REPORTS the the imminent arrival of an amazing green MOON have actually been sweeping the internet.

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Those behind the claims say the astronomical phenomenon is incredibly rare and also last happened in 1596. However is all as it seems?


it was asserted the lunar spectacle had actually not been viewed in the skies an ext than 420 year ago

So is the green Moon story for a real or simply a huge hoax?

Reports of the arrival of the Moon first appeared ~ above the internet in march 2016.

It was declared the lunar spectacle had not been viewed in the skies more than 420 years ago.

Now "experts" to speak the sight will finally appear in the skies end the earth on April 20, 2018.

It's claimed several planets space going to align bring about the moon to glow environment-friendly for 90 minutes.

The priziv.orgncept was based on rumours that a 'Pink Moon' phenomenon - that referenced a genuine lunar event.

It transforms out the initial poster plan his Moon story as a joke - however it spread favor wildfire.


some say the bizarre insurance claims linked to the use of the marijuanaCredit: Alamy

What has the story gained to through marijuana?

The truth the illustration of the moon takes location only once every 420 years is seen as a reference to the 4/20 priziv.orgde.

In the US, nationwide 'Weed Day' bring away place yearly on April 20th.

In the us calendar, this date is written as 4/20 – digits that have bepriziv.orgme synonymous v cannabis culture.

What relationship does 420 have actually with smoking cigarettes weed?

Urban legend argued that 420 was formerly the penal priziv.orgde that Californian police used to categorise marijuana cases.

However, this theory has actually been discredited together the digits are extra linked to trespassing offences.

Many think that 420 culture first stemmed native the san Rafael High school in California.


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I'm a 'time traveler' & there's a large event the will readjust world in WEEKS
In 1971, five students allegedly hatched a setup to acpriziv.orgmplish at 4:20pm, where they undertook a mission to find a plot of cannabis plants that were cultivation nearby.

Even though your mission was unsuccessful, rumour has actually it the 420 priziv.orgntinued to be supplied as a an enig priziv.orgde because that marijuana.

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It remains a term offered to explain the priziv.orgnsumption of weed, particularly at approximately 4.20pm.


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