Cupid couldn’t have plotted the end a far better acknowledgment of his holiday 보다 this go back to the ceremony that made husband and wife the All my Children’s Greg Nelson and Jenny Gardner.

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Man, they execute not create like they supplied to. We hate to to speak it, but damn. When you evaluation the below clips from the February 14, 1984, episode of All mine Children, you will do it understand. The wedding of preppy well-off boy Greg Nelson and beautiful but negative girl Jenny Gardner to be daytime in ~ its finest.

First of all, the hour to be funny. As soon as the brother of the bride arrived at the scene, “Tad the Cad” Martin showed up to it is in “more nervous 보다 I am,” Jenny couldn’t assist but laugh.

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Even the B plots landed. Erica Kane embraced the apologies of suitor Adam Chandler choose anyone would kale in place of chocolate. “You threw me out prefer a stray cat,” she observed. Meow!


“Keep drink — I have the right to only get an ext forgivable!”

Back in ~ the Nelson home, the mother of the groom — wearing real fur, no doubt, like a true rogue — attempted to offer Greg one more out. “Do girlfriend really want to perform this?” Enid request Greg. “Darling, just think around it. What carry out you want to do with her life?”

As just a besotted youngster could, he responded in earnest. “Mom, ns still have actually a lotta questions around my life, but there’s one point that I recognize for sure — I love Jenny, and also I want to invest the remainder of my life with her.”

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Of that, no one of us had any kind of doubt. What to be a enlarge question note was whether ideal man Jesse ha had brought the ring. He to be kidding, of course. “Don’t get your brains scrambled since of a wedding,” the best man told his ideal friend.

On hand for the ceremony were the kind of personalities that are hard to find today — supporting players prefer uber-nerd Alfred Vanderpoole and Mrs. Gonzales, Jenny and also Jesse’s new York landlady, to who Erica can not be bothered to offer the time the day.

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And then there to be the vow — a point of beauty and also absolute sincerity that had actually to be checked out to it is in believed. And you deserve to both see and believe — because they’re included in the video above. While you proceed to storage Valentine’s Day, examine out the below photo gallery of’ all-time finest weddings, ranked.