It" a battle that normally goes under to the wire, and nearly did again -- just it was too late as soon as Dallas finally woke up


No matter what the plan was because that the Dallas Cowboys entering your Week 5 clash with the environment-friendly Bay Packers -- it certainly did no look favor this. The Packers go on the roadway without their No. 1 wideout Davante Adams and pulled off the 34-24 upset win in week 5. The very first half experienced the previous come out of the door firing offensively versus the latter prior to three-time agree Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper" drop turned into an interception through cornerback Jaire Alexander.

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The Packers would rotate that into a touchdown, and also never looked back. The Cowboys and Dak Prescott -- who had three interceptions top top the job -- couldn" ideal the delivery to close the end the first half or in the 2nd half, with both quarterback Aaron Rodgers and also running ago Aaron Jones gashing them at every turn on their own field.

The Cowboys tried come rally late but, the end, it to be the Packers to run away with an impressive 34-24 success in phibìc Texas. 

Why the Packers won

It was justifiable to i think Rodgers would struggle to discover targets through Adams sidelined with turf toe, yet the Packers violation didn" shed a step. Rodgers had actually a hard game, but it to be running earlier Aaron Jones the outright damaged the Cowboys operation defense with a career-best 4 touchdowns on the day. That combined with one opportunistic defense to ask Dallas top top their very own field. 

Why the Cowboys lost

It at some point came under to this being one of the most horribly executed gamings in current memory because that the Cowboys, and it had actually nothing to execute with what turned out to it is in a good gameplan by offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. The offense had actually their means early on v the Packers, however interceptions and drive-killing penalties maintained them turn off the board regardless of a solid outing native Amari Cooper -- in addition to the defense lacking tackles and enabling Jones to have actually a career day.

The transforming Point

There were plenty of errors make in this video game by the Cowboys, but arguably nobody bigger than the aforementioned first-drive interception the was produced by a Cooper drop. The Packers walk on to take it a 7-0 lead on that takeaway, stole momentum early and also never again enabled the Cowboys come have any type of sense of normalcy for the remainder of the game.

Play that the Game

Many can qualify for this -- albeit no one by the Cowboys -- however let" go v Alexander" interception that got the Packers jumpstarted in the very first session; offered how systematic it turned the end to be.

Summing increase the Cowboys" effort

" is fitting. misses a 2nd attempt ~ a penalty , and also now every hope of a wonder is lost. The Cowboys didn" pat well enough to worthy a victory today, and a flag/missed absent combo just serves to emphasize." - David Helman of

What" next for both clubs

The Cowboys will head eastern to take on the brand-new York Jets, while the Packers catch a trip home for critical NFC North battle with the Detroit Lions.

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