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Move over Paul "Bear" Bryant. Nick Saban currently owns the most national championships by a head coach in university football history.

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Saban won his document seventh title as soon as he led Alabama come a 52-24 decision over Ohio State in the college Football Playoff nationwide Championship presented by at & t on Monday night in Miami.

Saban stated amid the postgame celebration the he hadn"t assumed much around passing Bryant.

"I"m just happy us won tonight," the said. "And i really haven"t thought around that "cause you"re constantly looking forward. And I just love this team for this reason much and what they"ve been able to do. Ns can"t placed it right into words."

Afterward, Alabama quarterback Mac Jones to be asked even if it is Saban have to be thought about the greatest of all time.

"Come on, man," Jones said. "Of food he is. I mean, how have the right to he not be? that does that the best way. The recruits well but much more importantly develops great players."

Six of Saban"s national championships have actually come throughout his 14 seasons at Alabama. His first title was in 2003 in ~ LSU.

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Ironically, Saban was never interested in coaching as soon as he was farming up as a star high college quarterback in West Virginia and also later together a convert defensive ago at Kent State. The took room of call coach Don James convincing the to sign up with the staff at Kent State as a graduate assistant in 1973, as Saban waited because that his wife, Terry, to complete her degree.

The rest is history.

Saban acquired the coaching pest and would certainly bounce approximately as an assistant at stops in college and also the NFL prior to landing his first head-coaching task at Toledo in 1990. Saban took a team that had actually gone 6-5 the season before and led them to a 9-2 record and also a share of the MAC championship.

Five years later, after leaving to come to be defensive coordinator on bill Belichick"s staff through the Cleveland Browns, Saban went back to college football together a strength 5 head coach in ~ Michigan State.

His only exit from the college ranks due to the fact that then to be a two-year stint together head coach of the Miami Dolphins, through whom that went 15-17, prior to leaving for Alabama.

Saban said he found that he desired the college video game to the pros. There is no a salary lid and cost-free agency to deal with, he might exhibit greater control as a head coach in college. What"s more, he said he appreciated working v young people.

Leveraging the history and resources of Alabama, that didn"t take Saban long to build a dynasty. He won 12 games in his 2nd season in Tuscaloosa then went 14-0 and also won the BCS nationwide Championship in 2009.

Since 2009, Alabama and also Saban have won fifty percent the BCS and CFP nationwide championships played.

But without Bryant, Saban said, no one of that would have been possible.

"If that wasn"t for Coach Bryant, we would never be able to do what we did," Saban said. "He to be the one that made Alabama and also the legacy at Alabama a ar where numerous players want to come. And also we"ve been able to develop on the with good support."

Bryant, who won all 6 of his nationwide championships in ~ Alabama, is in a course of his own, Saban said.

"I don"t think anybody really compares to Coach Bryant," the said. "In the era that he coached and the era the he won, he won a lot of of different ways. He won throwing it. He won playing the wishbone. He winner it running typical offensive formations. And his legacy lasted end a long, long duration of time."

Bryant retired at the period of 69.

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Saban rotate 69 in October, but he mirrors no indications of stopping.

"I love act what ns do and also want to proceed to perform it for as lengthy as ns feel like I can contribute in a positive means to the program," Saban called reporters critical month. "That"s about the only arrangement I have actually for the future."

He later added, "If I assumed that mine presence here was no something that was a optimistic for the college of Alabama or with the program, through the players, then I"d to speak it would certainly be time not to perform it anymore."