Word on the street (and through that i mean…my harrowing news feed) is that tik is acquiring banned in the united Sates, which method your roommate could protect against practicing run routines in former of the mirror soon.

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Talk approximately the tiktok ban is equal parts extremely political and highly confuse (What! Will! Happen! To! The! exaggeration House!), so we’re break it under for you here. Yet not prior to forcing anyone to watch Bachelor Peter Weber’s interpretive run to Roddy Ricch:

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Trump thought about a tik Ban to “Punish” China

Which, WTF. “It’s other we’re feather at, yes,” trump said back in July. “It’s a huge business. Look, what taken place with China with this virus, what they’ve done to this country and also to the entire world, is disgraceful.”

“We’re gonna store looking at TikTok; we’re thinking around making a decision because there’s no concern what the big Tech carriers are act is very bad,” he later said, confirming everyone’s worst fears.

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Donald trump card confirms the federal government is considering banning TikTok because of national protection concerns:“We’re looking at TikTok, we’re thinking about making a decision.”pic.twitter.com/VB9WY6LZCD

— pop Crave (
PopCrave) July 29, 2020

In various other words, trumped is blaming China for COVID-19 and also his fallout’s approval rating and also wants to retaliate by banning a Chinese business. The isn’t simply talk either—he issued an executive, management order on respectable 6 “that will properly ban TikTok uneven it is sold to one American buyer,” so over there you go.

TikTok execs are pretty pissed around this, and also they also filed a lawsuit difficult Trump’s executive order, so i guess we should include “TikTok vs. Trump card takedown” to the list of weird ingredient going down in 2020.

And yeah, world have feelings—especially offered that tiktok users just trolled Trump in ~ his project event:

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The chairman of the United claims is walking to half TikTok due to the fact that some adolescents ruined his pep rally.

— Marie Connor (
thistallawkgirl) July 8, 2020
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TikTok is getting banned simply after teens used it come troll the President, and also I have really serious doubts that it’s simply a coincidence.

— Santiago Mayer (
santiagomayer_) July 7, 2020

There’s no denying the everyone’s favourite lockdown app is extremely politicized and caught up in what’s essentially a tech war between China and also the unified States. As Forbes writer Zak Doffman puts it, “Yes, there are security comes to behind the scenes, but commercial, economic, and political concerns trump those.” focus on “trump,” ahem.

Truly ugh, but aside from Trump’s personal political agenda, let’s speak those data security issues….

There Are concerns Over TikTok’s Data-Collecting Policies

According to Bloomberg and the New York Times, there’s valid issue the app is collecting info from children under the period of 13 without parental permission—which would certainly be in violation of U.S. Privacy laws. On height of that, Secretary the State Michael Pompeo recently asserted officials were considering banning the application to defend Americans’ exclusive data.

*Camera awkwardly cut to on facebook all…



Pompeo also straight-up said that american shouldn’t download the application if castle don’t want their private information to loss “in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.”

So, is tik collecting data? no according to the company, whose spokesperson said, “TikTok is led by an American CEO, with thousands of employees and vital leaders across safety, security, product, and also public policy here in the U.S. We have never noted user data come the Chinese government nor would certainly we execute so if asked.”

FYI, India Has currently Banned TikTok

This is a substantial deal, no only due to the fact that it to adjust the phase for other nations to perhaps follow suit but likewise because—according to The Verge—30 percent of tiktok downloads came from India in April alone. The nation justified the ban by claiming tiktok “engaged in activities…prejudicial to sovereignty and also integrity the India,” but the BBC reports that there’s more to the story, declare that just two weeks before India’s tik ban, a skirmish broke out on India’s border with China, i beg your pardon left 20 Indian soldiers dead.

Oh, and TikTok’s CEO Resigned

A couple of short months after Kevin Mayer took manage of tiktok as the CEO, Mayer sent out a memo to staff revealing his intent to resign, citing the political environment. He wrote:

“In recent weeks, as the political environment has high solution changed, I have actually done significant reflection on what the this firm structural alters will require and also what it way for the worldwide role i signed up for. Against this backdrop, and also as we mean to reach a resolution really soon, it is with a hefty heart that I wanted to let you all recognize that I have actually decide to leaving the company.”There Was initially a September purchase Deadline for tiktok

As if this entirety thing couldn’t gain messier, Trump make a PSA basically informing China the it had until September 20 to find someone to acquisition TikTok or rather he’d shut under the app’s to work in the unified States.

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Trump says China has actually until September 15 to involved a transaction on TikTok, and also reiterates that the U.S. Need to be "well-compensated" in any agreement pic.twitter.com/fnfqIz6W9Y

— Bloomberg Quicktake (

Walmart, Microsoft, and also Oracle to be rumored to it is in thinking around making the acquisition (which is reportedly between $15 billion and $50 billion). Trump stated the U.S. “has to it is in compensated, fine compensated.” on September 13, CNN reported the Oracle ultimately finalized a address TikTok as the app’s U.S. Operations partner, yet “the exact nature that the agreement” in between the two companies “remains unclear,” together it wasn’t “an fully sale.”

According come The Verge, while this transaction was expected to assuage Trump and relieve defense concerns, having actually Oracle as TikTok’s “trusted technology partner” at some point “accomplishes nothing.” due to the fact that the deal doesn’t it seems ~ to it is in a sale or legitimate severing of ties through TikTok’s work in Europe or Asia—as Microsoft’s proposed deal intended—security involves remain. Together the outlet put it, “If you were concerned about TikTok before, there’s no obvious reason you must be less pertained to now.”

TikTok could Be traction From app Stores quite Soon

Yeah, that transaction that was an alleged to occur to save TikTok from obtaining the boot? Hasn’t happened.

Shortly before the September 20 download ban could happen, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols blocked the ban, which permits TikTok’s owner to keep the app accessible in American app stores. Together of now, the judge decreased to block another collection of constraints that would certainly make it difficult for American service providers to carry out services come TikTok, efficiently rendering the app useless in the U.S.

The purchasing deadline was expanded to November 12. “Basic TikTok will stay undamaged until November 12,” business Secretary Wilbur Ross told Fox service News. “If over there is not a transaction by November 12 under the provisions the the old order, then TikTok also will be, for all practical purposes, shut down.”

Spoiler alert: It’s November 12, and there’s tho no deal. TikTok claims it hasn’t heard native Trump in weeks, and also now it’s asking for U.S. Federal intervention before it goes dark.