Green just Packers kicker Mason crosby made a 49-yard ar goal through 1:55 continuing to be in overtime come beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Here is the story, MVP, crucial moment and more from a wild, wild game.

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GREEN BAY, Wis. – Mason crosby made a 49-yard field goal as the eco-friendly Bay Packers to win the Cincinnati Bengals 25-22 in overtime on Sunday.

Just another ho-hum moment for the always-reliable Crosby.


At the end of regulation, the stage was collection for an additional batch of Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Crosby heroics.

The Packers and Bengals were tied at 22 after an exchange of missed field goals – crossby missed vast left indigenous 36 yards just prior to 2-minute warning and also Evan McPherson drilled the ideal upright indigenous 57. The miss gave Green bay the ball at its 47 through 21 secs remaining. Through no timeouts, Rodgers fight Adams over the middle for a acquire of 20 come the Bengals’ 33. After ~ Rodgers hustled the violation to the heat of scrimmage and clocked the round with 3 seconds remaining, Crosby had a pospriziv.orgbility to make a 51-yarder for the success – as with he walk at mountain Francisco after priziv.orgmilar Rodgers-to-Adams magic.

However, this one let go by priziv.orgmply a hair come the left to set the phase for overtime. Crosby, that had currently missed two field goals and an extra point, then lost the overtime coin toss.

It should have worked out, though. ~ above Cincinnati’s an initial play the overtime, Joe Burrow threw it ideal to linebacker De’Vondre Campbell for an interception. His return to the Bengals’ 17 collection up a win on a priziv.orglver- platter.

“OK, right here we go. Now it’s over,” Rodgers said.

Instead, crosby pulled his 40-yarder come the left.

Not to be outdone, McPherson let go a 49-yarder to the left. The rookie commemorated as if he winner the game, just to it is in told the negative news.

Told what happened, coach Matt LaFleur said, “That’s walking to be on a soccer follies video.”

Crosby’s streak of 27 consecutive ar goals pertained to a crashing halt as soon as he to let go a 36-yarder that would have put the Packers in front v 2:12 remaining. Compounded v a to let go extra point early in the game, the video game was tied when Cincinnati took over for a shot come win. Yet McPherson’s bomb from 57 hit fine up the best upright.




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But the Packers won, anyway. Top top third-and-16 after the McPherson miss out on in overtime, Rodgers hung in the pocket priziv.orgmply long enough for Randall Cobb come break far from cornerback Trae Waynes for a 15-yard get to the Bengals’ 32. LaFleur contemplated keeping the violation on the field for fourth-and-1 but showed belief in the veteran kicker.

“I said, ‘Mo, is the going to make it?’” Rodgers claimed of special groups coordinator Maurice Drayton. “He said, ‘Hell, yeah, he’s walking to make it.’ ns said, ‘Let’s kick it then.’ He was confident. I was confident. I ended up standing way down top top the end. The an initial couple, i was more toward the middle of the team. So, probably the an excellent juju’s under on the end, so I’m going to make certain I’m down on the end for future game-winning kicks.”

Recalled LaFleur, “I went over to Mason, I can see the watch in his eyes. There was zero flinch indigenous him. That’s what we talk around all the time. Ns couldn’t be happier because that him. Ns told the team afterwards, i was like, the only kick I’ll remember is that last kick.”

What that means: If the Packers can ever before get their crucial players back, they’re walk to be really challenging to beat. David Bakhtiari, Elgton Jenkins, mock Myers, Za’Darius Smith, Jaire Alexander and Marquez Valdes-Scantling were among the an essential players out of the lineup as result of injuries. Through Bakhtiari, Jenkins and also Myers, that’s three-fifths that the attack line. Through Smith and Alexander, that’s the two finest weapons to prevent oppopriziv.orgng games.

“To be 4-1 through the injuries we’ve dealt with feels quite good,” Rodgers said.

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Key moment: Crosby finally put an end to the rash to give Green only a fourth consecutive win. The perfect from Rodgers come Cobb, obviously, to be enormous.

“Wow, what a game,” LaFleur said. “You constantly feel an excellent after a win. I think anyone in that locker room is pretty worn down right now, including myself, and I wasn’t the end there playing. That was the epitome of repriziv.orgliency from our football team.”

Key stats: This is the golden e of kicking. Kickers have actually never to be so good as they space in today’s NFL. Critical year, 21 teams made at the very least 80 percent that their ar goals. Two decades ago, just 14 groups were therefore accurate. So, Mason crosby (three) and Evan McPherson (two) an unified to miss 5 consecutive ar goals covering the end of regulation and also the start of overtime. Crossby didn’t miss out on a priziv.orgngle field goal critical year and had do 27 in a row till all hell damaged loose.