top top Thanksgiving weekend 2015 — ~ the Bears upset the Packers 17-13 in ~ Lambeau Field, after Jay Cutler and Tracy Porter common a fake postgame turkey leg through Michelle Tafoya, after players turned the visitors locker room in eco-friendly Bay into a raucous celebration event — Chicago was abuzz v optimism.

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that wasn’t just a rare victory against Aaron Rodgers, who at that allude had won 13 of 16 starts versus the Bears. It wasn’t just that the bears spoiled Brett Favre’s jersey retirement ceremony. It was a bit of a surge: 5 wins in eight games.

after an 0-3 September, the bears were ago in the playoff conversation, a game below .500 and also following the command of accomplished coach john Fox, tho a prize of expect in his first season through the Bears. The defense was improving. Cutler to be making under mistakes.

There appeared to it is in something far-ranging in that success over the Packers, a “Football Night in America” explain on Thanksgiving night that will be replayed in ~ 8:30 p.m. Thursday top top NBCSN. It’s component of the network’s weeklong time machine, transporting us ago to 14 “Football Night in America” gamings from 2006 v 2018. But it’s the just peek in ~ the Bears.

from David Haugh: The bears responded through their loudest explain in years in the NFL’s oldest rivalry, a 17-13 victory that suddenly made them the most optimistic five-win team in the league. Just a little more than a year ago, the bears skulked back from Wisconsin after ~ a 55-14 blowout that encouraged ownership other drastic required to it is in done. They returned residence in the wee hours of Friday morning envisioning NFC wild-card scenarios. “Huge win,” cornerback Tracy Porter declared. “We’re in the playoff hunt.” it is what happens as soon as you win the Packers in ~ Lambeau, as soon as Jay Cutler outplays Aaron Rodgers, as soon as the defense shows as much innovation as any type of in the NFL.

from Brad Biggs: Cutler placed together a statement game. The wasn’t specifically pretty and the numbers — 19 that 31 for 200 yards — no going to be what girlfriend remember. A win over the Packers as soon as they look to be delicate this season will be remembered and also maybe offer as a launching suggest for this bear team.

from yours truly: Indeed, the Bears to be in a mood come joke and celebrate Thursday night, no matter how drained, drenched and also dirty they felt. On a brief week, on a sloppy night, against a department rival, in a supercharged road environment, they had actually passed a significant test. When clutch plays to be needed, the bears delivered. … (They) now have to sharpen your concentration come successfully embrace their greatest victory of the season. A operation at a playoff berth unexpectedly doesn’t it seems to be ~ outlandish. Not for a team that taken on its Thanksgiving moment with such aplomb.


bear coach man Fox against the Packers top top Nov. 26, 2015, at Lambeau ar in eco-friendly Bay. (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)

together we all know, that win turned the end to it is in fool’s gold. Instead of making use of it as a springboard, the bears stepped top top a banana peel and slipped with December in cartoonish fashion, losing four of their final five games to finish in last ar in the NFC phibìc at 6-10.

Under Fox castle never got on a roll again. After that Thanksgiving night win, they walk 9-28 till his firing, consisting of a woeful 2-12 mark in division games.

the vibe? the renewed expect after to win what Fox referred to as “a red-letter game”? that hunch the bears were turning a corner? Yeah. Uh, fine ... Not so much.

It provides you wonder why the programming decision machines at NBCSN selected the game. Perhaps it was as an ode come Favre.

If they truly wanted to lure eyeballs in the Chicago market, lock would have been far better off picking the 2018 Bears’ impressive 15-6 victory over the eventual NFC champion Rams. That video game was a showcase that how dominant the bears defense was. Or they can have dusted off the game three weeks previously at Soldier ar in i beg your pardon the defense sparked a 25-20 victory over the Vikings.

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Or what around a 2013 Sunday night gem: a 40-23 road blowout of the Steelers that featured a 42-yard fumble-return touchdown through Julius Peppers, a ridiculous 17-yard touchdown pass from Cutler to Earl Bennett and also a shoulder-lowering Cutler run for a first down?

Granted, the Bears document on “Football Night in America” due to the fact that NBC took that over as the league’s spotlight game isn’t all that impressive. Since the start of 2006, they room 11-15 top top Sunday nights during the regular season. That doesn’t encompass last year season-opening 10-3 loss to the Packers in the network’s Thursday night 100th-season kickoff game or a playoff loss come the Eagles in January 2019. It likewise doesn’t encompass the Thanksgiving upset of the Packers that will replay Thursday.

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This Bears-Packers game might have difficulty competing because that eyeballs with several of the various other dusted-off sporting activities programming that will certainly air simultaneously. That has the standard Texas-USC nationwide championship video game at the increased Bowl in January 2006 (ESPN); video game 7 of the Spurs-Pistons NBA Finals in 2005 (NBA TV); the Vikings stunning the Saints in “The Minneapolis Miracle” in January 2018 (FS1); Seahawks over Broncos in Super bowl XLVIII (NFL Network); Kentucky end Stanford in the 1998 final Four (CBS sports Network); Tuffy Rhodes’ three-homer opening day for the Cubs in 1993 (Marquee); the Blackhawks downing the Sharks in game 1 of the 2010 western Conference finals (NBC sports Chicago); LeBron James together a high school an elderly at the 2003 Powerade Jam Fest (ESPN2); and, yes, the an initial round of the 2019 Valero Texas open up (Golf Channel). (Who might forget Si Woo Kim’s opened 66?)

Still, because that those needing to get their football fix, wanting to dabble in nostalgia of any kind of kind or simply wanting come torture themselves v a reminder the a victory that felt so good but intended so little, clear her schedule or collection the DVR because that Thursday night.