On a road expedition to conserve an endangered animal, polar opposites Guy and Sam learn to try brand-new things favor friendship -- and also a certain delectable dish.

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Soon after a rare chickeraffe goes absent from the Glurfsburg Zoo, Sam and also Guy satisfy by chance at a diner, setting off a collection of particularly events.

Guy reflects up come return Sam's briefcase, just to learn he's obtained company. Elsewhere, a mother-daughter duo begins a very slow drive through the desert.

With the bad Guys in pursuit, Sam and also Guy board a train to Meepville and also meet Michellee, a cautious bean counter, and her thrill-seeking daughter, E.B.

Taking a detour to uncover the chickeraffe part food, Guy and also Sam cross courses with one egg-loving fox who's working difficult to regulate his appetite.

While seeking shelter for the night, the trio it s okay stuck in a junkyard. The only upside for an inventor prefer Guy? It's complete of raw materials.

Panic hits the highways of Prinz Pazookle once the locals learn there's a chickeraffe in town. However a colorful carnival is bringing anyone together.

A to sing rodent involves the rescue in north Shvizelton as soon as Sam and Guy wind up in jail v no real arrangement to get themselves out.

To escape the negative Guys -- and also stormy weather -- Sam and also friends spend the night in Michellee's cabin, but trouble follows. Snerz hires outside help.

Guy and Sam require a next-level setup when Snerz's animal-napper chases them up a cliff. As for the bad Guys, they're definitely down -- however not out.

The fugitive friends do a prevent in Stovepipe Junction, wherein Sam gets to accomplish Guy's family -- and reveals a shocking secret.

Just together Guy's around to shot a bite of breakfast, the negative Guys bust in through the truth about their mission. Under the sea, the plot thickens.

After a close speak to on the docks, male gets captured and also learns he's to be duped. Michellee offers her daughter a tourism of Meepville.

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The SnerzDay Gala to adjust the phase for a surprise ending that's complete of twists and turns -- and a heartwarming action of true friendship.

Michael DouglasAdam DevineKeegan-Michael KeyEddie IzzardJillian BellIlana GlazerDiane KeatonJeffrey WrightJohn TurturroTracy MorganDaveed Diggs