Christ the Redeemer is a huge statue located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the symbol of the city and, beyond that, of the whole Brazil. The is additionally a price of Christianity among the most crucial of the World. Christ the Redeemer is also critical tourist destination, v 600,000 visitors a year.

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Christ the Redeemer


General point of check out of Christ the Redeemer in ~ Rio-de-Janeiro

It was first imagined in 1850 by a Catholic priest, yet this project was born in 1920, as soon as a petition of assistance was initiated because that the construction of a Christian statue. Once the format was chosen, construction began in 1922, and took nine years to be completed. Today, Christ the Redeemer is just one of the seven new wonders that the world, a location recently provided to 7 people monuments to reflect the list of 7 old wonders. It is additionally the most renowned monument in Brazil, and also its symbole, such as the Statue of Liberty is because that the unified States, the Eiffel Tower because that France, or the Taj Mahal for India.

Today the Christ of Rio, or the Corcovado as it is called much more frequently, is a monument very visited, it is amongst the most visited monuments the Brazil. To gain there you have to go early and buy your tickets in advancement on the Internet. The menus below will provide you more explanations ~ above this monument depending on what friend want.






Its history


The appellations

This statue has an astonishing diversity that name. Formally known as "Christ the Redeemer", in Portuguese "Cristo redendor", that is better known as "Christ that Rio" or "statue of Rio", proof the in the creativity of the peoples, Rio has only one frosting recognizable amongst all. Come speak that the statue of Rio is come speak the the redeeming Christ, point. Even if the city has thousands of various other statues. Located on mountain Corcovado, that is naturally referred to as "Christ of the Corcovado", "Statue that the Corcovado" or even "The Corcovado", conversely, this name designates the hill on which the is, no the statue itself. It"s a little bit like being called "Montmartre" the Sacré Coeur de Paris!

This website has chosen to usage its main name, "Christ the Redeemer", but other name are sometimes used too.

The author of the statue, a long-term dispute

It was made by Heitor da Silva Costa. Yet this an easy phrase masks the genuine actors the the project, since some attribute the name of Paul Landowski, a French, come Christ the Redeemer. So that actually built it?

Well it"s a little complicated. In fact, as soon as Brazil launched a competition because that the erection that a statue the Christ on mount Corcovado, it got several answers. The winner to be Heitor da Silva Costa, who had presented the statue that a standing Christ holding a lengthy cross in one hand and also a world in the other. Yet his project was unsuccessful, he did no know exactly how to construct it or what product to use. Throughout the year of ready he had actually to contact on several civilization to help him, however it is clear that all these human being did more than aid him: They walk the job. For this reason the statue has actually been fully redesigned, its existing form, v arms crossed, and also its purified style is by the artist Carlos Oswald. Then the version was make by Paul Landowski, a Frenchman of polish origin, understand in good Arts. He worked on clay yet at real size, make stretches. These piece of clay were embarked on watercrafts which arrived on Rio, whereby they were offered for the manufacture of mussels. This molds were used to make actual pieces the concrete. Yet there remained a problem: We had actually to do the inner structure that the statue, concrete due to the fact that it to be the product that had been chosen. Not knowing exactly how to calculate it (The usage of concrete, in architecture, was recent), da Silva Costa carried in an additional Frenchman, Albert Caquot, engineer of his state, and able to mountain this internal structure. Finally, it should be well-known that the face of Christ the Redeemer was not drawn by Landowski, that made occupational Gheorghe Leonida, a Romanian sculptor.

The building and construction of the Christ the Rio was thus a complex operation that connected a big number that people, but the paternity of the statue is provided to Heitor da Silva Costa or Paul Landowski, depending on which next of the ocean one is ...

Learn much more about the workers who operated on the statue.

A huge statue

Yes, large is the word, however not exceptional! and also yes, Christ of Rio is a an excellent statue, however it is much from being among the highest in the world. It steps 38m high, including 8m that base. For example, the Statue the Liberty procedures 43m by itself, and also it is perched top top an also larger base, 46m high! poor Christ the Redeemer will certainly be very small if placed side through side.

Moreover, the statue that Liberty, if it is one of the biggest statues that the World, is rather small in this classification. In Asia, numerous statues the Buddha are gigantic. In Ukraine, the "Mother-Fatherland Statue" in Kiev is 62m high, almost twin that the Rio! and also yet the latter possesses something that the others perform not have, a sort of aura because of the an option of the model represented, and to that is form. V her eight outstretched as a authorize of redemption, she eyes lowered in the direction of the city, she expose a serenity the counteracts the statue the Genghis cannes in Ulan Bator (Mongolia), for example. Just the statues that Buddhas in the asian countries possess this capacity for meditation, but because they are much from our modes of thought, they impress united state less.

Learn much more about size of the statue.

A strategic location

The selection of the ar of the statue that Rio is no insignificant the course. The score sought by the Brazilian State, funded and promoted by the Catholic Church, was that this new statue be visible to as plenty of Cariocas as possible. It was then important that it have to be at the peak of among the plenty of hills surrounding the city, and the Corcovado was chosen after hesitation with the sugar Loaf. This choice was dictated merely by the elevation of the mountain: 710m high, it was better than the rival. Moreover, the challenge that appears of the city is abrupt, that is a cliff, that reinforces the impression the height, and also it is in the axis of the sunset, which provides it solar in ~ night. That is for every these reasons that the Corcovado was chosen to welcome the Statue.

Learn much more about the location of the statue.

One the the seven Wonders the the World!

The perform of the 7 wonders that the world has to be known since antiquity, but few can list their memory. On the other hand, the of the Seven brand-new Wonders that the civilization is simpler to remember. And amongst her, Christ the Redeemer the Rio stop the third place.

The 7 marvels of the modern World to be nominated adhering to a vote arranged by the new Seven marvels Foundation, a structure created by Swiss businessman young name Weber connected to a exclusive marketing company. It is as such a exclusive initiative v a mercantile goal which has actually absolutely nothing to execute with Unesco, although it is often credited with the project, but any type of will to increase the social knowledge the the people is favorable, we will not sulk our pleasure. The criteria favored for the final choice were the aesthetics the course, but also the intricacy of implementation in the historic context, that is, the truth that the architects of the moment were able to construct it in spite of the restricted opportunity they had to do so. One more criterion to be the historic interest the the monument. All technological exploits carried out for aesthetic or cultic purposes, together as high-rises or hydraulic dams, too recent monuments (the limit was fixed at the year 2000, the latest), to be rejected and also the monuments in a state that disrepair as well advanced. The the 177 records presented, just 21 were retained, for 7 winners. One out of three therefore. The outcomes were promulgated ~ above 7 July 2007 in Lisbon.

Here room the 7 wonders of the contemporary world:

The great Wall of ChinaThe city the PetraThe Machu PicchuThe aztecs pyramids at Chichen Itza

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