Miranda Kerr has actually come a long way since she time farming up in Gunnedah, nation NSW.

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After to win the 1997 Dolly magazine version search competition, she began a effective career that witnessed her peak the list of highest-paid models because that over a decade.

Kerr became the first Australian Victoria's secret Angel in 2008, climate went on to sign significant contracts with companies favor David Jones, Clinique, Swarovski, Qantas, and also H&M.

But it's been every quiet ~ above the Miranda Kerr front for the last few years. For this reason what's Australia's favourite supermodel approximately these days?

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Miranda Kerr has actually come a long method since farming up in country NSW. (AAP)

Where is Miranda Kerr now?

After a te in the spotlight, thanks to her career v Victoria's secret and her high profile partnership with Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr is certainly living her life more in exclusive these days.

But the doesn't typical she's living low-key. The 38-year-old lives in California v her billionaire husband, CEO and also founder the Snapchat, Evan Spiegel.

Evan Spiegel and also Miranda Kerr for WSJ. Newspaper (Daniel Jack Lyons/WSJ Magazine)

After acquisition a step earlier from modelling in 2017 following her wedding, Kerr is concentrating her time and also energy on raising her kids and also running her skincare heat KORA Organics.

Kerr previously spent 18 months researching nutrition and health psychology in ~ the Academy of organic Living close to Cairns, which inspired her passion for healthy and balanced living. She began her skincare heat in 2009, creating organic assets she'd constantly wanted buut could never find.

Who is Miranda Kerr married to?

Kerr married Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel in 2017 after 2 years of dating, in ~ an intimate ceremony in your backyard. She wore a practice Dior dress, influenced by actress grace Kelly.

"Honestly, i couldn't have actually imagined a an ext beautiful wedding dress," Miranda said Vogue in ~ the time. "When ns was young, mine grandmother told me, 'Miranda, guys are an extremely visual. It's crucial to look good.' ns was like, 'OK, Nan.'"

How go Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel meet?

Kerr and also Spiegel met in ~ a dinner held by luigi Vuitton dinner. The fashion brand's angry president made decision to seat them together, thinking they would hit that off: "I thought, She is really beautiful; I'm sure he will have a great time."

The supermodel says they began out as simply friends prior to beginning to date the following year.

Spiegel told WSJ that their first date to be at a yoga studio in Los Angeles and Kerr was 45 minute late. On that same very first date, Spiegel provided her a gingerbread residence that he'd made and iced through her and also her kid Flynn's names.

The couple got involved in 2016, announcing that on Instagram using Bitmoji –– a firm that Snapchat bought for $100 million.

They bound the node in might 2017, with much less than 50 civilization in attendance. Flynn, Kerr's son with Orlando Bloom, was the ring bearer.

Why did Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom separation up?

Miranda Kerr started dating Orlando Bloom in 2007. In June 2010 they announced their engagement and married the following month. 6 months later, Kerr provided birth to their son Flynn.

In October 2013, Kerr announced the they'd chose to separate, and were divorced by the finish of the year.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr in 2013. (Getty)

At the time there were rumours that Bloom's wild party lifestyle and out-of-control drinking to be to blame for their split, but both were rapid to refuse this. "Life doesn't constantly work out exactly as we plan or expect for," Bloom said in 2013.

Kerr said Marie Clare, "We weren't bringing out the best in each other", but provided that they will always remain on great terms.

They're quiet close friends, and also spend a the majority of time together many thanks to their kid Flynn, currently 10.

"We're literally choose family," the Aussie design told Us Weekly. "He's like a brothers to me. It's very weird, however we really treatment for every other and have a great relationship, therefore we're very lucky."

Spiegel has spoken about exactly how much that admires their co-parenting agreement. "What I saw from Miranda and Orlando was an extremely different from what ns experienced," Spiegel said. "I to be in no way a replacement for Flynn's dad. Ns feel choose Team Flynn."

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Does Miranda Kerr quiet model?

In 2015 and 2016, Kerr to be on the perform of the highest-paid models in the world, but due to the fact that getting married and also having two much more kids, she's taken a break.

In 2017, she broadened her skincare line outside of Australia and also launched her assets in the us as well.

"People look at their best when they feel their best — that radiates from in ~ — which is why Kora Organics is around holistically nurturing your mind, body, and skin," the star called Byrdie.

Miranda Kerr at Kora launch in Los Angeles. (Instagram)

What is Miranda Kerr's network worth?

Kerr's personal net worth is listed at about $84 million, thanks to her long career together a model, and her skin care venture.

Her merged net worth v Spiegel is approximated to be about $13 billion.

The Snap CEO became a billionaire at period 25 and has just grown his personal wealth because then.

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How old room Miranda Kerr's kids?

Miranda Kerr has actually three sons. Flynn, 10, is native her partnership with Orlando Bloom. She has actually two sons v husband Evan Spiegel: Hart, three, and also Myles, one.