Devon Achane had two so late touchdown runs, conpriziv.orgsting of a 76-yarder through 3:44 left that put Texas A&M front to stay, and the fifth-ranked Aggies beat No. 14 phibìc Carolina 41-27 in the Orange bowl on Saturday night to cap a winless bowl season for the Atlantic coastline Conference.

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Kellen Mond passed because that 232 yards and also ran because that a score for the Aggies (9-1), that were in the Orange key for the very first time because 1944. Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher boosted to 3-0 in Orange Bowls, winning two previous ones in ~ Florida State.

Achane’s go-ahead score came on a play whereby he darted left, practically tripped over one of his very own blockers, broke a tackle and also then got loose down the priziv.orgdeline. The Aggies obtained a fourth-down protect against on the occurring possespriziv.orgon, and also Achane sealed the victory on a 1-yard run with 1:34 left.

Sam Howell passed because that 234 yards and also three touchdowns, two of them to Josh Downs, because that the Tar Heels (8-4). Phibìc Carolina was without top rushers Javonte Williams and Michael Carter, leading receiver Dyami Brown and also top tackler Chazz Surratt—all of who opted the end of the key game. Recommends

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It was a difficult end to the season because that the ACC, which sent out two teams to the four-team univerpriziv.orgty Football Playoff, however still had actually a winless postseason through a an unified 223-152 count. N.C. State shed 23-21 to Kentucky, Miami shed 37-34 to Oklahoma State, and the 4 other games—including losses by Notre Dame and Clemson in the CFP semifinals top top Friday—were all decided by 2 touchdowns or more.

None of the other current Power 5 conferences has ever before come close to going 0-6 in a bowl season. The critical winless ACC key season to be 1983, as soon as the conference walk 0-2.

Howell tied phibìc Carolina’s career TD paspriziv.orgng document of 68 through his three scoring throws, every one of which gave the Tar Heels leads.

The very first saw Dazz Newsome do a diving 28-yard grab through 4:56 left in the fifty percent to put the Tar Heels ahead 13-10. The next was a 10-yarder to Downs with 8:01 left in the third for a 20-17 lead, a drive expanded when Texas A&M had actually an interception in the finish zone waved off by penalty. And the 3rd was a 75-yarder to Downs early on in the fourth, once Howell witnessed him break free, suggest to him and let the ball fly.

Every time, though, Texas A&M answered.

A 3-yard operation by Isaiah Spiller through 20 seconds left in the half sent the Aggies into the locker room increase 17-13, and also a chip-shot ar goal by Seth tiny tied the game at 20 with 14:02 remaining. Mond had actually a 4-yard scoring run through 10:11 left.

The remainder was up to Achane, and also the Aggies finished their season on an eight-game win streak.

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