This "original rough draft" is in Jefferson"s handwriting. The an ext famous engrossed version of the statements of Independence attributes the penmanship the Timothy Matlack.

Library that Congress

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Intended come announce and justify the birth of a new nation, the declaration of Independence has grown into an emblem of core ethics of the unified States and also continues to affect millions throughout the world. The presentation the the file through time has actually mirrored its increase in importance among American relics.
A breeze CopyOn June 11, 1776, the second Continental congress entrusted a committee of 5 delegates (Thomas Jefferson, man Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert R. Livingston and Roger Sherman) v composing the explanation of Independence. The committee made decision thirty-three year old cutting board Jefferson to breeze what he referred to as an expression the “the American mind.” though he “turned to neither book or pamphlet,” Jefferson relied on his understanding of philosophy as well as the sentiments the the Virginia Constitution, the explanation of Rights and Richard Henry Lee’s resolution propose to conference on June 7. Jefferson later on recalled, “I drew it; but prior to I report it to the committee I connected it individually to Dr. Franklin and also Mr. Adams requesting their corrections.” The amendment copy was submitted to congress on June 28, 1776.The Extant (Existing) DocumentsThere are 6 extant drafts. Only one copy is referred to as the “original turbulent draft” with copy edits by Franklin, Adams and also the Congress. It is located in the Jefferson documents at the Library the Congress. Four additional drafts were sent out by Jefferson to colleagues and do no contain edit by Congress. Later, Jefferson also made his very own notes on the declaration debates and included castle in his autobiography in 1821.At independence National historical Park, look at for...Inside the Declaration residence at 7th and Market Streets, watch a re-creation of the rooms whereby Jefferson live while drafting the well known document. View paintings of four committee members in ~ the second Bank Portrait gallery on Chestnut Street between fourth and fifth Streets. During the summer month at Library Hall, the American thoughtful Sociey often screens a Jefferson draft the was sent out to Richard Henry Lee.
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