Los Angeles-based trio DYAN’s ‘Looking because that Knives‘ was featured ~ above the latest episode of right into the Dark this week — Into the Dark, Season 2, illustration 4, “Midnight Kiss“.

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The track to be played end the finishing credits.

Looking because that Knives‘ has been one of my favorites because I first heard that featured ~ above the supernatural drama series Lucifer, and headed off to YouTube to find it out.

Because the song’s main music video has a superb intro, with its usage of the voice the woman v a solid southern twang talking about going to a restaurant called The Majestic because that a meal, a gorgeous saxophone interlude mid-way through and also the dreamy feel of DYAN’s lead singer’s vocals throughout.

In various other words, it’s just a gorgeously unexplained gem the a track.

DYAN’s ‘Looking for Knives‘ is likewise the title monitor of the indie trio’s superb debut studio album, which to be released in 2016.

Album cover artwork for DYAN’s Looking for Knives

The tune came through an equally stunning and also quite hypnotic music video that was filmed in an abandoned building. A structure you think is empty until number of minutes into it, a mrs mysteriously appears.

Within secs the woman is running with the building before she stops and also begins come rip wallpaper from its rooms, pull plaster far from where it was placed decades before, and beat in ~ the walls through a brick.

The video ends v the mrs disappearing with a doorway, and the voice the the southern woman return to speak “Yeah, it to be a an excellent one” and then laughing as the video clip fades out.

DYAN’S ‘Looking for Knives‘ even sans the video clip is together a powerful piece that has also been featured on other hit TV series, including Lucifer, southern Side, great Behavior and the famous YouTube series Impulse.

Watch DYAN’s beautifully filmed ‘Looking for Knives‘ music video clip below. Girlfriend can likewise listen come the entire album on Spotify in your player widget below, and buy Looking because that Knives the album top top Bandcamp.

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Into the Dark is currently easily accessible to currently on Hulu who are, annoyingly, tho releasing each brand-new episode of the horror web series a month apart.