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Members the an traveler Search & Rescue unit comb a ar north of Seattle-Tacoma global Airport.

Port police and investigators because that the King County clinical Examiner’s Office comb the area whereby a full human skeleton was found.

Bill Haglund, best of the King County clinical Examiner’s Office helps remove human remains discovered near a baseball ar just north of Seattle-Tacoma global Airport.

Investigators remove the human body of a young woman who apparently was eliminated within the prior couple of days and was discovered yards native the environment-friendly River.
A environment-friendly River Task pressure member and also volunteers from the explorer Search & Rescue team hike increase a ravine in the direction of their find area off southern Star Lake roadway south the Kent, close to Federal Way.
Explorer scout David Ashby, on right, provides the command to begin a thorough find of the area just south of federal government 90 near North Bend.
King ar Police and fire officials in ~ the second site that a body found near south east 244th Place and State course 169 close to Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley.
Washington County, Ore., deputy sheriffs and explorer scouts find a heavily wooded area ~ above June 20, 1985, for hints that may connect the deaths of 2 women to Seattle’s green River killer.
A environment-friendly River Task force investigator was standing in the area in i m sorry a virtually complete person skeleton was found on a hillside in Auburn.
A City of Kent police officer watches over a barracaded and taped turn off area in Cottonwood Grove ~ above Frager roadway on the eco-friendly River.
Cottonwood Grove on Frager roadway in the city that Kent top top the green River. Searchers spring for ideas after a body was uncovered by a passerby.

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Officials remove stays from a site described as a “common dig site” for victims that the eco-friendly River serials killer.