Joanna Gaines pan waited because that three entirety years to get much more Fixer Upper content. Yet they felt lucky to check out the present return to tv at all. Because that a small while, HGTV viewers feared the Fixer Upper was canceled forever.

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The Gaineses announced they’d it is in rejoining the exploration family with a brand-new network and a reboot that Fixer Upper, which debuted top top the discovery+ streaming app in January 2021. However, the show’s premiere was just meant to be a teaser for the totality season.

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will certainly formally debut top top the Magnolia streaming app and later, ~ above the official Magnolia network. Brand-new episodes are on hiatus from currently until July 2021.

‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’ is just what Joanna Gaines fans want


Chip and also Joanna Gaines | Desiree Navarro/WireImage

There room dozens of television shows about renovating houses. Yet Fixer Upper had a special place in the hearts of HGTV fans for fairly a couple of reasons. Viewers were drawn to the sweet partnership that Chip and Joanna share. And beyond that, they loved seeing the modern-day farmhouse style aesthetic the the collection popularized.

Chip and also Joanna canceled Fixer Upper in 2018 because they wanted to spend more time through their family. Fans were devastated however understanding — after ~ all, it no the first time Joanna decided her youngsters over her career.

Then the Gaineses happy their countless followers through announcing they’d be re-launching Fixer Upper ~ above their new network.

The Magnolia Network beginning keeps obtaining delayed

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Magnolia Network to be originally an alleged to debut in at an early stage 2020. But then consistent production delays gave means to a global pandemic it is still influence the entertainment sector today. Due to the fact that of coronavirus (COVID-19) and also other factors, Magnolia is now slated come premiere in 2022.

Chip and also Joanna must have actually known their fans couldn’t wait that long for the brand-new Fixer Upper. So, they decided to relax a couple of teaser illustration via the brand-new discovery+ app. 

New ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’ episodes are on hiatus till July

So far there were just four brand-new episodes of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home released on discovery+. Yet a recent article on the Magnolia blog confirms the Gaineses i will not ~ be releasing any brand-new content until the middle of summer 2020.

“We’re excited come say that the remainder of the season will be exit on July 15 ~ above discovery+ and also the forthcoming MAGNOLIA app,” Chip and also Joanna wrote.

The most recent illustration of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home was specifically heartwarming. In it, the pair renovated one emergency sanctuary for young girl in their native Waco.

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Many Joanna Gaines fans don’t want to pay another subscription fee

Followers space thrilled to see Joanna doing her renovation show again. Yet they aren’t as happy about being compelled to i ordered it to discovery+ to watch the series. Numerous vented your frustration in the social media comments, saying they much desired when Fixer top came as a package address their cable subscription.

It’s unclear if the abovementioned Magnolia streaming application will be totally free or fee-based. Yet once the Magnolia Network launches, viewers will certainly be much happier to find Fixer Upper: Welcome Home in its long-term home.