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Aaron Rodgers organized out native the Packers during the 2021 NFL offseason and also was hope to it is in traded. He want a fresh start because the Packers weren"t letting the have any type of say in the things that directly influenced his job.

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The Packers had likewise selected quarterback Jordan Love in the very first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, for this reason Rodgers felt the signal native the organization evidenced that a split was coming for the two sides. So, the thought, why no accelerate it?

"As i felt like, "If girlfriend can"t commit come me past 2021, and also I"m not a part of recruiting procedure in complimentary agency, if I"m no a part of the future, rather of letting me it is in a lame-duck quarterback, if you want to take a chance and move forward, then go ahead and also do it."," Rodgers stated in a push conference after he went back to the team.

The Packers, however, wanted to keep Rodgers around, and also that resulted in a quibble in between the two parties. The lasted nearly the totality offseason, but eventually, the 2 sides win a deal on a amendment contract that will keep Rodgers in environment-friendly Bay for at the very least 2021. Beyond that, things get a little trickier.

What go Aaron Rodgers" contract look like now? and when could he ultimately leave the Packers? Here"s a break down of what environment-friendly Bay"s revised pact with Rodgers looks favor for 2021 and also beyond.

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Aaron Rodgers contract details

Rodgers is in the 2nd year of a four-year contract extension worth $134 million. Rodgers agreed to the deal in 2018, yet the brand-new contract state didn"t kick in till 2020. So there were 3 years left on Rodgers" contract, including the 2021 season.

However, the transaction is now a year shorter. Rodgers renegotiated his contract and also turned the 2023 season into a "void year." This has end up being an progressively popular method for groups to clean cap room by deferring player payments right into future years.

NFL Network"s Tom Pelissero reported that Rodgers will make close come $50 million over the last two years the his deal. The renegotiation through the Packers didn"t add any brand-new money to Rodgers" deal.

YearTotal value
2021$22.4 million
2022$26.9 million

However, Pelissero likewise reports the the final year that Rodgers" contract voids on the saturday day before the 2023 organization year, which usually starts in March ahead of complimentary agency. That"s at some point after the franchise sign deadline, so that means Rodgers can not be slapped v a franchise sign in 2023; he"ll technically it is in under contract before that window closes.

As such, Rodgers will certainly be a true complimentary agent in 2023 at the latest. That would certainly be front of his age-40 season. However, this deal also could pressure the Packers to relocate on indigenous Rodgers throughout the 2022 NFL offseason relying on how points play out.

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Why the Packers could move on native Aaron Rodgers in 2022

There"s nothing specifically forcing the Packers to relocate on from Rodgers, yet Rodgers" cap hit and the existence of Love might loom big here.

Love will certainly be beginning the third year the his four-year rookie contract in 2022. Groups can choose whether to exercise a fifth-year choice on first-round picks, for this reason the Packers technically have three years of control over Love entering 2022.

That said, the Packers might want to acquire a look at Love as a starter to watch if he"s worth signing come an extension. If lock wait too lengthy to advice Love, they might risk him entering free agency through a little sample dimension of gamings played. That would certainly make it tough to provide Love a heavy valuation.

The urgency come play Love may not be the biggest aspect in a break-up with Rodgers. The veteran quarterback"s contract restructure has caused his lid hit come balloon to a lining $46.1 million in 2022, every Spotrac.com. That would certainly eat up more than 20 percent that the team"s salary cap an are and lock are already projected to be $32.8 million over the value cap, in 2022 every OverTheCap.com.

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Cutting or commerce Rodgers would an outcome in a dead lid hit of $26.8 million, yet it would also complimentary up $19.3 million in cap space. If the Packers are ready to give Love a chance, the extra cap an are could permit them to trim their excess safety without obtaining rid of — or restructuring faces — too countless of the team"s weapons.

It would also represent the last opportunity for the Packers to get a return ~ above their investment in Rodgers. The team should most likely unload him for draft funding in 2022 uneven they"re confident that they have the right to win a at sight Bowl the season or decide that Love is a sunk cost.

Either way, Rodgers" contract is structured in a means that provides 2022 the an important year because that him and the Packers. That"s component of why Rodgers has been treating this year as a "Last Dance" the sorts.

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“I think we all know what’s in ~ stake,” Rodgers stated in so late August, per ProFootballTalk. “I talked around that a little bit the various other day about perspective and how necessary that perspective is to emphasis on this season and also enjoy the most out the this season, because there are a many unknowns."

And the best unknown of every is the Packers" cap instance heading into 2022.

"They jumped with some hoops to gain under the cap this year," Rodgers said. "Obviously, the lid is intended to go back up next year but you never know. Therefore we’re just going to reap this season. It’s title Town. That championship or disappointment.”