout his career. V 303 gamings over 20 seasons, he verified what dedication was and what it expected to him. He only missed 17 consistent season games and 14 of lock in 1997. The 49er’s retired his no.80 jersey in 2010 and also he was gotten in into the room of fame course of 2010 in his an initial year the eligibility. He was a true great!

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1. Tom Brady – Quarterback


In 2019 in ~ Super bowl 53, Tom Brady cemented his place as the uncontested GOAT by win his 6th Super bowl at the ripe old age of 41! he is without doubt the all-time list of the biggest NFL players. Brady is a icon and also true example of a player that worked hard to accomplish his status as a great. Brady has Lombardi trophy a impressive 6 times throughout his career, earned self 4 super Bowel MVP awards as well as a host of various other NFL records.

If 2021 the cemented his condition as the biggest of every time by steering the Tampa bay Buccaneers come Super key champions. He winner his 7th Super key at 43 year old, in his an initial year through the Tampa just Buccaneers, and making background by being component of the an initial team to appear in a Super key in its house stadium.

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His journey from 7th ring draft pick to legend is no fluke. Brady’s well known work ethic, dedication come his craft and natural leadership an abilities have aided him make his mark as lot as his physics prowess. The fact that Tampa Bay space returning the same precise championship winning roster this season makes Tom Brady and the Bucs one of the best NFL bets today to repeat together Super key champions at the immortal age of 44.

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