Since its 2002 release, A Walk to Remember has come to be one that the best-loved romantic movie of all time (via US Magazine). The movie is based upon the bestselling Nicholas Sparks" novel that the very same name. In the heart-wrenching film, Landon, play by Shane West, drops in love through Jamie, play by Mandy Moore. Jamie falls ill v terminal leukemia, and when she stops responding to treatment, the pair security Jamie"s last days with each other living life come the fullest. It"s the type of movie that pipeline just around everyone in a puddle of tears, as mentioned by Bustle.

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It"s to be decades since the film"s release, but its heritage remains strong. Whether you"ve watched the movie a dozen times or recently discovered it on Netflix, there are likely a couple of things friend haven"t heard about the make of this movie. Below is the untold reality of A Walk to Remember.

Although A Walk come Remember came to be the ultimate romance film because that a generation, it"s surprising exactly how quickly and cheaply it was made. The movie reportedly only took 39 days to film. Compare that to most significant Hollywood movies, which space filmed over the food of 75 come 120 days, and also you gain a feeling for how quick the stars and also crew had actually to work. The film"s director, Adam Shankman, described to Parade that it to be pretty basic to shoot the movie as rapid as the did because it was "basically ten adolescents in a little town."

According come Box Office Mojo, the movie was also restricted to an $11.8 million budget. While this could sound prefer a pretty far-reaching sum that money, it"s fairly low because that a feature length film. Other well-known Nicholas Sparks movies commanded millions more; The Notebook, to ~ John, and The last Song had a budget plan of $29 million, $25 million, $20 million, respectively. It"s pretty exceptional that Shankman managed to pull this well known movie together with so tiny time and also money ~ above his hands!

Fans that A Walk come Remember know that the movie is based upon the novel by Nicholas Sparks — yet some fans may not realize the the novel is actually influenced by real occasions from Sparks" own life. As Sparks defined on his an individual website, the novel was motivated by his sister. Apparently, Sparks" own sibling was diagnosed with cancer, and she likewise shared plenty of personality traits with the character of Jamie. Sparks defined how his sister also met someone prefer Landon that asked she to marry him, even though she to be terminally ill.

As Sparks confessed, the novel stop an incredible place in his heart thanks to the subject matter"s an individual nature. "A Walk to Remember to be my favourite novel to write," the explained. He later on wrote, "I composed this novel not just so that you could get to understand my sister, however so the you would recognize what a wonderful thing it was that her husband as soon as did for her." It"s so touching learning that the beautiful love story in between Jamie and also Landon happened in real life!

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Back in 2002, Mandy Moore was pretty new to the acting world. According to IMDb, Moore"s only major role prior to A Walk come Remember had been in The Princess Diaries. Shane West, her co-star, had actually quite a most acting experience in comparison, having previously showed up in movies like Get end It, Dracula 2000, and also Liberty Heights. Through the sound the things, West take it it upon himself to overview Moore through the process of exhilaration in prior of the camera.

In one interview top top Rove Live, West defined that Moore didn"t need too much help. "She had actually a an extremely natural capability at it," that said. Together Moore and also West walk on come explain, Moore"s just real battle was that she at first struggled with camera blocking. "I"d constantly find myself looking down to make sure that ns was on mine mark," Moore said, explaining the this to be breaking the an initial rule of movie acting. It"s therefore sweet the Moore might rely on West throughout filming — even if she didn"t need that lot help!

Mandy Moore was rather young once she was cast in A Walk come Remember. In fact, she commemorated her 17th birthday while on set. Moore common a throwback picture of herself on Instagram and, apparently, she was busy filming the institution play step on her birthday. Since Moore to be 16 and 17 years old throughout filming, she to be classified as a minor. This supposed that the production team had actually to follow strict rules around filming. Legally, Moore might only work for a maximum of 10 hrs a day.

This must have put a fair amount of strain on the manufacturing team because they filmed in 39 days. Follow to Backstage, 10 hours a day is in reality pretty easy going because that a skilled actor. The outlet spoke to nine skilled actors who declared to invest as countless as 17 hours a work on set! Yikes, we"re glad the Moore acquired some time come sleep in between filming!

