If friend were roughly the late "80s and also early "90s, girlfriend were more than likely at least a casual viewer the Fox"s beloved collection "Married... Through Children." The show followed the escapades the the Bundy family, comprised of dad Al, mother Peggy, and also their kids, Kelly and Bud, every IMDb. The show definitely tapped right into stereotypes the the era, through Al illustrating the downtrodden father and also husband that can"t stand his family. While some of the show"s content can surprise viewers in 2021, "Married... Through Children" to be crowned a new classic television present by entertain Tonight ago in 2008.

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Fans that the show could find it tough to think that it"s to be over 30 years because it originally premiered, however it definitely has! Those 30 years have actually seen a lot because that the cast and crew: marriages, births, new jobs, stardom, and, sadly, deaths. In fact, quite a few cast members have actually passed on due to the fact that the show"s ending in 1997.

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Joseph Bologna to be featured in two episodes that "Married... V Children" and also actually enjoyed a effective career both ~ above TV and in movies. His an initial role was in "Lovers and also Other Strangers," a play the he co-wrote and co-starred in v his wife, Renée Taylor (via evaluation Journal).

Bologna played Al Bundy"s building and construction worker friend Charlie Verducci ~ above "Married." His character was joined by his son, Vinny, that was played by a young Matt LeBlanc. The episode was titled "Top that the Heap," and even caused a spin-off collection by the same name (via IMDb).

Bologna passed away in 2017 after ~ fighting pancreatic cancer for three years. Taylor confirmed his fatality to the media, noting the her husband led "a beautiful life and a beautiful death" and also that the passed away just two job after the pair celebrated their 52nd anniversary (via Variety). Taylor and Bologna wrote 22 dram together, and worked together on fairly a couple of programs.

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Kathleen Freeman had a curious duty in the show. As the voice of Ma Wanker, Peg Bundy"s mother, she never actually showed up on the show. Freeman passed far in august 2001 complying with a battle with lung cancer (via Playbill).

Freeman"s career kicked off in 1948"s "The naked City," and also she go on to have roles in thousands of movies and also TV shows. She likewise directed, composed, and acted for Los Angeles" The Circle and also Players Ring Theatre (via Playbill), and was the founder that the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory. Freeman when told the Conservatory"s publication, The Focus, the she was just interested in act the finest work possible. "I"m no interested in ever showing up without doing mine best. I"ve been trained. You"ve gained to be good every time, no once."

She likewise once explained to the associated Press the making civilization laugh is her life"s work. "This will certainly sound really corny and also I"m sorry, however I have constantly had the sense I was put right here to perform this: ns am somebody that is approximately to assist the people laugh. Ns have constantly had the sense. Corny however absolutely true" (via Backstage).

"Married... V Children" featured a running gag: various women would certainly come and go indigenous Al Bundy"s shoes shop. The ladies all have actually one point in common: They repeatedly make Al Bundy"s life more complicated. Bellamy played one of these females on the show, but actually likewise appeared ~ above the show as Kathleen Morgan, that made a happen at Joseph Bologna"s Charlie Verducci and had a 3rd appearance together Nancy, that was the leader the an company called Crimes versus Obesity, every IMDb.

Bellamy"s actual life intersected through her career later in her life. The treatment she got for cancer interacted with she diabetes and also caused her to go blind. She won the duty of major Cecilia present on the WB"s "Popular," who was also blind. She ended up explaining, "I had actually tried crying and being in a snit about however that was genuine boring. I"ve learned to live through it as ideal I can, and I feel really blessed the this has happened" (via The Los Angeles Times).

Bellamy passed far in June 2001. 

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Tim Conway starred as Peg Bundy"s alcoholic father, Ephraim Wanker, in a grasp of episodes, per IMDb. Conway likewise starred top top the "The Carol Burnett Show," and also many members that the actors remembered the star fondly once he passed away in might 2019 at the age of 85. 

Carol Burnett exit a statement complying with news the Conway"s passing. "I"m heartbroken. He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a loving person being. I cherish the time we had actually together both on the screen and off. He"ll be in my heart forever" (via Variety).

In 2012, Burnett to be asked in an interview if the team top top her display ever worries around running out of material for the show, but she claimed they never had actually to thanks to Conway.

