When Courtney Stodden very first strutted top top the scene in 2011, fans had trouble believing lock were only 16 year old. Fans and haters alike couldn’t stop commenting about how the teenager looked years older than their really age. It certainly didn’t help that they uncovered fame due to the fact that they was marrying a 51-year-old actor. In the years due to the fact that their marital relationship to and also divorce native Doug Hutchison, however, the star has been through fairly the transformation.

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When Courtney, now 26, very first married Doug, now 60, castle couldn’t protect against gushing around their romance. “The way we met was yes, really beautiful,” they said on Good Morning America in July 2011. “My mommy was managing my career. Her girlfriend told my mommy that holding part workshops for acting. And also I was very interested in acting. For this reason what better way 보다 to attach that way?”


The pair said their emails to be “totally innocent” at first, yet the Green Mile star stated his exhilaration student quickly turned flirtatious. He described he thought Courtney was in their 20s as soon as he to be falling because that them, and also he had actually a “struggle inside his heart” as soon as he discovered out their genuine age. When their relationship started to become serious, that approached his partner’s parents, Krista and Alex Stodden, to gain their blessing. Eventually, the pair ended increase walking down the aisle in las Vegas. Unlike Washington, where Courtney was from, Nevada is one of plenty of states that allow 16-year-olds come tie the node as lengthy as they have parental consent.

However, after Courtney filed because that divorce in march 2018, the “Butterfly” singer started to look at their relationship in a various light. As soon as the split was finalized in march 2020, they took to Instagram come share they felt “taken benefit of” in their relationship. In an April 2020 YouTube video, they even accused their previous husband of “grooming” them when they to be underage. Revealing they room working on a tell-all about her life, they stated they’ve been mirroring on a the majority of their previous experiences.


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“I sort of want to lift the lid turn off of something that I’ve to be struggling with personally,” castle said. “What i’m going with right currently is the present that i was married come somebody that groomed me. I was married to someone who had actually an attention in minors. … If friend would’ve called me that I would be sitting here right now making this video, 10 years later, at that point in time i married him, ns would’ve said, ‘You’re crazy. I’m gonna it is in by this guy’s side as soon as he dies.’”

Now, they space glad to it is in on the other side of that relationship, however they are still managing the fallout and the trauma those experience left them with. They are working with a therapist to help procedure everything they’ve been with — and it looks choose they are on the course to healing. Check out the gallery listed below to see just how much Courtney has actually come.

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Then and Now

When Courtney very first came top top the scene, they were wearing a lot of heavy makeup and also teasing their hair. Though they tho love your platinum blonde locks, lock aim for a more natural look this days.

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December 2011

Courtney generally stepped the end in over-the-top outfits the matched their much older husband.