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It"s always fun to imagine one off-screen romance in between our favourite onscreen couples. In the instance of A Walk come Remember"s Mandy Moore and also Shane West, fans wouldn"t be wrong in reasoning the chemistry appeared real.

In 2017, Moore described to Entertainment Weekly that she couldn"t help but build feelings because that him. "Shane was so cool," she confessed. "He to be the personality to me and there was definitely a part of me the absolutely dropped in love with him," the actress continued. "I don"t recognize if I might discern the difference between him and the character at that suggest in time because, again, it to be my very first experience doing anything like this and I to be a 16-year-old, impressionable girl."

Sounds prefer Moore dove into the story head first and even discovered it hard to separate West native his character, Landon — and also as far as we"re concerned, the believability of your on-screen chemistry absolutely benefited!

Mandy Moore opened up to Entertainment Weekly around once having feelings for Shane West, but what around West? Well, it transforms out, the feelings to be mutual. In 2019, Access asked West about Moore"s assertion that she "fell in love with a tiny bit." The actor responded by explaining, "Aw, i think us both did," prior to quickly backtracking and wondering even if it is he have to admit his feelings.

Nevertheless, that went into much more detail, speak that since he had been component of a punk absent band and Moore to be a popular music star, they external inspection over your differences. "We were definitely opposites attract and also so i think, in ~ first, I"m not certain if us loved each other — or preferred each other right off the bat — however it conveniently changed," the admitted. Apparently, West thinks the they thrived to love each various other thanks to the story and writing of the film. It"s remarkable to hear the while viewers everywhere the world were fall in love with Jamie and also Landon, the actors behind them to be falling in love v each other, too!

If you"ve seen A Walk to Remember, you may have recognized few of the sets. As it turns out, the town where the movie was filmed was additionally used because that hit TV reflects Dawson"s Creek and also One Tree Hill. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, West described that the first scene in the movie to be shot through a "giant swimming pool overgrown with leaves and also seaweed" i beg your pardon had also been featured on Dawson"s Creek.

According come The Cinemaholic, the main areas were every in Wilmington, phibìc Carolina. Sets that proved the high school, the hospital, and Landon"s home have actually apparently all made appearances in Dawson"s Creek as well.

Wilmington is together a renowned filming place that there"s also a publication called Wilm on Film the details how hundreds the productions to be shot in this part of the country, consisting of One Tree Hill, Blue Velvet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and also more. Next time you watch A Walk to Remember, store an eye out for any familiar backdrops.

Anyone who has seen A Walk to Remember more than likely remembers its iconic soundtrack. The tape behind a the majority of the music? Switchfoot. In fact, the movie attributes four of the band"s songs, including "Only Hope," which was the tune sung by Mandy Moore in the movie.

Christianity Today spoke to Mandy Moore in 2002 about why Switchfoot plays such a prominent role in the movie and she divulged the she"d spent the vault year becoming obsessed through their music. "The songs room so meaningful, beautiful, and straight native the heart," she gushed.

The publication described that a college friend of the band was functioning for Moore"s manager, Jon Leshay, at the time that the film to be being made. Once this girlfriend played the band"s music for Leshay, that was additionally the music supervisor because that the movie, he determined the band need to be an integral part of the movie. Eventually, Leshay even came to be Switchfoot"s manager. It"s quite lucky that Leshay and Moore uncovered Switchfoot, as their songs yes, really made the soundtrack what the is.

Who can forget Landon"s eye-catching red "67 Camaro the he drives in A Walk to Remember? It turns out, Shane West love his character"s car so much, he made decision to acquisition it ~ filming wrapped. In one interview v The Wrap, West explained that he supplied the vehicle on the very first day the filming. And, apparently, he dropped in love v the vehicle from the moment he laid eyes on it. "I turned immediately to the first AD, and I to be like, "How lot is it? and also I want it,"" West explained. He went on to say the he ended up using component of his paycheck indigenous the movie to acquisition the car.

When he speak to Access in 2019, West stated the automobile cost about $7,000. He explained that he was likewise thinking around selling the automobile at some point in the future. Whether West sell the car or not, a vintage Camaro is absolutely a nice cool souvenir to save from a movie set!

