Michael Clarke Duncan, the Oscar-nominated gibbs who died Monday, September 3, and also reality-TV personality Omarosa Manigault planned come marry next year, her representative stated Tuesday.

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Duncan passed away in Los Angeles top top Monday at age 54. He had a heart attack on July 13 and also never completely recovered, a family representative says.

Duncan deserve an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor in 1999 because that his role as john Coffey in "The green Mile."

In 1998, Duncan landing his first significant movie role, play Bear in "Armageddon." native left, Steve Buscemi, will Patton, Bruce Willis, Duncan, Ben Affleck and also Owen Wilson co-star in the film.

Academy Awards hold Billy Crystal and also Duncan present the animated action short film award throughout the awareness in 2000.

In 2000, Duncan was actors in the crime comedy "The totality Nine Yards." that is watched at the premiere with co-stars, from left, Kevin Pollak, Matthew Perry, Rosanna Arquette, Amanda Peet, Natasha Henstridge and Bruce Willis.
Duncan indicators autographs because that fans during the 2001 Sears-WNBA Breast wellness Awareness Celebrity game in Santa Monica, California.
Duncan and also his friend and also co-star The Rock to visit the Los Angeles premiere that "The Scorpion King" in 2002.
Colin Farrell, Duncan, Jennifer Garner and also Ben Affleck arrive because that the premier the "Daredevil" in 2003.
In 2005, Duncan had actually a duty in the "Sin City," based upon the open minded Miller graphics novel of the same name.
Actress Scarlett Johansson and also Duncan show up onstage along with host Damien Fahey of MTV"s full Request Live in 2005. Johansson and also Duncan both had roles in the sci-fi film "The Island" that year.
Duncan and also fellow "Talladega Nights" cast members man C. Reilly, will certainly Ferrell and also Leslie Bibb take inquiries from the media in ~ the Chicagoland Speedway in 2006.
Duncan lent his signature deep voice come a variety of animated features, including 2008"s "Kung Fu Panda."
Mario Lopez and Duncan beat in the 2010 MLB every Star Celebrity Softball video game in Anaheim, California.
Duncan and also Geoff Stults laugh onstage during the panel because that "The Finder" at the Winter TCA tour on January 8 in Pasadena, California. Dunan"s many recent function was top top the Fox tv series.
gibbs won critical acclaim for his role in "The eco-friendly Mile"

At 6 feet 5 customs tall, he to be a towering figure

Duncan likewise was well-known for his deep voice

He suffered a heart attack in July and never recovered, a household representative says

Michael Clarke Duncan, nominated because that an Academy Award because that his duty in the 1999 film “The environment-friendly Mile,” passed away Monday morning at age 54, according to a representative for his family.

Duncan “suffered a myocardial infarction on July 13 and never totally recovered,” a written statement from pleasure Fehily said.

Clarke passed away at a Los Angeles hospital where he had been due to the fact that having the heart attack an ext than 7 weeks ago.

according to TMZ, it was Duncan’s girlfriend Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, a truth star and also former contestant on “The Apprentice,” who had actually acted easily and provided lifesaving initiatives when he had actually the heart attack.

2006 sbt interview Michael Clark Duncan health_00002016
2006: Michael Clarke Duncan ~ above his health

Michael Clarke Duncan, nominated because that an Academy Award because that his function in the 1999 movie "The green Mile," passed away Monday, September 3. He to be 54.
2000: Duncan talks about fame

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Duncan earn an Oscar nomination for ideal supporting actor because that his role as man Coffey in "The eco-friendly Mile."

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2000: Duncan reflects on his big body

most recently he was on the TV series, “The Finder,” ~ above the Fox network.

His co-star Mercedes Masohn tweeted: “Today is a sad day. Michael Clark Duncan passed far this morning. Recognized for his moving performance in The eco-friendly Mile. RIP MCD. You will do it b missed.”

Read various other tributes come the so late actor

according to entertain Weekly, the TV collection was canceled in May.

A towering and also hulking figure, the 6-foot-5-inch Duncan likewise was known for his deep voice.

A Chicago native, Duncan saw college in ~ Alcorn State college in Mississippi with plans to major in communications, but he dropped out and also moved home.

In his 20s, he operated digging ditches for peoples Gas during the day and as a bouncer at night. He told priziv.org in 1999 that his coworkers at the gas firm called him “Hollywood” due to the fact that he’d often talk around becoming a movie star.

“I’d be digging a ditch and also they’d say, ‘Hey, man, Bruce Willis desires to talk to you around a movie.’ and they’d just crack up laughing,” he stated while doing press for ‘The green Mile.’

“Those coworkers had actually no way of knowing how that hoax would turn on them.”

In 1990, he made decision to measure up up his nickname and he relocated to Los Angeles. He operated as a bodyguard then gained a part in a commercial as a drill sergeant.

much more roles followed – often ones the depended an ext on his 315-pound structure than his exhilaration ability. He was a guard in “Back in Business,” a bouncer in “A Night at the Roxbury,” a bouncer for 2 Live Crew in “The players Club,” and a bouncer in ~ a bar in the Warren Beatty film “Bulworth.”

In 1998, he landing his first far-ranging movie part, play Bear in the film “Armageddon,” wherein a crew that drillers indigenous an oil rig conserve the planet from an asteroid.

“Armageddon” to be the beginning of his friendship v Bruce Willis. They appeared in four movies together. And also it to be Willis who referred to as ‘The eco-friendly Mile’ manager Frank Darabont to placed in a great word for Duncan.

In the Oscar-nominated film, Duncan played man Coffey, the large black man wrongly convicted in a Louisiana city for the rapes and murders of two white girls. Coffey has actually supernatural powers, though; his hands deserve to heal, even bring earlier the dead.

A microcosm that faith, Coffey is a messenger the hope and lost hope who creates a partnership with Tom Hanks’ character, a guard called Paul Edgecomb.

Film movie critic Roger Ebert wrote that Duncan’s performance “is both acting and being.” Ebert tweeted Monday the Duncan was “A striking display screen presence.”

Duncan was nominated for an Academy award nomination for finest supporting actor, which to be won the year by Michael Caine for “The Cider house Rules.”

follow to the web Movie Database, Duncan had actually two completed tasks that have yet come be released on a nationwide basis. He is slated to appear in “The Challenger,” a boxing movie written and also directed by Kent Moran. He will also appear in the Robert Townsend film, “In the Hive,” about an different school for boys who have been kicked out of various other schools.

one of his co-stars in the film was Vivica A. Fox.

“My love is shocked and also saddened!! RIP Micheal Clark Duncan. U were the many gentle giant and the most gracious that a man! U no b 4gotten! ” she tweeted.