The yearly Forbes billionaire list says Mexico"s Carlos Slim Helu is the richest guy in the world, finally edging out Microsoft founder bill Gates and signaling the rising wealth in emerging nations.


Mexico"s Carlos Slim Helu is the richest man in the world.

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The annual Forbes billionaire list puts the portly cigar-smoker simply ahead of bill Gates, who held the title for 14 of the previous 15 years.

Shares that Slim’s telecommunications firm America Movil surged 35 percent over the year, bringing his fortune increase $18.5 exchange rate in the previous 12 months to $53.5 billion, according to the Forbes well-off list released Wednesday.

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Gates is worth $53 billion, up $13 exchange rate from a year ago. Warren Buffett – the world richest male in 2008 – now ranks third, v his fortune farming $10 billion end the year to $47 billion.

Slim, 70, is the first man from a developing nation to come to be the world’s richest person, however is just the guideline of the iceberg for poorer nation"s billionaires as America"s re-publishing of billionaires dropped come 40 percent from 45 percent the the complete a year ago.

Over the previous year, Taiwan tripled its number of billionaires come 18, Turkey an ext than double its own to 28, and also Brazil and also Russia doubled your billionaires come 18 and 62, respectively. For the first time China, v 64 billionaires, has actually the most exterior the US.

Eight Indians and 27 chinese made Forbes magazine’s recent list of the peak 100 billionaires. 2 Indians – energy tycoon Mukesh Ambani and also steel mogul Lakshmi Mittal – sit in the optimal 5.

Slim has overcame Mexico’s phone call industry because he to buy the state-run telephone agency Telmex in 1990 and also spun it off into America Movil. This day in Mexico Telmex controls about 80 percent of addressed lines, when America Movil services over 70 percent the the nation’s cellphone users.

But Slim’s title is jarring to many, since much more than 50 million that Mexico’s 107 million human being live in poverty, follow to Mexican government monitor Coneval.

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"This is shameful," Ernesto Villanueva, 45, the Mexico City, called the linked Press. "This is component of what is wrong v the mexican political system and also the corruption in the one of power, that enable there to be a few rich people and also millions that poor."

But come Slim, the criticism and the richest man title show up to average little.

"This is a number lugged out by a magazine the doesn"t problem us, or worry us," his son-in-law Arturo Elias Ayub, an executive, management at Telmex, called the AP.