Safe housing. Clean housing. Environment-friendly housing. Homes without toxic mold that reasons asthma, residences without lead paint, dwellings without broken appliances or uncontrollable heating.

We envision public real estate that’s good for tenants, sustainable for the planet, and also creates high quality jobs.

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Fighting for people and planet over profit, beginning with NYCHA

Learn much more about the background of publicly housing, how brand-new York City’s public real estate is under risk of privatization v a predatory brand-new plan called “Blueprint for Change”, and also how a Green brand-new Deal for Public housing offers a much better way forward.

Fighting for people and also planet over profit, starting with NYCHA

Learn an ext about the background of publicly housing, how new York City’s public housing is under danger of privatization with a predatory new plan called “Blueprint because that Change”, and how a Green brand-new Deal for Public housing offers a far better way forward.

* means:

The largest investment in publicly housing because its development in 1937High quality, dignified real estate for numerous the most vulnerable, marginalized civilization in the USCutting 5.6 million tons of yearly carbon emissions — the equivalent of taking 1.2 million cars turn off the road240,000 brand-new jobs created per year across the united States

Public housing is a crucial and vibrant part of ours communities, our cities, and also our country. However chronic disinvestment, inequality, and neglect has actually left that in a dire state.

We have an opportunity at both the national and state levels to invest in safe, energy-efficient, and quality windy housing. We can’t wait any longer. We require a Green new Deal because that Public Housing.


The COVID-19 pandemic has actually revealed an i can not accept truth: worldwide crises exacerbate inequalities that have actually long oppressed low-income communities. Public housing tenants were several of the worst fight Americans throughout the pandemic, experiencing a deadly mix of health risks for frontline essential workers, pre-existing medical conditions, and also crowded homes. We’ve also seen the method racism is deeply installed in our healthcare system, economy, policing, and also politics, all of which disproportionately affect low income areas of color living in publicly housing.


To recuperate from the pandemic and truly “Build earlier Better”, we must center the requirements of our many disenfranchised communities. We have to enact bold law that meets the urgency that this moment — for real estate justice, economic justice, climate justice. Us must embrace the

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(Pictures native the brand-new York Times, Top: A memorial for human being who died of Covid-19 sit in the lobby of a structure at Mitchel Houses; Bottom: Melissa Goenaga, one employee that a clean company, sanitizes elevator buttons at Mitchel dwellings in the south Bronx.)


A simply solution because that the best existential threat of ours time.

As we struggle to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, an additional even much more devastating crisis looms front — planetary collapse due to climate change. Scientists warn the we have actually less than 10 years to halt an international warming and also protect a livable future for our planet.

We must rapidly alleviate our carbon emissions by phasing out energy sourced through fossil fuels, moving to a human being powered by clean energy, and transitioning every ar of our economic climate to be more sustainable. We must likewise improve our infrastructure to it is adapted to the changes currently occurring — hotter summers, more heavier rains, an ext intense storms, and also rising sea levels.

Buildings have a huge carbon footprint — buildings and also their building together account because that 36% of global energy use and also 39% that energy-related carbon dioxide emissions annually,according to the united Nations environment Program. In the joined States, residential and commercial structures account because that 40% of power consumption,according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. (Curbed, 2019)

To sluggish devastating an international warming, we should decrease building energy use 30% by 2030. We likewise need to ensure that houses shelter people, keeping them safe and healthy as we adapt to an already changing climate. This occupational will develop thousands of brand-new jobs across the country and world.

The concern for our an international energy transition is: will the very same inequalities plaguing our society continue in the new world we space building? Or deserve to we use this time of transformation to fight for equity and justice? establishes the imperative for a just transition, prioritizing several of our most vital people and also places because that a livable future — public housing tenants and also their homes.