There naught quite like St. Patrick’s day in Chicago. Each March, irish taverns fill v revelers, cultural celebrations popular music up in every corner of the city, and the Chicago flow sparkles brilliant shades of emerald green. Explore top St. Patrick’s Day events in Chicago.

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Chicago river dyeing

St. Patrick’s work Clover Cruise through Chicago’s an initial Lady Cruises

One that the world’s most famed St. Patrick’s day events, the annual Chicago river dyeing is a beloved legacy by generations of Chicagoans that dates back over half a century. The occasion is traditionally hosted the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day.

Each year, spectators will certainly line the bridges and also scenic riverwalk to capture a glimpse of the bright eco-friendly waters. Get there early on to grab a spot in between State and Columbus; the water starts transforming green at 9 a.m. And only keeps its color for around five hours, therefore don’t miss it!

Enjoy festive food and drink specials

Looking for some corned beef? A perfect pint that Guinness or a boozy Shamrock Shake? Three different kinds of potatoes? Chicago restaurants space going every out v the food and drink specials, featuring an array of classic fare and an imaginative twists on classics. Inspect out ours round-up of festive food and also drink specials all roughly the city.

Feel the Irish heart in Beverly


Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood has some deep irish roots, and also they’ll it is in proudly on screen this month. The area, traditionally house to the southern Side ireland Parade, will certainly be hosting a an ext socially remote event this year — the Shamrock our Blocks contest, as soon as Beverly residents will be decking the end their residences in creative St. Patrick’s work decorations. Take a journey or walk with the ar to view the festive the end displays, then stop right into an irish pub come raise a pint to the holiday.

Watch the skyline rotate green

Chicago’s iconic skyline is going green to storage St Patrick’s Day and also honor the city’s ireland heritage this year. ShamROCK Chicagowill it is in lighting up numerous of the city’s most well known buildings, consisting of the Wrigley Building, Soldier Field, 875 N. Michigan (the former John Hancock center), theMART, and also more. The structures will be lit increase from Thursday, in march 11 to Wednesday, in march 17.

Chicago St. Patrick’s job parade

Experience one of the biggest St. Patrick’s job parades in the country. The yearly Chicago St. Patrick’s job Parade is the centerpiece the the city’s unforgettable St. Patrick’s work celebrations.

The procession travels north on Columbus Drive, start at Balbo Drive and ending in ~ Monroe Drive. Don your best green outfit or kilt and grab a good spot prior to the parade starts at noon. Setup on see plenty of vibrant floats waving their irish flags high, troops the Irish action dancers, marching bands, bagpipers, and much more during the three-hour celebration.

St. Patrick Festival at ireland American legacy Center

After the downtown parade, head north to the irish American Heritage facility for among the city’s greatest St. Patrick’s job celebrations. The family-oriented St. Patrick Festival features traditional and contemporary Irish music and dance, food and also drink for purchase, children activities, and vendors marketing Irish gifts. Visit the center’s library, arts gallery and also museum for programming and also exhibits, such as irish language lessons, a genealogy workshop, and a publication sale. Entertainment contains the Shannon Rovers irish Pipe Band, The Chancey Brothers, Trinity irish Dancers, and also more.

South Side irish Parade

A long-time tradition, the South Side irish Parade is a family-friendly celebration of Irish heritage. The Beverly neighborhood parade measures off in ~ noon native 103rd Street and proceeds south down western Avenue to 115th Street.

Line the route with 150,000 fellow revelers to clock the bands, dance troupes and parade queen, or prevent inside the neighborhood bars come raise a pint v the locals. Knife those pints during the Emerald Isle Mile, a one-mile race that kicks off just prior to the parade at 11:30 a.m.

Northwest Side irish Parade

Enjoy this fun neighborhood event that celebrates faith, family and also Irish heritage. The Northwest Side irish Parade kicks turn off at noon and also winds through the Norwood Park neighborhood, beginning at william J. Onahan college running south on Neola Avenue to Northwest Highway, climate heading phibìc on Northwest Highway as much as Harlem Avenue.

Stay for an after-party at St. Thecla Falcon hall (6725 W. Devon Ave.) native 1 – 5 p.m. That contains a corned beef and also cabbage dinner, cheesecake, beer, wine, soda, and live entertainment. Tickets room $15 because that adults, $10 children age 3 to 10, add to $5 because that a drink wristband for guests 21 and also older.

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Shamrock’n The Block

From the people that brought you the World’s biggest Block Party, this brand-new neighborhood celebration will certainly take over the space in former of Old St. Pat’s close to the West Loop. The outdoor “pub” will market beer, corned beef sandwiches, live entertainment, and also a family-friendly kids zone.