Matt Flynn's incredible second fifty percent propelled the Packers come a victory in main 15.Tim Heitman-USA this day Sports

It took a miracle, however the eco-friendly Bay Packers to be able to beat the Dallas Cowboys in main 15. The Packers were down 26-3 heading into the second fifty percent before outscoring Dallas 34-10 over the final two quarters to get the win.

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That 23-point comeback bound the largest in franchise history, according to ESPN Stats and also Info. Furthermore, through this win eco-friendly Bay stayed in the gyeongju for the playoffs and also the NFC North department title.

Let"s take it a look at some takeaways for environment-friendly Bay native this tremendous 37-36 win over Dallas.

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The Magic of Matt Flynn Continues
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Tim Heitman-USA this day Sports

It wasn"t one ideal an initial half because that quarterback Matt Flynn. In fact, he"d most likely like come forget about those first 30 minutes versus the Dallas Cowboys.

However, you have to provide credit come Flynn because that what he to be able to execute with the violation in the second half. Flynn led the Packers to five touchdowns and 34 points in the second half. He finished the video game with 299 pass yards, 4 touchdowns and an interception.

Head coach Mike McCarthy claimed that Flynn has give the Packers "consistency and also a balanced offense," according to the Packers" twitter feed. 

The Packers still can"t wait to get Aaron Rodgers ago on the field, yet Flynn has definitely proven his precious these previous two weeks.

Is Eddie Lacy the best Running back the Packers Have ever before Had?
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Tim Heitman-USA this day Sports

As crazy together this might sound, running back Eddie Lacy might just it is in the finest running earlier the eco-friendly Bay Packers have ever before had.

Heading into Sunday"s game, Lacy had actually 887 rushing yards and seven touchdowns top top the season. ~ this week, Lacy now has 1,028 yards and eight touchdowns.

While the stats are definitely impressive, what renders Lacy so an useful is how essential he is come this offense. Also when the Packers had actually Ahman environment-friendly at running back, they still had actually a hall of reputation quarterback in Brett Favre top the team.

However, Lacy has held the Packers with each other without quarterback Aaron Rodgers top top the field. His play to be a significant reason why the Packers were able to comeback in the second half.

It can be a big to call Lacy the finest running ago the Packers have ever had ideal now, but there is no doubt that this son is walk to it is in a special, special player.

Andrew Quarless makes a Statement
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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Last mainly we witnessed tight end Andrew Quarless have a breakout video game with 6 receptions because that 66 yards and a touchdown. Quarless continued to make a declare by record the same exact statistics this week against the Dallas Cowboys.

That"s 12 receptions, 132 yards and also two touchdowns in the past two gamings for Quarless. Not also Jermichael Finley was able to produce that repetitively for the eco-friendly Bay Packers once he to be healthy.

That"s not to say that Quarless is much more talented 보다 Finley. However, it"s difficult to overlook the influence that he"s been able to have for this violation over the past two weeks.

The attack Line enhances a Little
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Matthew Emmons-USA today Sports

After giving up a total of 12 sacks in the previous two games, the attack line picked up its play in a large way against the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, the first half was a little shaky, but the unit played much far better in the 2nd half. In fact, it didn"t give up a solitary sack over the last two quarters and also only offered up 2 in the an initial half.

However, what was many impressive about the attack line to be how dominant they were to finish the game. Not just did they open up up substantial holes because that running ago Eddie Lacy, yet they likewise were maybe to give quarterback Matt Flynn a ton of time in the pocket.

The offensive line has actually been the weakest connect of the offense this season. However, over there were small signs of advancement from this team in this game, i m sorry is a great sign for the final two mainly of the year.

The Defense Stepped up in a large Way
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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Yes, the eco-friendly Bay Packers defense gave up 26 points and also a entirety bunch of yards in the very first half. However, they proved an incredible amount that poise in the second fifty percent against the Dallas Cowboys.

For the second straight week, the Packers defense had a solid performance in the final two soldier of a game. This time they preserved the Cowboys to only 10 points, and they compelled two huge turnovers (more ~ above those a tiny later).

The defense merely made plays transparent the second half to save the Cowboys out of rhythm.

Sunday"s performance wasn"t enough to prove the the defense has been fixed. However, over there is no denying that the whole group stepped up in a monstrous method to give the Packers the inert they needed to acquire a huge win.

These are the Turnovers the Packers have actually Needed
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Matthew Emmons-USA now Sports

One the the biggest issues the eco-friendly Bay Packers have had actually this year is developing turnovers. 

Heading right into Sunday"s game, the Packers had actually only recorded seven interceptions ~ above the season. That number is the second worst in the league. 

However, the Packers acquired two substantial plays because that their starting cornerbacks. Very first it to be Sam Shields who intercepted a pass from quarterback Tony Romo to give the Packers an excellent field position for their game-winning drive.

Then Tramon Williams sealed the victory v a late interception that Romo. As good as the Packers offense was in the second half, the team wouldn"t have had a opportunity to victory the video game without Shields and also Williams make those large plays.

These room the big plays and also turnovers that the Packers have been needing all season long.

Consistency continues to be an Issue
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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

This was the second straight video game that the eco-friendly Bay Packers have actually needed one absolutely significant second half in order to come away through a win. Critical week the Packers organized the Atlanta Falcons scoreless in the 2nd half, and also this mainly the Packers scored 34 points and only permitted 10 points.

While the wins are absolutely nice, the big issue that stays is the inconsistency this team has had from half to half. Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee journal Sentinel called the an initial half, "Green Bay"s worst of the season."

The truth is the the Packers still have actually a possibility at making the playoffs complying with this win. If they do make the playoffs, they"ll definitely need to number out just how to play 4 quarters of consistent football.

Playoff hopes Remain Alive
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Matthew Emmons-USA this day Sports

This win carried the green Bay Packers record to 7-6-1. The Detroit Lions are right now 7-6 and also play the Baltimore Ravens ~ above Monday night. The Bears winner 38-31 ~ above Sunday and also now sit in ~ 8-6 ~ above the year.

Even if the Lions win on Monday, green Bay is still only fifty percent a game behind both the Lions and also the Bears. In bespeak to make the playoffs, the Packers have to win their last two games, consisting of a main 17 matchup versus Chicago, and also hope the the Lions lose one of their last 3 games.

If that happens, then the Packers would success the NFC North through a record of 9-6-1. No matter just how you look at it, the fact that eco-friendly Bay is quiet in the playoff picture is amazing.

It"s going to take it a wonder for this team come play previous week 17, however the Packers showed in this game that lock still have plenty that miracles left in the tank.

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