"No, since we could constantly count ~ above Tim to go over. So over there was always enough show. In fact, sometimes, due to the fact that he would acquire on a roll and do stuff we had never checked out before, so perhaps a four-minute lay out would turn right into a 10-minute sketch — many thanks to Conway — and we can then bank an additional sketch that us were walking to do that main for an additional week."

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The story goes the the display was inspired by comedians Roseanne Barr and also Sam Kinison, that were each told they could play their particular characters — Peg and also Al Bundy — if they decided to execute so (via Vulture). If both choose out, Kinison walk eventually show up on the show"s 1989 Christmas distinct titled "It"s a Bundyful Life" (via IMDb). Kinison play an angel in the vacation episode, which was inspired by "It"s A exorbitant Life." In the episode, Al Bundy look at what life would be favor for his family members if he wasn"t alive. Kinson is sent to make sure Bundy doesn"t kill himself (even though he wasn"t plan to).

Sadly, Kinison passed away at the age of 38 year old in April 1992. The was eliminated in a head-on collision near Needles, California, and his wife was hurt in the same accident. The new York time reported, "On Friday night, he was on his way to execute at the Riverside resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nev., when his sports automobile collided v a pickup truck on U.S. Highway 95 around 200 miles eastern of Los Angeles. His wife, Malika, whom he married only last Sunday, was injured in the crash and also was taken to Needles Desert ar Hospital in serious condition."

Actress Janet Carroll was a living legend, her duty as Tom Cruise"s mother in "Risky Business" propelling she to superstardom, together Variety noted in an announcement of the actress" death in 2012. Her IMDb page lists a chuck 104 exhilaration credits overall, including high-profile components in "Law & Order: one-of-a-kind Victims Unit," "Scrubs," "Ally McBeal," and plenty more. Carroll appeared on "Married... With Children" from 1994 to 1997 together Gary, the owner that shoe firm Gary"s Shoes, where Al worked (via The Wrap). Considering her male-sounding name, the present played v the idea Gary was a man to typically hilarious ends, yet once Carroll actually verified up, it was clear nobody else might possibly it is in the boss. 

Carroll passed away at the age of 71, ~ a long fight with an unnamed illness. Born in Chicago, she began her acting career immediately after finishing high school, easily graduating from the stage to the screen after moving to California. Among various other productions, she showed up in "Lady Windemere"s Fan," alongside Lynn Redgrave and John Lithgow. As Emmys.com notes, Carroll likewise featured in movies through stars including Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck. Shockingly, she was never nominated for the call TV award.

You"d it is in hard-pressed to find a character name far better than "Spare Tire" Dixon but, in reality, the actor who portrayed him boasted an even cooler moniker — Bubba Smith. Funnily enough, back he played a wannabe football star who generally sparred with high college rival Al in "Married... V Children," Smith was actually a former NFL player offscreen. As The brand-new York times noted, he passed away in 2011 after experiencing with "chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative mind disease connected to repeated head trauma." 

Smith delighted in a lucrative second career together an actor, having said goodbye to football after ~ the 1976 season. He to be most well known for play Moses Hightower in the "Police Academy" movies, however Spare tire was just as lovely a character. In maintaining with the former athlete"s lovable call on and off the field, the Los Angeles Times detailed that he actually parlayed a commercial project with beer brand miller Light right into a successful acting career, v appearances in TV series including "Blue Thunder" and "Good Times" alongside "Married... V Children." 

As IMDb notes, Alan Thicke actually played two personalities on "Married... V Children." The legendary Canadian shown Henry, that dated Kelly, and later Bruce, who dated Peggy. TMZ confirmed the "Growing Pains" star had died suddenly, in 2016, reportedly of a heart strike while in the center of a hockey video game with child Carter. Thicke"s elder son, Robin, the pop star behind "Blurred Lines," told the Los Angeles Times some the his father"s critical words to be "a compliment to his kid on a quite shot." 

Looking ago on his father"s final moments, Robin explained, "The great thing was that he was beloved and also he had closure. I saw him a few days earlier and said him how much i loved and respected him." Thicke"s career to be hugely impressive, with roles in the likes that "The Love Boat" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" giving method to funny cameos on contemporary fare such together "How ns Met her Mother. In among his last interviews, v The Hollywood Reporter, the beloved actor opined, "There"s not much that ns haven"t excellent in my life, however there"s several things the I"d favor to do better." 

