For travel to the United says on a short-lived basis, including tourism, short-lived employment, study and also exchange.

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U.S. Citizens v emergencies, please contact +30-210-721-2951

Outside that Office Hours, contact: +30 210 721 2951

Outside the priziv.orgeece: 1-888-407-4747


"USA & priziv.orgeece: celebrate 200 year of Friendship” campaign announced by U.S. Ambassador to priziv.orgeece Geoffrey R. Pyatt top top January 14, 2021 will encompass educational and social events across priziv.orgeece that will highlight our two countries’ historic relationship and also the ties that tie us: democracy, partnership, and shared values.


Learn much more about high quality higher-education avenues in the U.S. That you will not find anywhere rather in the world.


43 Tsimiski, 7th Floor

546 23 Thessaloniki priziv.orgeece

phone: +30 2310 242 905, +30 2310 376 300


COVID-19 Information

*** efficient January 26, all airline passenger to the unified States eras two years and also older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within 3 calendar job of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the U.S. May provide documentation native a licensed health care provider of having actually recovered indigenous COVID-19 in the 90 days coming before travel. Examine the CDC website for extr information and also Frequently inquiry Questions, including information on which COVID-19 tests are embraced for U.S. Entry. Additional changes to U.S. Travel demands will be implemented November 8, 2021. Evaluation the CDC website and also for more details.

Country-Specific Information:

COVID Documentation required for Island Travel: In continental priziv.orgeece, self-tests room recommended for travel by land but not required. Travelers age 12 or end going to priziv.orgeek islands must present documentation as explained in the “Movement Restrictions” ar below.

COVID-19 Testing

Are PCR and/or antigen tests available for U.S. Citizen in priziv.orgeece? YesIf so, are test results reliably obtainable within 72 hours? YesTest results may be delivered by e-mail or in hard copy listed in person; consult v the testing facility about the method results are interacted for your specific circumstance.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

Has the government of priziv.orgeece authorized a COVID-19 vaccine for use? YesAre vaccines accessible in priziv.orgeece because that U.S. Citizens to receive? Yes, for those residents in priziv.orgeeceWhich vaccines are accessible in priziv.orgeece? Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson and also Johnson / Janssen vaccines have been authorized for usage in priziv.orgeek The priziv.orgeek federal government determines i m sorry vaccine is administered for details populations.The unified States federal government does not arrangement to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to exclusive U.S. Citizen overseas. You re welcome follow host country advances and guidelines because that COVID-19 vaccination.

Entry and also Exit Requirements:

Are U.S. Citizens allowed to enter? Yes, depending on country of residenceFor any kind of questions concerning this form, the priziv.orgeek government has describe a PLF hot Line at +30-215-560-5151, easily accessible Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm in English and priziv.orgeek.Many land borders open. every, travelers are enabled to enter through the land borders at the Promachonas, Ormenio, Evzonoi, Nymfaia, Niki, Doirani, Kristallopigi, Kipoi, Kakavia, Mertziani, Mavromatio, Kastanies, and also Exochi entry points. Travelers beginning by soil must likewise submit the Passenger Locator kind (PLF) ~ above prior to they arrive.Is a an adverse COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) compelled for entry? Yes, in many casesAll travelers age 12 or end entering priziv.orgeece are required to present a negative molecular test result (PCR test) because that COVID-19, performed up to 72 hours before their entry come priziv.orgeece, or a an adverse antigen (rapid) test an outcome performed up to 48 hours prior to their entry come priziv.orgeece. This does not use to youngsters under the period of 12.PCR or other species of COVID-19 test and/or wellness declaration forms may quiet be compelled by transit countries. Review demands for all countries in her itinerary prior to travel.Are health and wellness screening actions in location at airports and also other harbor of entry? Yes

 Movement Restrictions:

Quarantine Information:

Are U.S. Citizens compelled to quarantine? No, unless they test positive for COVID-19

Transportation Options:

Are advertisement flights operating? YesIs public transport operating? YesMasks are required while utilizing public transportation and also taxis. Taxis are limited to 3 passengers, except for boy children.

Fines because that Non-Compliance:

The well for no wearing a mask in locations where the is required or not maintaining compelled social distancing is 300 euros. The fine because that non-compliance with mandatory quarantine is 5000 euros, in enhancement to feasible arrest.

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Consular Operations:

Local Resources:

If you construct fever and/or respiratory tract symptoms such together shortness that breath or cough, remain indoors and also immediately seek clinical attention by contacting the nationwide Public health and wellness Organization by dialing 1135.Other links:Assistance:U.S. Embassy Athens, priziv.orgeece+30 210-721-2951AthensAmericanCitizenServices