All of the boys and also their coach were brought out the the cavern on stretchers in an especially mission.

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Onlookers cheer together ambulances transported the last boys and also their coach from a helipad to Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital top top July 10 in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Getty pictures
The rescue mission to conserve 12 Thai boys and their football coach who’ve to be trapped in a cavern in north Thailand is finish with all 12 boys and their coach rescued and returning home.

“We space not certain if this is a miracle, a science, or what. All the thirteen Wild Boars are currently out the the cave,” the Thai marine SEALs stated on their Facebook web page on July 10.

On July 18 — virtually a month after ~ they gotten in the cave and also were trapped by the rain — they to be released native the hospital and have to be cleared to return to their families. The boys likewise addressed the public for the very first time in ~ a press conference, and talked about what they had actually learned indigenous the ordeal; one boy stated he would be “more careful and live my life the fullest.” an additional said, “This endure taught me to be more patient and also strong.”

Getty photos The 12 boys and also the coach were found trapped in the submarine Tham Luang Nang Non cave system a half a mile listed below the surface ar by 2 British divers ~ above July 2. The soccer team, known as the Wild Boars, had been lacking since June 23, when heavy monsoon rains flooded the cave and also trapped castle in a chamber part 2.5 mile from the cave’s mouth.

The mission come rescue them to be an extraordinary worldwide operation with thousands of cave and also rescue experts and also military personnel from several various countries, consisting of the joined States, pitching in. Rescue divers very first delivered food and also medical supplies, and also then one air tube to the guys to make certain they had enough oxygen to breathe. They climate escorted them out of the cavern on stretchers guided by professional divers, one through one.

“The operation went much better than expected,” Chiang Rai acting Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn said, follow to the associated Press.

The early stage rescue arrangement was to wait the end the monsoon season, or at the very least to wait till the boys regained strength. But the risk of much more rain loomed, and the case became more dire. Oxygen level in the cavern had dropped come levels that could come to be dangerous. And the rescue team had actually a fatality Friday in 38-year-old volunteer Saman Kunan, who lost consciousness together he to be bringing oxygen tanks right into the cave due to the fact that he ran the end of waiting underwater.

family members of the lacking boys present photos of them after the 12 boys and also their soccer coach were discovered alive. Linh Pham/Getty photos ~ the procedure to carry them out of the cave began on Sunday, the guys were rescued in 3 waves: 4 on Sunday, 4 on Monday, and four plus your coach on Tuesday.

How did the Thai boys acquire in the cave?

It to be Saturday, June 23. The team of 12 guys — that were all in between the periods of 11 and 16 and also nicknamed the Wild Boars — had actually just perfect a weekly soccer practice and also went to explore the cavern with their coach. Follow to the wall Street Journal, they had actually been inside the cavern before; this time, they wanted to go more in to create their name on the wall surface as part of an initiation.

But after ~ they’d gotten in the cave, heavy rain started falling and also the rising water trapped castle inside.

The boys tried to destruction their means out. With no food and water, they began licking the condensed water on the sides of the cavern walls to continue to be hydrated. And also their coach, Ekapol Chantawong, who had trained in a buddhism monastery, led the boys with meditation sessions to help them stay calm.

“I had no stamin at all,” claimed 11-year-old Chanin Wibulroongreung at the press conference ~ above July 18. “I didn’t think about food since it just made me hungrier.”

As Richard C. Paddock and Muktita Suhartono that the brand-new York times reported, in ~ first, the governor of Chiang Rai province, wherein the cavern is located, assumed a rescue would be “impossible.”

But the initiative swiftly became an international collaboration. The US sent 30 people, consisting of 17 members that the waiting Force. Rescuers join from Australia, Japan, China, Myanmar, and Laos. The British cave Rescue Council top the cave exploration that eventually found them.

One the the divers on the find team, Ben Reymenants, spoke to around what that was like trying to find the boys:

When i arrived, the enntrance gate looked favor the Colorado River, yet with mud and with zero visibility, so it was really pulling hand over hand.

There to be this really solid outflow, and at the start we were advancing about maybe 100 meters a work in zero visibility, fighting the current. And then there are parts where you need to climb up, dragging all your tanks.

I turned around from one unsuccessful dive, and also I took the end my line and came ago and i met the British that were on their means in. And also then we decided, “We have to speak to it off, due to the fact that it’s no going to happen. World will die, and we don’t even know if these youngsters are alive.”

When the divers uncovered the absent boys and the coach, they were huddled on a rock over the water, smiling but emaciated.

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Footage the that minute — published on the Thai navy SEALs’ Facebook web page — has virtually 26 million views. Over muffled audio, you deserve to hear one of the rescuers informing the boys, “You have actually been below 10 days. 10 days. Friend are an extremely strong, very strong.”

The video made a celebrity the end of one of the boys: 14-year-old Adul Sam-on, a stateless refugees from Myanmar who can speak English and helped connect with the divers.