What was thomas Anderson/Neo, marketing to Choi, DuJour and the druggies/punks that come knocking at his door?

Was it ever discussed out-of-universe through the Wachowski brothers?




Based top top Neo"s background as a hacker, and also the truth that the didn"t desire the key to it is in traced back to him, we"re only left to presume that it was some type of potent malware. What the malware"s function or intended usage was, we deserve to only imagine. It may have been used to steal government information, deface a website through a political message, take down some evil huge corp"s key servers, delete incriminating data from law enforcement servers, or any variety of other possibilities.

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While the final movie leaves the inquiry unanswered, it was answered in an early draft of the script.

In the early version, Neo is not offering a program, yet his solutions as a hacker - to get rid of parking tickets.

I uncover it completely reasonable to think that the scene was changed from Neo offering his services to Neo selling the software/scripts to do exactly the same.

VOICE (O.S.) Hey, Tommy-boy! girlfriend in there?

Recognizing the voice, that relaxes and also opens it. ANTHONY, who stays down the hall, is standing external with a team of friends.

NEO What perform you want, Anthony?

ANTHONY I need your help, man. Desperate. They got me, man. The impeded of fascism.

He holds up the red notice that accompanies the Denver boot.

NEO You obtained the money this time?

He holds up 2 hundred dollars and also Neo opens up the door. Anthony"s girlfriend, DUJOUR, stop in prior of Neo.

DUJOUR You deserve to really gain that thing off, appropriate now?

ANTHONY i told you, honey, he may look favor just an additional geek yet this below is all we obtained left standing between big Brother and the brand-new World Order.


A police officer unlocks a yellow steel boot indigenous the wheel that an massive oldsmobile.


They clock from the home window as the cops, silently, robotically, climb right into their van.

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ANTHONY Look in ~ "em. Automatons. Don"t think about what they"re- doing or why. Computer system tells "em what come do and also they execute it.