fighter jets scrambled 10 time on Monday, march 29, 2021, to zero Russian bombers and also fighters during an unusual top of flights over the north Atlantic, phibìc Sea, black color Sea and also Baltic Sea. In all, plane intercepted six various groups the Russian armed forces aircraft near Alliance airspace in much less than 6 hours.

“Intercepting multiple groups of Russian aircraft demonstrates forces" readiness and capacity to security Allied skies 24 hrs a day, 7 work a week, 365 job a year," said Brigadier general Andrew Hansen, Deputy cook of staff Operations in ~ Allied waiting Command, Ramstein, Germany.

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In the High North, Norwegian F-16s scrambled ~ radars spotted two groups of Russian army aircraft flying near Norway’s coast. The Norwegian jets intercepted two Tu-95 be affected by each other bombers, which continued to fly south over the phibìc Sea prompting the unified Kingdom and also Belgium to scramble Typhoon and F-16 fighters, respectively. Later in the day, the Norwegian F-16s intercepted 2 Tu-160 Blackjack bombers over global radars additionally detected three Russian army aircraft close to Allied airspace over the black color Sea. Turkish, Romanian and Bulgarian fighter aircraft took to the skies to monitor the Russian aircraft till they had actually left the area. Separately, Italian fighter plane intercepted a Russian Il 38 naval patrol plane which to be escorted by fighter jets end the Baltic Sea flying into and also out of Kaliningrad.

The men and also women in ~’s two linked Air operations Centres in Uedem, Germany, and Torrejón, Spain, easily responded come unidentified aircraft close to the Alliance’s boundaries by launching fighters from Norway, the unified Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey come investigate and also protect allied airspace”, Brigadier Hansen said, including that’s wait policing mission is a “truly collective effort”.

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Russian armed forces aircraft regularly do no transmit a transponder code indicating their position and altitude, carry out not document a trip plan, or do not interact with air website traffic controllers, posing a potential danger to civilian airliners. The Russian plane intercepted ~ above Monday never gone into Alliance airspace, and also the interceptions were performed in a safe and also routine manner. Safeguarding the integrity of Alliance members’ airspace is a peacetime task contributing come’s cumulative defence, and falls under the overall responsibility of the can be fried Allied command Europe, Gen. Tod Wolters.

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