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For anyone who"s questioning "What channel is the NASCAR race on today?" the answer is the the networks have switched points up a little.

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The Cup collection is at Kansas Speedway this weekend because that the Hollywood Casino 400, the second race in the round of 8 and the eighth race in the 2021 playoffs. The 267-lap, 400.5-mile occasion on Kansas" 1.5-mile intermediary oval will, because that the final time this season, air on cable.

The NBC family members of networks is reflecting all 10 that NASCAR"s Cup series playoff races. The schedule is same split in between cable and broadcast networks. The broadcast side had the previous 3 races. 

Below is all you must know around the schedule for Sunday"s playoff race, consisting of the TV coverage and start time:

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What channel is NASCAR on today?

TV channel: NBCSN (TSN in Canada)Radio: MRN

Sunday"s race will air ~ above NBCSN. The network"s programming will start at 2 p.m. ET v the "Countdown to Green" prerace show hosted by Marty Snider v Kyle Petty and Dale Jarrett. Race coverage will start at 3 p.m. Stack Allen will have actually the play-by-play call while Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Burton and also Steve Letarte will carry out analysis.

Snider, Parker Kligerman and Dave Burns will be the pit reporters.

The main NBC network will display the final two playoff races, at Martinsville on Oct. 31 and also at Phoenix top top Nov. 7. 

What time go the NASCAR race start today?

Race: Hollywood Casino 400Date: Sunday, Oct. 24Time: 3 p.m. ET (TV time)

The environment-friendly flag for Sunday"s NASCAR Cup series playoff gyeongju on Kansas Speedway"s 1.5-mile intermediate monitor is reserved to drop at 3:18 p.m. ET (2:18 p.m. Local time) Sunday. The track has lights, so the gyeongju can complete after sunset if over there is a delay.

KANSAS LINEUP: Starting order, pole without qualifying

And there is a high probability the the gyeongju will start late or walk late. The nationwide Weather Service"s forecast for Kansas City, Kan., top top Sunday is because that cloudy skies, a 60 percent possibility of precipitation and wind gusts pull close 30 mph. The high temperature is expected to it is in in the mid-70s. The forecast for Sunday night is for largely cloudy skies, a 30 percent possibility of precipitation and a low temperature the mid-40s.

NASCAR live stream for Kansas race

Anyone who has actually a cable or satellite subscription can stream Sunday"s NASCAR race at Kansas live via NBCSports.com or the NBC sporting activities App.

For those who don"t have actually a cable or satellite subscription, over there are five over-the-top (OTT) TV streaming choices that bring NBC and also NBCSN — at & t TV, fuboTV, Hulu, Sling and YouTubeTV.

Below are web links to each:

NASCAR Cup series 2021 schedule

Below is the continuing to be schedule for the 2021 NASCAR Cup series playoffs, starting with Sunday"s Hollywood Casino 400 in ~ Kansas, the second race in the round of 8.

NASCAR Cup series 2021 playoffs round of 8

DateRaceTrackTime (ET)TVRadio
Oct. 24Hollywood Casino 400Kansas Speedway3 p.m.

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Oct. 31Xfinity 500Martinsville Speedway2 p.m.NBCMRN