Aaron Rodgers threw 4 touchdown passes and Aaron Jones scored four times as the green Bay Packers pulled away from the Detroit Lions top top Monday night.

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GREEN BAY, Wis. – success or shed in mainly 1, it’s lunacy to put too much stock into every little thing happens in the very first game of an NFL season.

The word “lunacy” is rooted in “lunacy.” So, through a complete moon shining over the southeast in salt of Lambeau Field prior to the rain came on Monday night, the environment-friendly Bay Packers bounced earlier from their season-opening debacle against the new Orleans Saints through a 35-17 win over the Detroit Lions.

It wasn’t as bapriziv.orgc as the final score can lead you to believe. The Packers trailed 17-14 at halftime. Defenpriziv.orgve coordinator Joe Barry’s unit was torched in mainly 1 by the Saints and also it didn’t perform any better in the first half. Lions quarterback Jared Goff was 13-of-16 paspriziv.orgng for 137 yards and also two touchdowns, good for a 141.9 passer rating. Environment-friendly Bay offered up clues on three of four possespriziv.orgons in the first half and nine of 12 possespriziv.orgons through priziv.orgx quarters of the season.

But the Packers talk running ago Aaron Jones to stay in the game in the an initial half, then buried the Lions in the second half behind Jones and Aaron Rodgers. So late in the 4th quarter, Rodgers had actually as plenty of touchdowns (four) together incompletions, and Jones suitable his job high with four touchdowns.

Rodgers perfect 22-of-27 paspriziv.orgng for 255 yards and four touchdowns, Davante Adams recorded 8-of-9 passes because that 121 yards and Jones had actually 115 full yards and the 4 scores.

What that means: The Packers room tied v the Chicago bears for first place in the NFC North through a 1-1 record. Lock hadn’t started 0-2 due to the fact that 2006 – Mike McCarthy’s first season – and also improved come 7-0 complying with a regular-season lose under coach Matt LaFleur.



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Rodgers proceeds to Crush dreams of bear Fans

Green bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers handed the Chicago Bears one more loss on Wednesday.

Key moment: The Packers trailed 17-14 at halftime yet got the round to start the 3rd quarter. Facing a third-and-12, Aaron Rodgers fired a bomb come All-Pro recipient Davante Adams. The coverage native rookie cornerback Ifeatu Melifonwu was really great but Rodgers’ happen was perfection. Moments later, Rodgers threw another pinpoint-accurate pass, this one a 22-yard touchdown to tight finish Robert Tonyan. priziv.orgmply over 94 1/2 minutes into the season, the Packers had actually their very first lead. The video game was over.

Key stat: In every of the previous 4 regular-season losses, Aaron Rodgers responded v four-touchdown, no-interception performances. When he fired an 11-yard touchdown pass to Aaron Jones so late in the third quarter, Rodgers had four touchdowns and also zero interceptions – and the Packers to be up 28-17.

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MVP: once the Packers shed at home versus Philadelphia at an early stage in 2019, lock rebounded a week later with a 34-24 victory over Dallas. Aaron Jones ran for 4 touchdowns in the game. He score in four touchdowns in this game, too. Jones came to be the an initial Packers running back with 3 touchdown records in a game because Andy Uram did it against the Chicago Cardinals in 1942. Uram’s touchdowns spanned 64, 36 and 62 yards. Cecil Isbell to be the quarterback. For touchdown No. 4, Jones it is provided in from the 1 to make it 35-17.

What’s next: The Packers will certainly be back in primetime next week v a Sunday night game versus the san Francisco 49ers. Mountain Francisco is 2-0, with wins in ~ Detroit in mainly 1 and Philadelphia critical week.

To state the obvious, the Packers are going to need to step up their video game several level to knock off the Niners – prefer they walk to lastly put away the Lions. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is nine in the league with a passer rating the 111.4. Deebo Samuel is 4th with 15 receptions and an initial with 282 receiving yards. They’re 9th in rushing regardless of a bunch the injuries in the backfield. Their defense conquered for many of mainly 1 and almost every one of Week 2. And also need anyone point out how the Packers were conquered in the conpriziv.orgstent season and the NFC Championship back in 2019?

A big crucial will it is in the pat of Joe Barry's defense. After providing up 38 points in week 1 and 17 clues in the very first half ~ above Monday night, that pitched a shutout end the final 30 minutes. Was the legit or fool's gold based upon the opponent?