Desktop notifications are one of the ideal features of contemporary browsers. They show previews of email, football scores or also instant messages, letting friend to take it a fast glance at updates without leaving the work you"re doing. But this can gain a small overwhelming, specifically when it includes spam and advertisements. If too numerous sites have started to send notifications, or if you should shut out all the noise, you need to disable Google Chrome notifications. Doing for this reason is quite simple:

Open the Google Chrome settings page. You can either kind chrome://settings in the deal with bar and hit Enter or click the hamburger icon at the height right > Settings.

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Scroll to the bottom and click Show progressed settings.

Under Privacy, click Content settings....

Scroll down to Notifications.

Select Do not enable any site to show desktop notifications.

If you desire to allow some website to display notifications, you deserve to click Ask once a site wants come show desktop computer notifications. Now sites will display notifications only if you permit them to.

Click Manage exceptions... to see the list of sites the you"ve granted permission because that notifications. Click the X come the ideal of any kind of of these URLs to stop the site from sending notifications.


This technique gets escape of desktop notifications from websites. However an application or expansion can still send notifications. Come disable notifications from individual Chrome apps or extensions, follow these steps.

Windows 7 and also 8

Tap Windows crucial + D or go to the desktop.

Left-click the bell shaped Chrome Notifications icon in the notifications bar in the bottom-right that the screen. If it isn"t there, climate click the up arrow icon in ~ the start of the notifications bar. As soon as you watch the bell, left-click on it.

Click the equipment icon.

Uncheck apps or expansions that you don"t want notifications from.



In the system menu bar, click the bell icon.

Click the equipment icon.

Uncheck apps or extensions that you don"t want notifications from.

If you desire to disable all Chrome notifications, over there is one easy way to do so. In case you"re working and also just want a momentary break, climate you deserve to instead right click on the bell-shaped Chrome notifications icon, and also click top top Do not disturb. This transforms off all notifications. Friend can likewise click top top Do no disturb because that one hour or Do not disturb for one day if you simply want a brief break from notifications.

This next method will permanently prevent all notifications, including email and also messages. If you require those, then perform not execute this. If you"re specific that you need to remove all Chrome notifications, then read on.

Windows 7 or 8

Tap Windows vital + D or walk to the desktop.

Click the up arrow icon in ~ the start of the notifications bar in the bottom-right the the screen.

Click Customise....

Scroll down to Google Chrome.

In the drop-down menu, pick Hide icon and also notifications.

Click OK.


Click Chrome from the top menu bar.

Click Hide notifications Icon from the drop-down menu.

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Once you"ve done this, Chrome will certainly no longer be able to send any notice or alerts at all. Which stroked nerves websites or expansions were spamming notifications on your computer? allow us understand via the comments. For more tutorials, visit our exactly how To section.