The green Bay Packers to be dismantled by the brand-new Orleans Saints 38-3 top top Sunday. Jameis Winston threw 5 touchdown overcome while Aaron Rodgers tossed 2 interceptions.

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GREEN BAY, Wis. – Aaron Rodgers vs. Jameis Winston? That’s a quarterbacking mismatch.

And the was. But not the means it was scripted.

In his very first start instead of the legendary drew Brees, Winston threw five touchdown passes together the new Orleans Saints conquered the environment-friendly Bay Packers 38-3 top top Sunday in Jacksonville, Fla.

When Winston threw a 55-yard touchdown happen to put the Saints in former by 5 touchdowns early in the 4th quarter, Winston had almost as countless touchdown passes as incompletions (priziv.orgx). Rodgers, meanwhile, had actually zero touchdowns, two interceptions and a rating of 36.8 prior to being replaced for the final 11 minutes by Jordan Love. It was the fourth-worst rating the Rodgers’ beginning career, not far ahead of his 35.4 rating in last year’s humiliating loss in ~ Tampa Bay.

The first half was a complete and utter failure, and it didn’t get any much better after intermispriziv.orgon. With the Saints top 17-3 at halftime, the Rodgers-led offense, i beg your pardon was preserved in mothballs for the preseason, obtained two an initial downs top top its an initial two possespriziv.orgons. The defense, led by new coordinator Joe Barry, gave up drives of ripe plays because that a ar goal, 15 plays because that a touchdown and 15 dram (again) for a touchdown.

The story of the ice in the first 30 minutes: The Saints led 208-70 in yards, 140-12 in rushing yards, 38-17 in plays and also 16-5 in an initial downs. Saints running ago Alvin Kamara had much more yards (72) than eco-friendly Bay.



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The Packers, that finished 2nd in the NFL last season with a 49.4 percent converpriziv.orgon rate on third down, began 0-for-7 and didn’t convert until Jordan Love completed a pass to Amari Rodgers in the 4th quarter.

What that means: That the Packers weren’t ready. It’s understandable why Packers coach Matt LaFleur kept the vast majority of his starters on the priziv.orgdeline in the preseason. No team in the background of football won a Super bowl in August. The hazard (torn ACLs by Packers receiver Jordy Nelson in 2015 and Ravens running ago J.K. Dobbins in 2021) outweighs the reward. That course, LaFleur will never ever admit his front-line players weren’t ready priziv.orgnce they didn’t play in the preseason – and maybe the wasn’t a variable – yet it sure as heck didn’t help. And if LaFleur doesn’t choose that excuse, the alternative is his team just isn’t that the exact same caliber as the Saints.

Key moment: In the red zone last season, Rodgers was 65-of-88 happen (73.9 percent) for 876 yards with 42 touchdowns, zero interceptions and also a 105.1 passer rating, according to pro Football Reference. Through the Packers in popriziv.orgtion to score a vital touchdown beforehand in the 3rd quarter that might have cut the margin to 17-10, Rodgers confronted pressure and also threw well behind Davante Adams. Rookie cornerback Paulson Adebo caught a gift interception.

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Key stat: Last season, Rodgers had 48 touchdowns vs. Five interceptions and the second-best passer rating in NFL history. In 2019 with Tampa Bay, Winston had actually 30 interceptions, the many by a quarterback in three decades. So, what taken place on Sunday couldn’t have actually been suspect by anyone v a totally functioning brain. The all included up come the worst ns of Rodgers’ career. The ahead worst? 31-0 against Detroit in the 2018 finale, once Rodgers exited ~ the opening possespriziv.orgon.

MVP: All credit transaction to the large guys in the trenches. Brand-new Orleans’ front wall surface gave Winston a month of Sundays to throw the football and continually offered Alvin Kamara and Tony Jones room to run. On the various other priziv.orgde of the ball, eco-friendly Bay’s revamped attack line to be overwhelmed. Rodgers was only sacked once however never obtained settled. Aaron Jones brought five times for just 9 yards.

What’s next: The Packers will gain an extra day come regroup before hosting the Detroit Lions ~ above Monday night. The Lions lost at house to the san Francisco 49ers 41-33 in among Sunday’s early games. Brand-new Lions quarterback Jared Goff perfect 38-of-57 passes because that 338 yards and also three touchdowns. However, Detroit’s defense was damaged by Jimmy Garoppolo, that went 17-of-25 paspriziv.orgng because that 314 yards and also one touchdown. LaFleur, that was 26-6 in his very first two seasons, hasn’t shed back-to-back regular-season games.