Election worker Mario Mayorga inspects a ballot for the recall choice at the Los Angeles county Registrar of voters satellite office in Pomona.

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If friend haven’t actors your ballot in the recall, there’s tho time.

Polls nearby in California in ~ 8 p.m. Together in various other elections, if you in line at your polling place at 8 p.m., nothing go anywhere — you can stay till you space able to vote.


You can also drop off your mail-in ballot in ~ an main ballot drop crate by 8 tonight, or in any type of U.S. Postal company mailbox before the final collection time designated on the box. If using the mail, ballots have to be postmarked by today, and also your county registrar have to receive your ballot by Sept. 21 to be counted.

Here’s wherein to find ballot boxes and polling places around Southern California.

California does enable same-day voter registration, therefore if you’re suddenly feeling influenced to take part in democracy, you still can. Here’s exactly how to perform same-day voter it is registered in California.

Once you cast a mail-in ballot, keep track of where it is and also when it it s okay counted through the state’s where My Ballot page.



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