It's never been less complicated to marathon the Star wars franchise, now that every the movies and also TV shows are streaming ~ above Disney+. But in what order need to you watch? here are several alternatives for your Star wars binge watch.

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You deserve to now watch the entirety of the Star wars franchise v a Disney+ subscription. This has the original trilogy, the prequel movies, and the sequel collection released over the last few years. You can additionally watch standalone movies like Rogue One and also Solo, as well as Disney"s cultivation collection of Star battles TV shows, like The Mandalorian and The negative Batch.

It"s never been much easier to marathon the whole series, but before you press play on the first movie, it"s necessary to decision your preferred viewing order. Do you start with the original trilogy or the prequel movies? What around the independent films and also the tv shows? here is just how to watch Star battles in order, whichever order girlfriend choose.


Theatrical release Order

The most obvious answer is theatrical relax order, due to the fact that this is just how the movies were shown and what George Lucas intended. It starts with the original trilogy, then takes us earlier to the prequel movies, before finishing v Disney"s sequel films.

Following this order, youget the story that Luke overcoming Darth Vader, followed by Vader"s origin story,then check out Rey pick up the legacy Luke left behind.This can gain a little awkward if you intended to include the standalone Star Wars movies to her watch party. Walk by release date, Rogue One and Solo would certainly interrupt the sequel trilogy.

If you"re doing a re-watch and also are interested in maintaining the storyline the the core movies, just skip these two films. They have actually no impact on the overarching narrative, anyway. First-timers who want the full experience can certainly watch lock in relax order, or place the independent films prior to or after ~ the sequel trilogy.

If you desire to go by release order, your marathon should look choose this:

Chronological Order

George Lucas had always intended because that the initial Star Wars film to it is in a small component of a much bigger story. For this reason just because it was the very first film to be exit doesn"t median it"s the start of the story. Instead of going with release order, you can also shot chronological order based on when the movies are an alleged to take it place.

This would mean beginning with illustration I, II, and also III of the prequel trilogy, prior to moving to IV, V, using of the initial movies, climate finishing v VII, VIII, IX native the sequels. If you"re adding the standalone films, you have the right to fitRogue One and also Solo in between Episodes III and also IV, and also it should work fine.

However, because this order fully ruins the Darth Vader disclose in the initial films, the is not advisable that anyone should watch these movies for the first time in this order. The town hall Star Wars in chronological stimulate is an ext of a fun experiment for longtime pan to watch the series from a new perspective.

If you were to clock the Star Wars films in chronological order, it would certainly look prefer this:

If friend have currently seen whatever in release and chronological order, there"s another option to try: Machete Order. This order splits the difference and also has you clock Episodes II and also III in in between Episodes V and also VI.

You start with A new Hope and also The realm Strikes Back, yet then things gain wonky. Simply after Luke discovers the truth around Darth Vader, revolve to the prequels together a recall sequence. Watch Attack of the Clones and Revenge the the Sith to witness how a youngAnakin Skywalker to be consumed by the Dark Side, prior to finishing withReturn that the Jedi.

The Machete Order cut out Phantom Menace entirely, since nearly everything in the movie is self-contained and has no result on the various other prequels.Qui-Gon Jinn plays no prominence to the higher story.Midi-chlorians room barely discussed again. You likewise basically protect against Jar jar Binks entirely. It isn"t perfect, though, so watch at your very own risk.

If you"re no happy about removing episode I and are also wondering whereby the sequel movie fit in here,the initial creator the the Machete Order has actually a suggestion. In an update to his initial post,Rod Hilton saysto watch Episodes VII, VIII, and IX after the various other movies. You have the right to then treatEpisode I as an anthology, favor Rogue One and Solo.

So if you walk by the Machete Order, you would watch the movies as follows:

But what about the tv shows? Star Wars has become more than just movies, with The Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance, and also The Mandalorianarriving in more recent years. If there"s no details watch order for all these various pieces that the Star wars universe, Disney has released an official timeline.

You more than likely assumed that The Clone Wars animated collection takes place between Episodes II and III, however what around the others? according to Disney, Star Wars: Rebels is collection before the occasions of A new Hope. The Mandalorian takes place after Return of the Jedi but prior to the Star Wars: Resistance animated series.

If you occur to it is in crazy sufficient to clock every movie and show in chronological order, here"s what that would certainly look like:

The publication of Boba Fett (debuting December 2021)

Disney+ pushes only the best and newest content, while ignoring anything the doesn"t fit into the greater narrative timeline. Thankfully, some of those shows and films have now been added to Disney+ under the Star wars Vintage banner.

You quiet can"t stream the 1978 Star wars Holiday Special, yet at the very least a couple of classics have been made easily accessible to watch during the food of her marathoning:

Star Wars: Droids (coming later this year) - one animated series starring R2-D2 and C-3PO the ran because that one season in 1985.

Even ~ the relax of the last big film, Disney plan to continue releasing added Star wars content on Disney+ because that the foreseeable future. It"s hard to speak when any kind of of this productions will certainly be obtainable to stream, or also which announced tasks will do it that far, but here"s what Disney says is still come come:

A Droid Story is one animated collection starring C-3PO and also R2-D2.

The Acolyte bring away place hundreds of years before The Phantom Menace.

Ahsoka stars Rosario Dawson and take place at the same time together The Mandalorian.

Andor stars Diego Luna and also Alan Tudyk in a prequel to Rogue One.

Lando centers roughly the the titular smuggler.

Rangers the the brand-new Republic is an additional spinoff of The Mandalorian.

Rogue Squadron, from manager Patty Jenkins, will be released Christmas 2023.

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Star Wars: Visions is a series of man shorts, likely from different suggest of time.