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These four flights play a central role in what unravelled that morning. In the at an early stage hours that September 11, 2001, a repertoire of 19 would-be hijackers make their method through protection at airports in Boston, Newark, and Washington, DC.

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Our three-hour timeline begins just before 8am, together the an initial plane connected in the attack leaves the tarmac just outside of Boston. (In situations where the precise time isn’t known, a variety is given.)

Sept 11, 2001, 7:59am – American Airlines flight 11, a Boeing 767 transporting 81 passengers and also 11 crew members, departs from Logan global Airport in Boston, bound for Los Angeles worldwide Airport.8:14 – united Airlines flight 175, a Boeing 767, transporting 56 passengers and 9 crew members, departs indigenous Logan international Airport in Boston, bound for Los Angeles global Airport.8:14 – flight 11 is hijacked over main Massachusetts. Over there are five hijackers ~ above board.8:20 – American Airlines flight 77, a Boeing 757 with 58 passengers and also 6 crew members, departs from Washington Dulles international Airport, for Los Angeles worldwide Airport.8:42 – joined Airlines flight 93, a Boeing 757 through 37 passengers and also 7 crew members, departs indigenous Newark worldwide Airport, bound for mountain Francisco international Airport.8:42–8:46 – trip 175 is hijacked above northwest brand-new Jersey. There are five hijackers top top board.8:46 – trip 11 crashes right into the north face of the north Tower (1 WTC) the the people Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99. All 92 human being on board room killed.8:50–8:54 – trip 77 is hijacked over southern Ohio. Over there are 5 hijackers ~ above board.9:03 – flight 175 crashes into the south challenge of the south Tower (2 WTC) of the world Trade Center, between floors 77 and also 85. Every 65 world on board space killed.9:28 – trip 93 is hijacked over northern Ohio. Over there are four hijackers ~ above board.9:37 – trip 77 crashes right into the western next of The Pentagon. All 64 human being on board room killed.9:45 – United states airspace is closeup of the door down; all operation aircraft are ordered to land in ~ the nearest airport.9:59 – The southern Tower that the human being Trade facility collapses, 56 minute after the impact of trip 175.10:03 – flight 93 is crashed by its hijackers in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Later reports show that passengers had actually learned around the world Trade Center and also Pentagon crashes and were resisting the hijackers. All 44 human being on plank are eliminated in the crash.10:28 – The phibìc Tower the the people Trade center collapses, 1 hour and also 42 minute after the affect of flight 11. The Marriott Hotel at the base of the two towers is likewise destroyed.10:50 – five stories of the western next of the Pentagon collapse as result of the fire.

Two and also a fifty percent hours after the first plane left Boston, the iconic “Twin Towers” place in damages in lower Manhattan, and also brave an initial responders and military personnel to be scrambling to save lives and secure the country.

Two decades is a long time in the world of modern technology and media. Despite the communication channels of the era might seem slow-moving by today’s standards, the September 11 terrorist attacks still took ar in the period of 24-hour cable news coverage and also nascent online reporting.

Add in the fact that brand-new York was (and quiet is) a linchpin of worldwide media, and it’s simple to view why media coverage that the assault spread for this reason quickly.


Within two minutes the the first impact on the world Trade Center, a nearby camera crew covering new York’s mayoral main election was currently broadcasting a live feed of the burning structure to a TV audience. Within 3 minutes, news the the strike hit the associated Press newswire, and also moments ~ that, most significant networks reduced away from reserved programming to cover the story.

Less than 10 minutes after the impact, president Bush–who was attending an occasion at a Florida elementary school school–was educated of the crash (which in ~ that allude was defined as an accident).

Because media outlets to be able to cover the event so quickly, millions of people witnessed the 2nd plane striking the southern Tower in real-time a mere 17 minutes after the very first impact. This was a defining moment as numerous people roughly the human being experience the events precisely as they unfolded.

The still-young internet was strained that day. Moment after the affect of the phibìc Tower, the CNN and also MSNBC websites skilled a crushing load of traffic that overwhelmed servers. The FBI’s website likewise experienced worries after posting the images of the 9/11 hijackers later on that day.

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The Pentagon has actually been repaired, and also a shiny, 94-story civilization Trade facility now punctuates the skyline of reduced Manhattan, however not all wounds have actually healed.

For one, countless 9/11 survivors room living with lingering health and wellness issues thought to be attached to the toxic smoke indigenous the attack and building collapse. Many others space living with the absence of the nearly 3,000 loved-ones who passed away during the attacks.

The department of Homeland protection (DHS) is tho a lasting tradition of the 9/11 attacks. When DHS began operations in 2003, it was the biggest U.S. Government reorganization in the 50 years because the room of Defense was created. In addition to this mainly “hidden” great of security, civilization now encounter an ext vigorous security protocol in ~ airports around the world.

As well, the current withdrawal indigenous Afghanistan was a reminder that lengthy shadow that the assault is quiet influencing occasions today, even two years later.

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