Kevin Curran to be a veteran comedy star, yet he wasn"t well-known predominantly as an actor. In fact, together IMDb details, Curran"s single onscreen role was in "Married... Through Children." Funnily enough, that mostly noted the voice of family dog Buck, who just actually appeared as his human being self in Season 6"s "Psychic Veterans," no doubt making an impression. He to be a writer and producer on "Married...with Children" too, giving his talent to the show in different ways. As selection noted, in a 2016 article around his death, Curran was primarily well-known for the 15 years he spent writing ~ above "The Simpsons." He was 59 at the time of his death, which developed following a an extensive illness. 

Curran to be a Harvard graduate, and also he actually met future "Simpsons" showrunner Al Jean while examining at the Ivy organization institution. "He was one of the funniest guys I ever before met," Jean enthused, adding, "He additionally had among the sweetest, biggest hearts. He really was a wonderful guy." as The brand-new York times reports, Curran earned three Emmys for his celebrated work ~ above "The Simpsons." Elsewhere, the prolific writer worked on "Late Night with David Letterman."

Even if girlfriend don"t know the name Jean Speegle Howard, you certainly know one of her sons, prolific film housing Ron Howard. In 2006, alphabet News report on the sad fatality of the legendary actress, who counted duties in the likes the "Apollo 13," "Cocoon," and, that course, "Married... V Children" among her impressive slate (via IMDb). Speegle Howard take it a rest from her theatre career come raise sons Ron and Clint, transitioning to film and TV work once they were both grown. She was subsequently required to retiree early because of ill health and died together a result of symptom from heart and also respiratory condition at the age of 73. 

Reflecting ~ above the success that "Apollo 13," 25 years after the film"s release, director Ron admitted he initially didn"t think his mom was old sufficient to play she role. "I"m so happy mine dad twisted mine arm," that told ET, admitting to being "nervous about it since I knew what a pivotal function it was." Still, Ron acknowledged she killed it. The actress was just as memorable in "Married... Through Children," portraying a grasp of different characters over the years.

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Many performers are thought about character actors, however when it concerns the prolific Steve Susskind, the moniker is an especially fitting. As IMDb details, end the years, Susskind make his note on everything from "Friends" to "Frasier," "Seinfeld," "Scrubs," and, naturally, "Married... Through Children," in i m sorry the actor play Al"s BFF, Barney, because that eight seasons. In fact, it"s most likely you"ve watched Susskind in several various projects and also not even realized you were watching the same guy. The Los Angeles Times evidenced his fatality at the period of 62 in 2005. 

Susskind to be reportedly eliminated in a traffic collision, as soon as the limousine he to be driving was hit by an additional car. Aside native his impressively varied onscreen work, Susskind was likewise a jug voiceover artist, lending his outstanding pipes to the likes that Disney movies "The Emperor"s new Groove" and "Monsters, Inc." among others. As range noted, Susskind"s memorial was held at the authors Guild theatre in Beverly Hills — a fitting goodbye for someone that his exceptional caliber. 

Similar come Bubba Smith, the enigmatic Beckie Mullen had a entirety other life before showing up on "Married... V Children." TMZ Sports damaged the news that the previous pro-wrestler"s fatality in 2020. She passed away at the age of 55 after a long fight with cancer. She had been diagnosed in October 2019 and "fought as lengthy as she could," follow to Mullen"s daughter. Known mostly by her moniker, Sally the Farmer"s Daughter, Mullen to be an original member the the legend Gorgeous women of wrestles (GLOW), which was the basis because that the Netflix collection "GLOW," as human being noted.

Much choose Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and also John Cena, Mullen was able to parlay her success in the ring right into an acting career, landing roles in "MADtv," "Renegade," and also even van Halen"s music video for "Poundcake," as per IMDb. She appearance as Yvonne come Pamela Anderson"s Yvette in a saucy dream that Al"s naturally made a far-ranging impact on masculine fans the "Married... Through Children." The previous wrestler"s bright colleague and lifelong friend Dana Felton Howard, aka Thunderbolt, called USA this day Mullen didn"t want anybody to recognize she to be sick, sharing, "None of her fans and also even many friends were not conscious what to be going on."