One Ohio pair began renovations on your basement. The ceiling that the basement necessary to to it is in replaced. That is when they spotted the old lunchbox.

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It was wedged up in between the ceiling and the floor above.

Inside the lunchbox they found three bundles, rectangular in shape, and also wrapped in what looked prefer wax file or some sort of plastic. They opened up the wrappers to uncover thousands that dollars. The denominations were in $50 and $100 disagreement bills, printed between 1928 to 1934. Some of the bills to be a kind that had actually never been circulated. This way that the money can be worth more than challenge value.

Also inside the lunchbox to be a newspaper clipping. Was that a clue? It to be the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, their town newspaper. The article that was reduced out that the document was indigenous March 25, 1951. The was 65 years ago.

At this point, they determined to speak to a lawyer. The lawyer told them the value of this money, was roughly $23,000! The couple wanted to spend this money on residence renovation.

But more surprises were about to be uncovered the would result in the FBI's involvement. 


In the ceiling they found an additional old lunchbox. It contained an ext money. A lot an ext neatly organized too. That stash was valued at approximately $45k.

There was a tiny door the the realtor stated probably had the water heater behind it. She to be wrong. They discovered a crawlway with padding to adjust on it. That resulted in what appeared to be a covert panel. A room in ~ a room.

Over in the edge there was what appeared to be a combination lock that seemed favor a homemade safe.

That is when they observed the briefcase. Inside the briefcase - a couple of watches, some old paperwork. No money.

BUT WHAT remained in THE SAFE? The first item pulled out of the safe was a piece of file that had messy composing that check out "save yourself" in dripping black color ink.

Weeks went by prior to the pair was finally able to discover a ice cream player that might play this old videotapes.

What was on those tapes prompted the pair to contact the FBI. Apparently, the case to be serious enough that the couple wasn't permitted to talk about it in public. They had actually been to update the renovation of their house on Facebook. Every one of that was taken down.

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The pair finished renovating your house. Neither the FBI no one the pair will talk about what to be on the tapes.