Most women who watched A Walk to Remember back in 2002 most likely wished they can switch areas with Mandy Moore for those kissing scenes through Shane West. Maybe Moore would"ve also been cool through that. The actress was only 16 years old when filming the movie therefore kissing onscreen to be pretty nerve-wracking. Together she and also West confessed top top Rove Live, the two actors actually had to lock lips on their very first day on set, which Moore claimed was "awkward" as they didn"t understand each various other at the time and also were in prior of the entire crew.

Moore went on to define that onscreen kisses space actually exceptionally technical and also are very closely orchestrated because that the camera, therefore it"s difficult for that to feel natural. As soon as asked about kissing West in the movie by Spliced Wire, Moore reportedly blushed and confessed that he was actually the oldest guy she had ever kissed in ~ that allude in she life.

A Walk to Remember is often considered to be a Christian film thanks come Jamie, Mandy Moore"s character, who is proud of her faith. Moore described to Spliced Wire that playing this character actually helped her come rediscover she own personal connection to spirituality and the Christian faith.

While Moore had actually a slightly different spiritual upbringing come Jamie, she explained, "I"m religious, and I think if something this movie made me sort of contemplate where I to be in that part of mine life — which has been a an excellent thing." She went on to describe that being in the movie made she realize that she actually needed to invest some time researching top top her very own in order come "be a tiny bit an ext spiritual."

Moore, however, said that the movie is "not yes, really a Christian movie," a "pro-faith" film. She continued, saying, "My personality is an extremely comfortable in her very own right, and she"s very forthright around her religion. But it"s not choose she"s a go billboard."

Every actor has actually their own technique of acquiring into character. Mandy Moore"s technique in A Walk come Remember to be pretty simple. "I check out the script and I myself being the character," she called Hip. She further explained that "eventually you gain into together a mind frame that you are the character and also you know what they would certainly say."

Moore"s co-star Shane West ready a tiny differently. Apparently, West struggled come cry both in genuine life and also on camera. In the scene when his character, Landon, cried on his dad"s shoulder, West provided songs by The healing to get into character.

"I had a Discman on and I would listen come The cure over and over top top repeat and also then they would certainly tap me top top the shoulder and also say they"re ready to shoot," he told Today. "I didn"t recognize what rather to do, so ns guess The Cure to be depressing enough for me to gain into the mode to bawl favor a lunatic on mine dad"s shoulder." It"s clear the West"s musical inspiration worked due to the fact that the scene where Landon cries is undeniably heartbreaking.

Because Mandy Moore to be still in high school once she to be filming A Walk come Remember, she to be legally compelled to continue with her institution work. In a behind-the-scenes video of Moore top top the collection of A Walk to Remember, she described that her time to be pretty restricted. She had to spend an average of three hrs a work or the identical of 15 hrs a week v her tutor, Stephanie.

In the clip, you can see Moore through Stephanie in her trailer reading about Jack London. "This is basically what we do anytime during the day when we have a free break. I don"t gain to go relax in the trailer," Moore explained. "I usually need to visit miss out on Stephanie." Moore"s tutor claimed that that was tough to fit in a full 15 hrs a week — and also we aren"t surprised, seeing as Moore had actually such a big part come play in the movie. It"s certainly impressive the Moore regulated to film whole movie while studying part-time together well.

Even despite A Walk come Remember to be released earlier in 2002, the two leading gibbs Mandy Moore and also Shane West have actually remained nearby friends. In 2019, Moore to be inducted into the Hollywood walk of Fame and also West also spoke at the ceremony.

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"We couldn"t have been an ext opposite, i think, once we met," West began, noting their divergent styles and tastes. He believed that Adam Shankman, the director, threw the two opposites together knowing that they"d fit with each other perfectly — and also it appears Shankman to be right. West went on come say, "Not only was this movie <A Walk to Remember> a wonderful suffer in every way, it additionally gave me the chance to fall for this great woman." at the finish of the speech, the pair mutual an beloved hug. It"s clear that West and Moore still care deeply around each other.