Master Sgt. Matthew Williams will receive the Medal that Honor because that his plot on April 6, 2008, while serving in Afghanistan.

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The nation’s highest possible combat medal will be awarded to a eco-friendly Beret who battled up a hill while under intense opponent fire to help rescue 4 wounded members of his team pinned down by gunfire.

The battle took ar April 6, 2008 in Shok Valley, Afghanistan, during a joint U.S.-Afghan raid to death or record Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader the the former Hezebela Islami Gulbadin militia the is currently an Afghan politics party following a peace agreement.

Master Sgt. Matthew O. Williams previously received the silver Star Medal for his actions when serving as the weapons sergeant through Special pressures Operational offhanded Alpha 3336 during the raid.

President Donald J. Trump will certainly award Williams an update to the Medal of honor on Oct. 30, the White home announced in a press release Thursday morning.

During the 2008 raid, Williams’ ODA and their Afghan commando partner force infiltrated into Nuristan Province’s Shok sink via CH-47 Chinook helicopters. The terrain was also steep come land the aircraft, for this reason the guys leaped out while the hovered and also took a 10-foot drop right into a river.

Their mission to be to hike increase a near-vertical 60-foot mountain face and capture Hekmatyar, who was an alleged to be in a link at the top.

However, the austere valley and also sheer cliffs erupted v sniper, maker gun and rocket-propelled grenade fire from multiple peaks not lengthy after the soldiers disembarked your aircraft. During the ensuing fight, a team of U.S. Soldiers was pinned down with wounded.


Members of ODA 3336, 3rd Special pressures Group, recon the far Shok sink of Afghanistan wherein they dealt with an virtually seven-hour battle with insurgents in a remote mountainside village. (Sgt. David N. Gunn/Army)

“In the challenge of rocket-propelled grenade, sniper, and device gun fire, Sergeant Williams led one Afghan Commando element throughout a fast-moving, ice cold, and waist-deep flow to struggle its method up a terraced hill to the besieged lead facet of the attack force,” the Medal of Honor announcement reads. “Sergeant Williams then set up a basic of fire that the foe was no able to overcome.”

When his team sergeant was wounded by a sniper, Williams exposed self to foe fire to come to his aid and to move him under the mountainside come the casualty arsenal point.

Williams again braved small arms fire and climbed ago up the cliff to evacuate various other injured soldiers and also repair the team’s satellite radio. He then aided move numerous casualties down the near vertical mountainside together he carried and also loaded casualties top top evacuation helicopters.

“Williams’s actions aided save the stays of 4 critically injured soldiers and also prevented the lead element of the assault force from gift overrun through the enemy," the announcement reads.

Williams and also nine other U.S. Soldiers obtained valor awards for the actions throughout the battle in 2008.

Former employee Sgt. Ronald Shurer II got the Medal that Honor last year for his actions as the Special forces medic during the battle. The team’s Air force Combat Controller, former Master Sgt. Zachary Rhyner, likewise received the Air pressure Cross in 2009 for his plot in coordinating airstrikes indigenous exposed positions.


Army Special pressures soldiers indigenous ODA 3336, 3rd Special forces Group, recon the far Shok Valley, Afghanistan. (Sgt. David N. Gunn/Army)

The U.S. Military insurance claims that much more than 150 insurgents to be killed throughout the around seven-hour gunfight.

Williams, a native of Boerne, Texas, joined the army in September 2005 after derived a bachelor’s degree from Angelo State University.

He enlisted under the 18X Special pressures program, which uses a straight route come the coveted eco-friendly Beret if a soldier can pass the maintain regimen.

Williams perfect Infantry One terminal Unit Training and Airborne school at fort Benning, Georgia, prior to attending and graduating Special pressures Qualification Course as a tools sergeant in 2007.

He was then assigned to 3rd Special pressures Group, out of ft Bragg, phibìc Carolina, where he is right now stationed today and also lives with his wife and son.

During his career, Williams deployed multiple time to Afghanistan and Africa’s Sahel region.

Kyle Rempfer is one editor and reporter who investigations have covered combat operations, criminal cases, international military assistance and training accidents. Prior to entering journalism, Kyle served in U.S. Air pressure Special Tactics and also deployed in 2014 come Paktika Province, Afghanistan, and also Baghdad, Iraq.


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