The season 47 host and also influencer additionally took shots in ~ Caitlyn Jenner"s recent campaign for California governor and also her own sex tape throughout the Oct. 9 show.

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Kim Kardashian West kicked off she Saturday Night Live hosting gig with an opened monologue the addressed and largely roasted numerous of her and her family’s past and also present controversies.

That includes throwing comedic jabs about O.J. Simpson and offering a take it on what eventually drove her and also her ex, Kanye West, come divorce. After discussing her awareness approximately her “privilege,” Kardashian West listed that she has made “getting mistakenly accused people out the jail” a an individual mission, prior to speaking around how she father Robert Kardashian has been an influence on social work.

“M dad was and also still is together an influence and also inspiration to me, and I credit him through really opened up my eye to racial injustice. It’s due to the fact that of him that i met my first Black person,” Kardashian West said to laughs prior to launching into a joke about O.J. Simpson. “Want to take it a stab in the dark at that it was?”

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The influencer and reality TV star walk further, adding, “I understand it’s sort of weird to remember the an initial Black person you met, however O.J. Does leaving a note — or several. Or no at all. Ns still don’t know.”

Later in she monologue, she addressed she divorce from Kanye, but started the end by call the rapper the ideal “of every time” prior to noting the he’s “the richest Black guy in America” and a “talented, legit genius who gave me 4 incredible kids.”

“When ns divorced him, you need to know it came down to just one thing: his personality,” she said. “I recognize that sound mean, yet people keep telling me the comedy comes from truth. And if there’s one thing that I constantly strive come be, it’s genuine.”

At the begin of her monologue, Kardashian West handle her notorious leaked sex tap, sharing the she was likewise surprised to it is in hosting, and had inquiry the SNL team why, considering “I haven’t had actually a movie premiere and also a really lengthy time.”

“I mean, actually, i only had actually that one movie come out and no one said me the was even premiering. It must have slipped mine mom’s mind,” she said.

Kardashian West likewise made a direct reference to she ex-husband and Caitlyn Jenner’s recent and also failed attempts at to run for politics office, jokingly informing the audience, “Now I understand we’re separated as a country, but I love America come come together, i beg your pardon is why I’m right here to announce that I’m running for —”

That’s as soon as the reality star quickly reduced herself off, adding, “I’m simply kidding. I’m not running because that president. We can’t have three failed politicians in one family.”

Later in the show, Kardashian West took straight comedic target again at her divorce and O.J. Simpson in a “The People’s Kourt” skit, play her sister Kourtney Kardashian. As she played referee to a instance involving Kanye, played by chris Redd, and herself — play by Heidi Gardner pull on in she full-body black Met Gala ensemble — Kardashian West attempted to decipher a insurance claim from the rapper, who consistently alleged in a nasally voice the his Twitter had been “hacked” through the influencer and also reality star.

The proof he detailed were actual tweets native West around the music Wicked and also a Persian rug. “Hey fam, I’m suing Kim since people constantly come after ~ me about what ns tweet since she hacked me,” Redd’s West said. “OK, walk this even sound choose me? ‘Who watched the pat Wicked? I’ve viewed it 4 times.”

“That was you, Kanye,” Gardner’s Kim replied prior to West seemingly caved and admitted the tweet was his.

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At the start of the sketch, Kris zener made a guest appearance for a situation involving she daughters, Kendall and also Kylie. At the end of the sketch, Kenan Thompson additionally appeared as the last case, play Simpson. “Hey, Kourtney. It’s me, O.J. Simpson. The ‘Deuce.’ I’m her dad’s old friend. Aye, exactly how come y’all don’t invite me to anything anymore? Hey, whereby is everybody going?” he claimed to live audience cheers as the bit ended.