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Mike Stock.

Shawn Slocum.

Ron Zook.

Shawn Mennenga.

Many have tried — and failed — come coordinate successful special teams units in green Bay end the previous 16 seasons.

Now, Maurice Drayton will be the recent to attempt solving what’s been among the many inept devices in football dating earlier to 2005.

Drayton was named environment-friendly Bay’s special groups coordinator on Feb. 9 ~ spending three periods as the Packers’ assistant special teams coach. Drayton handle the media top top Tuesday because that the first time due to the fact that his promotion and also said he expected tremendous improvement.

“They’re going to say we’re a good, sound, basic and an approach unit,” Drayton said. “My elevator is in education so i’m a teacher. I’ve constantly believed that coaches need to be good teachers and also teachers can be an excellent coaches.”

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Green Bay absolutely hasn"t discovered a good special groups coach in recent years.

Rick Gosselin, a hall of call football writer, go an annual failure of 22 various special teams categories and also compiles league-wide rankings. Due to the fact that 2005, environment-friendly Bay’s average complete has to be 24th.

The Packers ranked dead last in 2005, 2006, 2014 and 2018. Environment-friendly Bay additionally finished in between 26th and 31st in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2016, 2019 and also 2020.

The Packers’ 32nd location finish cost John Banamego his job earlier in 2005. Stock replaced him, had an average complete of 22nd native 2006-08, and also was forced into retirement by former coach Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy then advocated Slocum, who was an assistant under Stock. Slocum lasted six years and also things never ever improved.

During Slocum’s tenure, eco-friendly Bay’s average complete was 23rd. And also following a damaging 2014 season in i beg your pardon the Packers finished 32nd and also had several breakdowns in the 2014 NFC Championship Game, Slocum was fired.

Zook, a former college head coach in ~ Florida and also Illinois, gave it go from 2015-18 and didn’t fare any kind of better. Environment-friendly Bay’s typical rank those years was 24th, and also after a historically horrible 2018 season in i m sorry the Packers again perfect last, brand-new head coach Matt LaFleur elected not to maintain Zook.

LaFleur offered Shawn Mennenga his an initial head coordinator’s job and Green Bay ongoing to struggle. Through Mennenga in charge, the Packers ranked 26th in 2019 and 29th in 2020 bring about LaFleur to make a change.

LaFleur’s decision to promote Drayton from in ~ is questionable, in ~ best. That could absolutely be suggested that Drayton played a huge role in environment-friendly Bay’s special groups operations the last two years — a power that cost Mennenga his job.

And once McCarthy supported from within an ext than a decade ago and determined Slocum to change Stock, that relocate backfired.

LaFleur is optimistic, though, that Drayton can aid reverse years of sub-par special teams play in green Bay.

“I’ve had actually a chance to angry him for the last 2 years and I’ll tell you what, he is a teacher,” LaFleur said. “He’s terrific communicator. Again, brings an excellent energy to the room, and also that’s really what I believed was needed, is just his voice leading the room. I’ve acquired a most confidence in his ability. I think he is going to do a tremendous job for us in regards to unique teams.”

Drayton, that played cornerback at The Citadel, invested 14 years coaching collegiately. Drayton to be an assistant special teams coach in Indianapolis in 2016-17, climate filled the same duty in green Bay the last three years.

LaFleur preserved Drayton after he fired Zook in Jan., 2019. And also now, after ~ firing Mennenga, he advocated Drayton.

Why will points be different with Drayton?

“We’re going through that procedure of looking at few of the points that we have done that us weren’t so happy with,” Drayton said. “In that process, we’re finding means – i don’t desire to gain into information – we’re finding methods of just how we need to bring brand-new techniques to the table. Some of the points that we’re going to institute and implement will aid us in the gray areas. I think we’ll obtain a higher return. Not a belief. We will obtain a higher return since of that.”

Drayton claimed he’s constantly been an overachiever. And also Drayton completely expects eco-friendly Bay’s special teams units come reflect their brand-new coordinator.

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“I tell world this every the time: My totality life, i have done much more with less, OK?” Drayton said. “We will maximize every God-given ability that those individuals have. Now, exactly how are you going to do that? it goes back to the ‘why’ again. Girlfriend invest in the ‘why.’

“It goes back to the individual. That goes into gaining inside the psychological makeup of the individual, as well. I think we’re going to it is in fine in the area. Ns promise friend this: We’ll gain every God-given talent the end of the individuals that action on the field for us.”


2005 — 32nd

2006 — 32nd

2007 — 7th

2008 — 26th

2009 — 31st

2010 — 29th

2011 — 13th

2012 — 12th

2013 — 20th

2014 — 32nd

2015 — 17th

2016 — 29th

2017 — 16th

2018 — 32nd

2019 — 26th

2020 — 29th


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