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High development This institution has shown high growth in Math and also Reading end the last three years, as measured by PVAAS.Learn more here.
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Ms. Yone Beaver

Phone Number

(215) 400-8140


South Philadelphia

SEPTA Routes

BSL (Ellsworth-Federal), Bus (4, 23, 27, 32, 64)

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The Philadelphia High college for an innovative and Performing arts (CAPA) prepares students to it is in college and career ready by giving a rigorous scholastic and an imaginative experience that enables variously talented students to deep explore imaginative skill sets and also scholarly disciplines in a diverse, inclusive, safe and antiracist environment.



Points that Pride

arts majorsCollege-preparatory curriculum95 percent college acceptance rate95 percent college matriculation rateWorld-class arts department

Accreditations and Honors

CAPA called as one of the "Top City colleges in 2011 and also again in 2020 " through Philadelphia Magazine; one of the SDP high colleges to be named on the "Best High colleges in Pennsylvania" perform by U.S. News and also World Report. Named as among the top-rated colleges in the state. Compensation winning employee with numerous staff being named Lindback compensation recipients, consisting of the principal. Major Beaver is fellow in the Philadelphia Academy of institution Leaders. Middles says Accredited.

Hours of Operation

Sun -
Mon7:45 to be - 3:15 PM
Tues7:45 to be - 3:15 PM
Wed7:45 to be - 3:15 PM
Thur7:45 am - 3:15 PM
Fri7:45 am - 3:15 PM
Sat -

go into the structure through the red door ~ above Christian Street. Be ready to show photo ID at the door.
American Indian or Alaskan Native0 %
Asian6.66 %
Black53.4 %
Hispanic (Any Race)11.68 %
Multi-Racial/Other4.08 %
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander0.14 %
White24.05 %

Raw data measures student power on standardization tests. Not all schools take the exact same standardized tests. Straight comparisons between different tests have to not it is in made.

Course Offerings

AP Courses Electives Certificate Programs
AP course Biology;Ap course Calculus AB;AP course English Language;AP course English Literature;AP course Environmental Science;AP course Music Theory;AP class Psychology;AP class US History;AP Class human being History Arts programs offer as electives v many academic elective courses offered as well.
CTE/Vocational Programs Language Programs
State approved Cinematography & Film/Video Product Spanish

Extracurricular Activities

Arts Programs Sports Programs Other sports Programs
Choir;Dance;Arts Film;Instrumental;Jazz;Orchestra;Other Instrumental;Poetry;School Musicals;School Plays;Theater;Theater Group;Ceramics;Visual;Vocal Baseball;Girls Basketball;Bowling;Cheerleading;Cross Country;Dance;Football;Boys indoor Track;Girls indoor Track;Boys Soccer;Girls Soccer;Softball;Boys Track and Field;Girls Track and Field;Boys Volleybal;Girls Volleyball;Wrestling;Basketball;Volleyball;Track and also Field;Soccer
Other Activities

Black college student Union-My Vision Theater-Student council -Yearbook -Math Tutoring -Chess/Games -SAT Prep: Lit -Sat Prep: math -GSA -Gardening club -Art background -Fit society -Mock trial -National respect Society-Positivity Club-STEM job Exploration-

Family Engagement

Parent Involvement Parent Programs Other parent Programs
Parents Home and also School Association;Parents college Advisory

Intimate finding out communities. Arts majors. The school has actually a Dean of Students that monitors college student attendance, i m sorry is high and a point of pride, and also overall climate (98% positive with serious incidents being really rare). 0.6% suspension rate averaged over the last two years.

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just how is the rating for School incidents calculated? This rating to represent the reportable occurrence count every 100 students. Report suspensions and also expulsions room not factored into the rating for college Incidents. Learn an ext about gps ratings methology here.
Reported Incidents Reported Suspensions Reported Expulsions
2.4 2 0
This data reflects the total variety of incidents, suspensions, and expulsions every 100 students report by the school to the Pennsylvania department of Education. To watch a reportable incident report because that a certain public school, watch the Pennsylvania Safe institutions Reports. Data for private schools are derived from comparable reports submitted directly to priziv.org.
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