Animal manage Unit

The animal Control Unit gives control and enforcement services to the city, to preserve public safety and health, while ensuring pets are treated humanely.

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Municipal code for pet Control

The City the Greenville Municipal Code consists of ordinances related to animals, consisting of regulations because that licensing, nuisance animals, impoundment, fees and penalties.


Dog & Cat Licensing

A existing metal rabies tag, approve by a license is granted veterinarian in ~ the State of south Carolina, shall be thought about a license for dogs and also cats within the city boundaries of Greenville. The sign shall at all times it is in attached come a collar or harness worn by the dog for which the rabies certificate and tag has been issued. In other words, your rabies tags is your pet's license.

Leash regulation & Off-Leash Area

It is a violation of city ordinance because that a dog to run at huge beyond the borders of a person's soil or the land lawfully occupied or managed by the owner or keeper. An pet is considered under restraint as soon as it is on the premises of the owner or keeper or when it is add by that owner or keeper and under the physical control of such human being by way or a leash or similar form device (i.e. Rope, etc.)

Tethering Animals

Chaining and also Tethering animals can be dangerous to both the animal and also its owners. Top top November 26, 2012, the City board of directors approved changes to section 4-5 of the Municipal password (PDF). The alters dramatically readjust how and also when you have the right to tether an pet outside. Learn an ext about tethering and also alternatives available to store your pets under your control.

Upstate Vet Emergency and Specialty Care

Call 864-233-7650. The emergency clinic is a totally staffed after-hours emergency facility in the Greenville area, situated at 393 Woods Lake Road. The Upstate Vet Emergency care Clinic is open from 6 p.m. To 8 a.m. Monday with Thursday, and also 24 hrs a work on weekends, starting at 6 p.m. Friday until 8 a.m. Monday.

Pet poison Helpline

The Pet poison Helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 work a week and can be got to at 800-213-6680. There is a $35 per case fee charged.

Dead animal Removal / City of Greenville

Call the hard Waste department at 864-467-4345 for help with disposal of dead pets on public property or roads in the Greenville city limits. If the dead pet is on personal property, the home owner is responsible for removal.

Dead pet Removal / county of Greenville

Contact the general public Services and Facilities room at 864-467-7016 for assistance with disposal of dead animals on public property or roads. If the dead animal is on exclusive property, the property owner is responsible for removal.

Greenville County animal Control

Call 864-467-7595 for animal control solution outside of the city borders of Greenville.

Greenville County pet Care Services

Call 864-467-3950 because that Greenville County animal Care Services. All pets picked up within the city limits of Greenville by City pet Control are transported and also housed in ~ this facility for 5 days uneven reclaimed.

Greenville Humane Society

The Humane society is located at 305 airplane Road and also can be got to at 864-242-3626. The Humane society feeds, houses and also provides medical care for unwanted pets in the Greenville community. Contact them to take on a pets needing a good home.

Wildlife Rehab of Greenville

The Wildlife Rehab center instructs callers on what to do as soon as an hurt or orphaned pet or bird of food is found. Wildlife Rehab of Greenville is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization devoted to the rehabilitation and release of injured and also orphaned wildlife in the 7 counties of the Upstate. Friend can call them in ~ 864-233-0339.

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South Carolina department of natural Resources (SCDNR)

The SCDNR provides aid with nature and also wildlife roughly the home and also can be contacted in ~ 800-922-5431.


SCDNR Statewide Nuisance Wild animal Control Referral list (PDF): This is a perform of individuals and also businesses that administer assistance with wildlife control. Wildlife manage Operators (WCOs) are provided by county. Note that like many businesses, they execute charge a fees for their services.