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  Additional Driver Policy

Can ns rent a automobile for someone else?

No, renting a car for someone else isn’t an option, however some civilization are instantly authorized to journey a vehicle you rented at no additional cost. These world include your spouse or companion or your employer or employee if girlfriend rent with a agency account. If you’re traveling v a group, the main renter can add other qualified vehicle drivers who room 25 or older. A fee uses to some added drivers.

Who can Drive my Rental Car?

If your additional drivers meet any of the adhering to requirements, climate they are pre-authorized to be second driver for a rental car.

They space the renter’s other employee or employer and the automobile is being rented under a organization account.

They space the renter’s spouse or domestic partner.

They space the companion driver because that a renter with a handicap who has filled out the non-licensed renter form.

No fee uses to added drivers in the categories above, and also they don’t need to fill the end extra paperwork to journey the rental car. 

If the person you’d prefer to include as second driver is not pre-authorized, you can still include them as an authorized driver. 


How to add Other Authorized Drivers

You’ll include the added authorized driver as soon as you choose up your rental vehicle. Your extr driver will need to present a valid patent at the rental counter, proving the they room 25 year or older. 

In enhancement to this requirements, the added driver will require to have a clean control record. Friend can add up to two extra chauffeurs to a reservation. 

 Fees for additional Drivers

In most U.S. States, the fee for additional drivers is $13 every day per driver. The maximum fee for each extr driver is $65 per rental. 

In California, there room no extr driver fees. 

In brand-new York, the added driver fee is $3 per day. 

In Nevada, the additional driver fee different from $11 every day come $13.75 every day because that each extr driver.

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Pre-authorized drivers provided above space exempt from these fees.


Can ns Pay for Someone rather to rental a Car?

No, you can not pay because that a rental automobile for who else. The main renter must current a credit or debit card with their name on it to pick up the vehicle, therefore you can not pay for someone rather to rent a car. 

Similarly, if you book online, the credit transaction card or debit card noted needs to have actually the name of the main renter on it. 


What are the additional Driver plans at my Rental Location?

The best way to answer this question is to inspect the added driver policies at your pickup location beforehand. Uncover your location’s page on, scroll down to terms & Conditions, and click top top “Additional Driver Policy.” take a look in ~ our policies and also make a preventive today!