We pat a an important role in protecting U.S. And visiting people leaders, safeguarding U.S. Poll through protection of candidates and nominees, and also ensuring the protection of key facilities and major, national-level events.

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Our security mission dates back to 1901, after ~ the assassination that President william McKinley. Following the tragedy the secret Service to be authorized to protect the president of the unified States. In 1906, congress passed legislation and funds because that the secret Service to administer presidential protection. Over the years the variety of our protectees and the limit of the protective mission has expanded in an answer to the evolving danger environment.


Advanced Countermeasures

Using progressed countermeasures, we deter, minimize and decisively answers to established threats and also vulnerabilities.


Total Environment

Our complete protective environment consists of airspace security, counter-surveillance, clinical emergency response, hazardous certified dealer mitigation and also magnetometer capabilities.


Specialized Resources

Our devoted resources carry out protection from threats, consisting of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials and also explosive devices.


Protective Intelligence

We depend on meticulous development work and threat assessments to recognize potential dangers to protectees. Our protective work-related starts long before our physics presence.

Protecting Leaders

Since our protective mission started in 1901, our jurisdiction has expanded to fulfill the demands of one evolving defense environment. Discover who we protect.



Safeguarding Places

We protect an essential locations whereby the nation"s highest elected leaders live and also work, as well as the international diplomatic goals located around Washington, D.C.

Securing Events

We secure occasions of national security importance, such together the State of the Union attend to each year, or the presidential inauguration for each new presidential term.

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We are uniquely positioned come share our protective field of expertise with legislation enforcement, community and school security partners to aid prevent target violence in public and also in institutions for a safer America.